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Weekly Digest Monday 29 March, 2010

Weekly Digest Monday 29 March, 2010
Message from student.information.center@gmail.com:


Student Information Center (SIC)
Newsletter Issue 189 - Monday March 29th, 2010
-- Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
-- Allah o Akbar during the nights
-- Writing slogans on the walls and bills
-- Being out in the streets on Thursdays

-- Radio Farda: Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the head of the Committee of Experts, stated that through treating those afflicted in the aftermath of the elections with "islamic kindness and unity", we can hopefully rich tranquility in the society.

-- JARAS: Mir Hossein Moussavi and Zahra Rahnavard paid a visit to the household of Mohammad Nourizad, an imprisoned journalist and director. In this visit, Moussavi praised the resilience that Mr. Nourizad has shown during his three-month long imprisonment. He also stated, "in the coming days everyone should do his/her best to comply with the wish of the people so that in the end we'll be victorious in this effort".

-- BBC: More than forty Iranian filmmakers and authors wrote an open letter demanding the unconditional freedom of Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Nourizad, two filmmakers who are now in prison.

--Deutsche Welle: Kurdish news websites in Iran have reported 181 cases of systematic and widespread violations of human rights in the Kurdish region. They report on suspicious deaths of prisoners in detention. According to the report, last year, about 110 university students were summoned to disciplinary committees and 22 of them were expelled from school and are facing deportation. There is also reports that 27 student activists were placed in prisons. 17 were ordered the death penalty and 3 died of suspicious deaths while in prison.

--JRS: The wife of grand ayatollah Montazeri passed away on Saturday in the city of Qom. A public funeral was to be held by her family but the authorities did not give permission to the proceedings. When the funeral finally took place on Monday, it was under heavy security presence. 30 mourners were reportedly arrested. Mr. Karroubi, Mr. Moussavi and Mr. Khatami all expressed their condolences to the family of Ayatollah Montazeri.

-- BBC: A group of individuals who were arrested and subsequently released in the events after the presidential elections, wrote an open, but anonymous letter describing some of their ordeal. They describe humiliating and degrading behavior towards them in prison, as well as charges like insulting and advertising against the regime. Many name the reason for the arrest to be receiving or sending texts or emails relating to the elections crisis. They also reported that court hearings were held for them inside the prison without the presence of their lawyers where several were sentenced to years in jail.

-- Radio Farda: International Union of telecommunications, ITV, released a statement on Friday urging the Islamic Republic of Iran to stop its censorship of foreign satellite television programs to end. This subset of the United Nations agency reminded the regime that jamming satellite signals was against the common law.

-- Radio Farda: Shahnaz Gholami, women's rights activist and journalist was sentenced to eight years imprisonment. She was accused of spreading propaganda against the regime and reporting for the Mujahedineh khalgh group (widely regarded as a terrorist organization). Shahnaz Gholami, who has previously spent time in prison is now with her family in Turkey.

-- Radio Koucheh: Abdolreza Ghanbari, a high school teacher and University professor from Pakdasht has been sentenced to death. He has been accused of contacting foreign news agencies through email. He has been under arrest for several months now. Several other individuals have also been sentenced to death under similar circumstances, two of whom have already been executed.

--Radio Farda: Ahmad Miri Deputy Chairman of the Participation Front of Mazandaran province, was arrested on Sunday. Two other members were also arrested during the past weeks.

--JRS: Somayeh Farid , women's activist was release last week after paying 60000$ in bail money. She was arrested after going to the detention center to investigate her husband's arrest.

--Kalameh: Sasan Aghayi, blogger and journalist who was arrested over 3 months ago was released on Sunday.

--BBC: A group of Science Olympiads wrote a letter to Mr.Larijani, Iran's Judiciary chief, and demanded the release of Abdullah Yusufzadegaan.

--Committee for Human Rights: With over nearly 20 days since the detention of Mitra Aali, a graduate student at Sharif University, no news is yet available on her whereabouts.

--Jrs: Dr. Ali Akbar Soroush who was arrested two weeks ago has not yet had any contact with his family. His family does not know his whereabouts.

--Kalameh: Mr. Mousavi and His wife, Dr. Rahb=navard visited the family of Dr. Nooraninejad, who has been arrested for 120 days. He was a political activist belonging to one of the reformist camps.

--Jrs: Seyed Mohammad Khatami met with Saeed Leilaaz, the journalist who was finally released after 9 months of imprisonment.

--Jrs: Member of the Human Rights Activists and former board member of the Association of teachers, Rassool Bodaghi who was arrested early September has begun a hunger strike to protest the uncertainty of his legal case and his prison conditions.

--Kalameh: Mohammad Nouri Zad, director and journalist who has been arrested finally called his family last week after 93 days of imprisonment.

--Radio Farda: Tehran's prosecutor announced last week that Hassan Lahuti, the 23 year old grandson of Mr. Rafsanjani will be released on a 73000$ bail. He was accued of committing acts of contrition as well as criticizing the supreme leader.

--Committee for Human Rights: The mother of Koohyar Goudarzi, Human Rights Committee member met with her son and announced that his arrest has been extended by 2 months. He was arrested over 3 months ago along with Shiva Nazarahari and Saeed Aaheri.

--Committee for Human Rights: 40 days after the arrest of Ali Akbar Ajami, left-wing student activists, his family and friends have no news of his whereabouts except that he was transferred to Evin prison a few days after his arrest.

--Advar: Ali Anjamrooz, a journalist and member of Gilan Branch graduates in Iran, who was arrested last month was released last week on bail.

--Jrs: Maryam Zia, civil rights activist adn children's rights activist who has been arrested for over 3 months is held in Evin prison. She has started a hunger strike and is in bad physical condition. She is protesting her illegal detention and mal-treatment.

Mr. Sazegara has most importantly highlighted the importance of Sizdeh Bedar celebrations. This day is the last day of the Nowrooz holidays and is traditionally celebrated by families going to parks for picnics. He states that this is a good occasion for peaceful protesting but at the same time he warns that the security forces might act violently because of the large scale of this occasion and the generally large turn-out.

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Saturday March 20th, 2010 Newsletter

Saturday March 20th, 2010 Newsletter
Message from student.information.center@gmail.com:

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 186 - Saturday March 20th, 2010

-- Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
-- Allah o Akbar during the nights
-- Writing slogans on the walls and bills
-- Being out in the streets on Thursdays

-- Norouz: Mir Hossein Moussavi has released a video for the new year. The complete text of this clip is attached.

-- Norouz: Zahra Rahnavard, also released a video for the upcoming year. The complete text of this clip is also attached.

-- Radio Zamaneh: Mehdi Karoubi in his Norouz address criticized the Islamic Republic government and stated that he does not believe in a regime in which a small group of clergies and military officers hold the power.

-- Radio Farda: John Kerry, chief of international affairs committee has issued an statement congratulating the Iranians for Nowrouz.

-- JARAS: The human rights activists in Iran have counted the human rights violation of the Iranian regime to 59040 cases.

-- DW: Barack Obama has issued a video statement congratulating the Iranians. He has also pledged his support for free access of information for Iranians.


-- Rahana: After a week of imprisonment, Abdollah Yousefzadeh has not been permitted to contact his family and his release date is not clear.

-- Norouz: Mir Hossein Moussavi and Zahra Rahnavard visited Dr. Mohsen Mirdamadi who was released yesterday.

In his video broadcast on Thursday- which was shorter than usual-, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points:
1- Further insight onto the events of Chaharshanbeh soori reveals that such processions were carried out in most towns of Kurdistan, Zanjan, Hamedan, Arak, Qom, Khorram-Abad, Shahr-e-Kord, Kermanshah, Ahvaz and Tehran and heated slogans were chanted. However the most important aspect of this day is the geographic extension of the Green Movement. 
2- About 500 people, including some families of the arrested as well as some ordinary people, gathered in front of the Evin prison last night.
3- It is very important to go to cemeteries and salute the martyrs of the Green Movement on the last Thursday of the [Iranian] year.
4- Three important lessons can be learnt from the Chaharshanbeh-soori events; First of all, it becomes extremely difficult for the regime to crack down the protests when they are scattered at different neighborhoods. Secondly. it is much better to use 'national' holidays and festivities rather than the days endorsed by the Regime. Thirdly, the most effective form of civil disobedience against a regime which tries to make everybody depressed and disappointed is to emphasize on happiness, life and hope [like what was done in Chaharshanbeh soori]

On his video broadcast on Friday, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points:
1- There points deserve more attention in the New Year addresses of Mir-Hossein Mousavi and his spouse Zahra Rahnavard; First of all, the [importance of the] unity between domestic and out-of-country activists; secondly the need for geographic expansion of the green movement. Thirdly, as Ms. Rahnavard emphasized in her address, the importance of pluralism and the unity of all civil movements within Iran under the umbrella of the green movement.
2- Hossein Marashie, who used to be the chief of staff for Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani for several years, was arrested. His arrest clearly shows a severe struggle within the ranks of the regime between the coup wing and Mr. Rafsanjani.
3- A military atmosphere was established by security forces in Behesht-Zahra [Tehran's main cemetery] last Thursday. An indefinite need for establishing such an atmosphere will exhaust the coup government at the end.
4- A number of political activists out of Iran have pledged to go on hunger strike from Thursday March 18- Saturday March 20 to show their support for political prisoners in Iran.

After congratulating the [Iranian] New Year, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points in his video broadcast on Saturday:
1- Today is the 59th anniversary of the nationalization of the oil industry. Dr. Mosaddeq is an excellent role modl for struggle and steadfastness.
2- It has been proposed to write slogans on the paper money we present to others as gifts [during new years visits etc].
3- Circulate and propagate information and news about the green movement when making trips during the new year holidays.
4- Issa Saharkhiz [a well-known political prisoner and journalist] who had started his hunger strike yesterday, has been accompanied by some more prisoners from Section 350 of the Evin prison. Some political activists outside Iran have also gone on hunger strike in solidarity with him and other political prisoners.
5- Foreign ministers of EU members have complained from Iran for sending noisy signals targeting satellite channels.
6- The upcoming holidays [in Iran] is a good opportunity to read more [about the Green Movement etc]. In coming days, we will discuss this issue in more details.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday March 15th, 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 185 - Monday March 15th, 2010

-- Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
-- Allah o Akbar during the nights
-- Writing slogans on the walls and bills
-- Visiting resting place of the green movement martyrs in Beheshte Zahra (the cemetery) on the last Thursday of the year
-- Being out in the streets on Thursdays
-- Attending "4shanbe-souri" events

-- Jrs: This Tuesday will mark the traditional new years celebration called "Chaharshanbeh soori". The reformist leaders had asked the people to come to the streets on this occasion to express their dissatisfaction with the current situation. In a response the supreme leader has issued a fatwa saying that coming out on this traditional day would be sacrilegious. The Basij and the Revolutionary guard have reportedly also joined forces to prevent gathering of people on streets. The head of Tehran police also announced that police forces would "confront those who can't hold their excitement during the holidays" and that they would arrest anyone who causes disturbance.

--Radio Farda: The Oil Ministry of Iran has given a oil pipeline manufacturing contract worth 850 million dollars to the Revolutionary Guard.

--Sahamnews website: About 50 people surrounded the appartment of Mr. Karroubi (leading reformist) and proceeded to yell obscenities, break glass and damage and lute his apartment complex. Mme. Karroubi who described the situation also explained that the police force in the area was coordinating the attack with the thugs. She added that nothing would deter her and her husband from defending people's rights and that these "primitive" methods were futile. 

--Radio Zamaneh: Tehran's prosecutor announced the sentence of execution for six protesters arrested on Ashura day. He said: "Today the regime has in full strength and authority, silenced the opposition and the "people" will never allow these events to repeat themselves". 

--Radio Zamaneh: Human Rights Associations denied allegations by offficial Iranian news agency Fars that they were receiving funding from U.S.A. They also stated that they would issue a formal complaint against Fars. 

--RAdio Farda: Ayatollah Dastghein, member of council and reformist stated that defenseless people are not agitators, it is those who attack legal gatherings who are the source of violence and agitation.

--Jrs: A pro-government Iranian journalist was arrested in Rome based on allegations that he was involved in illegal arms smuggling. The Iranian Secretary of Defense responded to this by saying that "we will ourselves produce the weapons that he was accused of smuggling".

--Jrs: In a response to comments by Political Deputy Minister that the political party the Participation Front will be shut down, the central committee member of this party, Ali Shakouri Rad stated that he has not heard such news and that only a judicial verdict could close a political party. 

--Jrs: Sheikh Khaled bin Osama bin Laden son of al-Qaida organization leader Osama bin Laden, wrote a letter to the supreme leader asking fo rthe release of some of his family who are under house arrest in Iran. He stated that his family has asked for freedom several time but they were met with "violence and torture". 

--Jrs: A number of contractor employees who worked on Milad Tower in Tehran have staged a rally in front of the tower demanded their wages which have not been payed for 4 months, It is reported that a similar situation is ongoing with Imam Tunnel workers who have not been payed for 5-6 months. 

--Radio Zamaneh: Several politicians from France, Finland announced that they would support unilateral sanctions against Iran if the EU cannot agree to increase sanctions against Iran.

--Radio Zamaneh: Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani, criticized IRIB for working for "a gang" and said that the people are losing confidence in the national media agency. 

--BBC: an Iranian ship that apparently illegally entered the coastal waters of Yemen was arrested by Yemeni Coast Guard. This ship is suspected of drug trafficking. 

--BBC: The American Parliament has recognized the Iranian new years as a valuable historic tradition and has congratulated the positive presence of Iranians in the American community. They mentioned that 539 years BC, Cyrus the Great was the first to found the charter of human rights, that abolished slavery and allowed religious freedom. "

--Jrs: MOhamad Olayifard was released from prison. He was sentenced to 1 year in jail because of interviewing with foreign media. 
--Jrs: Saeed Lilaaz who was previously sentenced to 6 years in prison had success in his appeal court and is freed after paying 500000$. 

--Rooz Online: Kian Tajbakhsh who was under arrest since last summer, was granted 15 days of freedom after paying 800000 bail. This is while Mehdi Bootraby, member of Mousavi's reformist campaign and pioneer in reformist blogging was arrested yesterday. 

Sazegara's Sunday video mentioned 5 points:

1. It is reported that slogan writing on walls against the supreme leader has increased across Tehran. 
2. The government has told stores to stay closed on Chahrshanbeh Soori. They will also most likely close down main streets and boulevards but the advantage is with the people since they traditionally come out on to the streets all over the city on this day and this is much harder to control.
3. Mr. Hassan Rohani highlights that currently all of the regime's energy is spent on security and this is impossible to maintain in the long run. 
4. The regime is stepping up its crack down on human rights activists by either summoning them or arresting them. 
5. The regime has decided on three methods of attacking the green movement. First is the arrest of human rights, women's rights, and student activists, second is the arrest of political and reformist activists and third is the control of media and the internet. In this way they aim to suffocate the movement. However, what they don't understand is that one of the strongest homes for the movement is within homes, between families and friends and within the community and they have no power over these areas. And this is where the people have the upper hand.

Sazegara's Monday video mentioned the following points:

1. It reported that some navy officials have been detained for quitting their posts. Some changes have also been noticed amongst Revolutionary guard ranks. 
2. Since the supreme leader falsely announced that Chaharshanbeh Soori celebrations are sacrilegious, this offers another opportunity to defy him and show our stand. 
3. In response to the question "when will the Green movement reach victory", Sazegara states that a specific time cannot be said. The movement gets close to victory as the power balance shifts from the regime, to the people. To help this, non-violent strategies such as resistance must be employed by the people.

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Saturday March 13th, 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 184 - Saturday March 13th, 2010

-- Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
-- Allah o Akbar during the nights
-- Writing slogans on the walls and bills
-- Visiting resting place of the green movement martyrs in Beheshte Zahra (the cemetery) on the last Thursday of the year
-- Being out in the streets on Thursdays
-- Attending "4shanbe-souri" events

-- Radio Farda: MirHossein Mousavi, one of the opposition leaders in Iran, in his meeting with Mostafa Tajzadeh emphasized on resistance until victory. Mohammad Khatami, the ex-president of Iran, said he is hoping for the release of all political prisoners till the end of the year.

Reporters Without Borders marks issued its latest list of "Enemies of the Internet." This list points the finger at countries such as Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Tunisia that restrict online access and harass their netizens. A list of countries that have been placed "under surveillance" for displaying a disturbing attitude towards the Internet is also released. Turkey and Russia are added to this list of countries "under surveillance".

-- DW: Reporters Without Borders awarded on 11 March the first "Netizen Prize", with Google's support, to the Iranian women's rights activists of the Change for Equality (www.we-change.org) website. Journalist, blogger and activist Parvin Ardalan, one of the site's founders, received the prize from French journalist Jean-Marie Colombani in a ceremony at the Paris headquarters of Google France. The prize recognizes an Internet user, blogger or cyber-dissident who has made a notable contribution to the defence of online freedom of expression.

-- BBC: Hassan Roushani, member of the expediency council, says: a group wants to act against the recommendation of the supreme leader for "maximum attraction and minimum repulsion" by planning to govern Iran by giving freedom only to one political band and group.

-- BBC: 2000 Sharif University students signed a letter to support their imprisoned friends and asked the dean of the university to help release Mahdi Clary, Kouhyar Goodarzi and Tara SepehriFar, three Sharif University students who were arrested in the demonstrations after the June election.

-- SIC: United States' Annual report on human rights in 2009 is soon to be published. Parts of this report that is on Iran is attached.

Kaleme:  In an unexpected statement, Jafar Shojuni, a member of the Central Committee of the Combatant Clerics of Tehran [an old renowned Conservative party in Iran] said that he is ready to debate the opposition leaders. As reported by AsrIran, Shojuni is one of the most radical elements in the conservative movement; he had once stated that there better be a Navvab who would assassinate the opposition leaders. [Navvab Safavi was a member of Fadaaiyaan-e-eslaam, a prominent Islamist terrorist organization; he assassinated Hassan-Ali Mansour, the then Prime Minister in 1964. He was then arrested and sentenced to death for assassinating the Prime Minister]

-- BBC Persian: "These issues are beyond our authorities and duties; however if they are referred to us in a documented way, we will undertake appropriate actions" said the Spokesman of the Guardian Council in reaction to recent changes in the colors of the national flag in some formal ceremonies by Ahmadinejad Administration. [In numerous instances within the last two months, the green part of the Iranian flag had been modified to blue or black in formal ceremonies.]

-- Kaleme: The Healthcare Minister said that they are pursuing the cases of some Medicine students who are in jail at the moment.

-- Radiofarda: Azar Mansouri, the political Deputy of the Participation Front [a major progressive reformist party] was sentenced to three years in prison.

-- Kalemeh: Seyyed Alireza Beheshti Shirazi, the senior advisor to to Mir Hossein Mousavi, has met with his family after 70 days in solitary confinement.  "my father, who is always very energetic and happy, had turned grey and old, yet resistant and strong", his son, Sadra, said.


-- JARAS: The families of Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rassulof have reported that these two movie directors are deprived of any contact with the outside world.


-- Kalemeh: The new blog of Fatemeh Shams and, the wife of Mohammad Reza Jalai Poor, was filter after three weeks of operation. This happened after she had reported tat Jalai-poor has been banned from leaving the country.


-- RadioFarda: The family of Issa Saharkhiz, the detained newspaper say that his situation is still unclear.

On his video broadcast on Friday, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points:
1- There are several highlights in Zahra Rahnavard's interview with Kaleme among which three points deserve to be underscored; First of all, Ms. Rahnavard has, once again, emphasized that the Ahmadinejad Administration is illegitimate. Secondly, she stated that the Green Movement is a plural movement spanning different classes and ranks of the [Iranian] society; however woman activists [in addition to being included under the wider umbrella of the Green Movement] should continue their struggle for the recognition of women's rights. Third of all, she emphasized that Chaharshanbeh soori is supposed to be a fun and peaceful festival during which Iranian people will show their discontent [to the Regime] peacefully while observing an ancient national tradition; in case of any violence, the government will be responsible for that.
2- In a visit to Mostafa Tajzadeh [the Deputy Interior Minister in Khatami Administration who was released after spending nine months in prison], Mir Hossein Mousavi emphasized that he will stand firm until achieving the objectives of the Green Movement. 
3- A successful two-hour strike was carried out in Isfahan's Steel Processing Facilities.
4- National Development Fund (NDF) is going to replace Currency Reserve Fund (CRF). Unlike CRF which was under the control of the Central Bank, NDF will be chaired by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; this move will make it easier for Ahmadinejad and his Administration to rob the country out of its currency resources.
5- One of Ahmadinejad's deputies faced protests in his trip to Berlin. Some green movement advocates gathered in protest in front of the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa.

On his video broadcast on Saturday, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points:
1- In some cities such as Tehran and Ahvaz, some people welcomed Chaharshanbeh Soori [which is supposed to be on Tuesday March 16, 2010 this year]. This is a day when we will show our protest with our joy in a nonviolent way.
2- A successful strike was organized by students of the Mazandaran University after which the university officials conceded the demands of the protestors.
3- Ahmadinejad's trip to Hormozgan province [in the south] was another PR blunder for him. Despite severe attempts of Ahmadinejad supporters, very few people showed up in welcoming him.
4- Emami-Kashani, the Friday Imam of Tehran, said that "When the existence of Islam [meaning the Islamic Regime] is in danger, criticizing the government becomes a prohibited act." This statement shows how horrified the leading members of the Regime are at this moment.
5- US Department of State's special report on Human RIghts describes the human rights situation in Iran deteriorating.
6- How can the Green Movement be successful? Upon improved recruiting and geographic expansion of the Green Movement, we will be able to organize more effective actions. On the other hand, the government is trying to terrorize the people and contain the Green Movement by attacking and arresting known networks. In future I will discuss why this will not work. They are also trying to interfere with the communication abilities of the movement by slowing down the internet and knocking down satellite news channels by sending noisy signals. They also hope that they could weaken the Green Movement by making divisions within its ranks.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday March 8th, 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 181 - Monday March 8th, 2010

SIC celebrates International Women's day.  

-- Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
-- Allah o Akbar during the nights
-- Writing slogans on the walls and bills
-- Visiting resting place of the green movement martyrs in Beheshte Zahra (the cemetery) on the last Thursday of the year
-- Being out in the streets on Thursdays

--Radio Zamaneh: On the occasion of International Women's Day, a meeting entitled " Green Gathering of Women in Iran" was held yesterday where members announced their support for the green movement despite the ongoing oppression. They added that the women's rights movement will continue to fight along teh people for their common causes but it also continues to pursue the goals of its own movement.

--Radio Zamaneh: Mehdi Karroubi has asked the Islamic judicial authorities to cancel the death penalty for Mohamad Amin Valyan, a student activist of the University of Damghan. He added that this sentence was an international embarrassment for Iran. 

--Deutsche Welle: Guard Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei, as well as a leading figure for the Revolutionary Guards stated that Iranian Universities were practically void of supporters of the supreme leader. He admitted that it was time to face reality adn reconcile with people who think differently than himself. 

--Deutsche Welle: German Interior Ministry spokesman expressed concerns regarding human rights violations in Iran. He added that as an act of solidarity, Germany would be granting asylum to those Iranians with legitimate reasons.

--Radio Zamaneh: Morteza Tamadon, Governor of Tehran, claimed that police forces never entered University dorms in Tehran last summer. This is despite BBC footage of security guards beating students at night time. additionally, parliament members stated last summer that the police invasion of the dorms had a permit. 

--Reuters: General David Petraeus, Commander of American forces in the Middle East and Central Asia, said the Islamic Republic government is turning into a warlord government by oppressing its own people. Regarding the nuclear issue he added that: "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been the best recruiter for us." 

--Deutsche Welle: Simin Behbahani, a renowned Iranian poet, was barred from leaving the country as she was boarding a plane to France. She was invited to Paris to give a speech on the current status of women's rights in Iran. 

--Jrs: A group of students from Tehran's Azad University released a statement condemning the tense and high security atmosphere of the school. they also expressed their defiance of the current situation and called on the people to defy the oppressors. They urged all to use the New Years traditions as an opportunity to express their solidarity with each other and deliver a blow to the dictatorship. 

-- Jrs: Students from Babol university gathered at a rally to bid farewell to two students who were sentenced to imprisonment after the recent unrest. They sang songs and chanted "student prisoners must be freed" in solidarity with their fellow students.

--BBC News: America Treasury Department who supports sanctions against Iran, Cuba and Sudan stated that Internet transmission technologies were essential for supporting the Iranian freedom movement and as shown in Iran, these networks are a powerful tool. 

Keyword: On the sixty-seventh anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Student Association held at Tehran University, their representative stated: "The green movement looks to be recognized and not humiltated. The movement wants to be involved in its own destiny as granted by the constitution. They added that Islam was being used as tool and an excuse for lies, deception and hypocrisy. 

--Jrs: Amad Bahavar, a political activist and member of the Youth Freedom Movement was arrested for the 3rd time since the elections. He was released after a few days. He spent two months in prison immediately after the elections. 

--Kalameh: Majid Tavakoli, The student activist who was arrested a few months ago still remains in prison. He has been in solitary confinement for the past 5 weeks. He is the student who's arrest sparked the head-scarf support movement.
--Kalameh: Mohamad Saleh Noghrehkaar, the nephew of Zahra Rahnavard was released last night on 200 million toomans (200000$) bail after 26 days in jail. 

--Jrs: eyewitnesses and news media, report that nightly rallies in front of Evin prison are gathering strength. The numbers of family members who present themselves there are increasing and several prisoners have been released to date. 

--Kalameh: Mohamad Olayifar, a lawyer who previously represented those arrested in post-election unrest was himself arrested. He had previously complained against the arrest of otehr activists.

Mr. Sazegara highlights the following in his Sunday and Monday video:
-Many women remain imprisoned in Iran on this International Women's day. 
-Zahra Rahnavard has released a statement reagrding International Women's day. Here she highlighted the important role of women in the past 120 years in Iran.
-Iran's Judicial representative reported a large embezzlement claim which might also involve Ahmadinejad's top adviser, Mr. Mashai. 
-It has now been 24 months that some workers have not received their wages. 
-It appears that the people will use the new years as an opportunity to express their anger and fight the oppressors using the traditions of Norooz.

An analytical article has been published by Amad Bahavar in Rooz Online. In this article, he discusses that the source of tension in recent Iranian politics stems from the problem of Supreme Leadership. In order to guarantee the selection of the son of Khamenei, Mojtaba, certain moves had to be made. The election of Ahmadinejad has been instrumental in this regard, during his first term, he curbed civil rights developments. His second election was well-planned and it was intended to eliminate other politicians such as supporters of Mr. Hashemi. The regime did not predict such a long and exhausting fight put up by the people. They predicted some unrest and thought that it would die down shortly after. However, the Green movement is not limited to the streets and hence cannot be oppressed that easily. In fact, according to the author, it has already done its damage and has achieved many of its goals.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday March 6th, 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 180 - Saturday March 6th, 2010

-- Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
-- Allah o Akbar during the nights
-- Writing slogans on the walls and bills
-- Visiting resting place of the green movement martyrs in Beheshte Zahra (the cemetery) on the last Thursday of the year
-- Being out in the streets on Thursdays

--Kalameh: On the eve of the international day of woman, Zahra Rahnavard issued a memorandum criticizing the human rights conditions, especially in case of women, in Iran. The complete memo is attached.

--Nedaye Azadi: The ex-minister of culture and Islamic guidance applauded the Iranian cyber army and stated that Iran would achieve greater victories using this entity.

-- Radio Farda: According to Mehr news agency, Kamran Daneshjoo, Minister of Science in AhmadiNejad's administration, said in his speech on Thursday:
"majority of students and professors are with the revolution and anyone who disagrees with the regime, should leave the academic society"
-- Nedaye Azadi: According to ISNA, Seyyed Hasan Khomeini said: "apparently some people have decided to ignore the truth, or to pretend that they don't see the truth and if someone brings it to their attention, he will be accused. 

-- BBC: Kazem Jalali, spokesman for the foreign policy and national security commission of the parliament, in an interview with Mehr News Agency said: "the video that BBC broadcast about the attack to Tehran university dorm did not contain any information beyond what we already had published right after it happened."

-- Nedaye Azadi: 177 nuclear physicists condemned human rights violations in Iran and warned that the most important goal of the Iranian government's official propaganda  is to deter the international attention from the violation of human rights in Iran. 

-- BBC: The amnesty international asked the Iranian government to stop shutting down newspapers and arresting journalists. It has also called for the freedom of Hengameh Shahidi, the imprisoned journalist.

-- Nedaye Azadi: Karrubi's younger son's passport was confiscated by the authorities at the  Imam Khomeini International Airport today.

-- DW: The Iranian lawyer and human rights activist Shirin Ebadi will be awarded this year's Bonn International Democracy Award. Ms Ebadi will receive the award, coming with a prize money of 10,000 Euro, on 20. May in a ceremonial act. This was announced on Friday by the chairman of the "Association International Democracy Award" and director of Deutsche Welle, Erik Bettermann, in Bonn. The jury honors the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for her staunch defense of the rule of law and democracy in Iran. For many years Ebadi has been struggling for observance of constitutional laws, especially those of women and children.


-- Nedaye Azadi: Reza Lotfi, Student political and human rights activist of the Free Unveristy of Mashad was arrested lat night. He was taken away from his house with much violence.


-- Nedaye Azadi: Mohammad-Amin Valian, the 20-year old member of the Islamuc Society of Damghan University and also a member of the General Council of the Tahkim Vahdat, is still detained in the 2-A section of a prison associated with the Sepah's Intelligence Unit. This is despite the fact that his last trial and defense was conducted more than a month ago. Usual detainees, by law, are transferred to Evin after going through due process.


-- Radio Zamaneh: Saeed Leylaz, Iranian Journalist was sentenced to three years of imprisonment after he appealed his previous sentence.


-- Radio Farda: Madeline Nazanin  claims that her husband, Wilson Isavi, a prist of the Pentecostal Assyrian church  in Kermanshah, was tortured in prison. He has been detained for approximately one month.

In his video broadcast on Thursday, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points:
1- The approval of death penalty for Mohammad Valyan, Damoghan University student, has stirred a huge wave of outrage since the ruling judge has issued this verdict according to the alleged fatwa [religious ruling] of Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi whose office has officially denied the issuance of such a fatwa.
2- Five individuals have been arrested in Italy on the charges of arms smuggling in Iran; one of those individuals is a registered journalist of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting).
3- 29 human rights activists have been arrested.
4- Friday is the anniversary of Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh's decease; Today, we- as a nation- need a liberal, populist, patriotic and democratic figure like Dr. Mosaddegh more than ever before.
5- Eutelsat has once again warned Iran that it will carry out appropriate actions if Iran continues to knock down satellite channels [broadcast through Eutelsat] by sending noisy signals. In a similar move, the company CaterPillar banned all its affiliated companies from dealing with Iran.
6- Making jokes for government officials in order to mock them is amongst the actions of nonviolent struggle which proved very effective in the former Soviet Union. It is indeed much better to target government officials and basijis in our jokes rather than different ethnic groups [which are usually mocked and ridiculed in Persian jokes].
7- The main objective of Chaharshanbeh-soori protests [Tuesday, March 16] should be to lift our morale and the spirit of national resistance and to exhaust coup supporters. We should do the following on that day: 1- maintain the discipline of nonviolent struggles. 2- Create a traffic jam and horning at 6 PM. 3- Getting dispersed at different neighborhoods and impede the Regime from confronting the protestors at pre-determined locations. 4- Doing Qashoq-zani [an ancient Iranian tradition where people knock on each others' doors in pursuit of gifts] and playing the songs of the movement from car tape/CD/DVD players at 9 PM, 5- Moving to other neighborhoods at 10 PM and starting a candle vigil in the memory of martyrs if possible.

On his video broadcast on Friday, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points:
1- Saturday March 6 is the national day of tree planting and it is good that those who are sympathetic to the green movement show a bigger participation in this event.
2- Condemning human rights violations in Iran, Deputy Human Rights Commissioner of UN has requested a special human rights envoy to be sent to that country. The Foreign Minister of Germany has also objected Iran's representative to be seated in the Human Rights Commission of UN.
3- Grand Ayatollah Yousof Sanei has issued a fatwa asserting that the post-election protestors are not 'mohareb' [fighters with God]. Even in some circumstances, protesting the government is obligatory. Along with Ayatollah Makarem's denial of an alleged fatwa [attributing the title of mohareb to post-election protestors], Ayatollah Sanei's fatwa is a major blow to Regime strategy to paint protestors as 'moharebs' and use the religious sentiments of the masses to justifying brutal retaliation.
4- Laborers of the Simin Factory in Esfahan has gathered in front of the Governor's Office in pursuit of getting their delayed salaries which has not been paid for six months.
5- In a major telecommunication fair in Germany where Iranian Government is also participating, Green Movement activists demonstrated in front of Iran's room and reminded the fair organizers that IRGC uses these technologies for controlling and cracking down its own citizens.
6- Here are some guidelines about organizing the Green Movement: (1) Each group comprises 3-7 individuals and has one intermediary with other groups, (2) Each group is formed within different classes and neighborhoods. (3) The duties of each group includes: studying, organizing [protest] actions, writing graffiti, shooting photos and videos, participating in demonstrations and rallies, horizontal and network relations with other groups, informing 10-20 individuals each day, vertical contact with other groups through GMAIL or Skype.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday March 3rd, 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 179 - Wednesday March 3rd, 2010

-- Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
-- Allah o Akbar during the nights
-- Writing slogans on the walls and bills
-- Visiting resting place of the green movement martyrs in Beheshte Zahra (the cemetery) on the last Thursday of the year
-- Being out in the streets on Thursdays

--Maad: During the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Iranians resident of Canada hold a gathering and signed a petition to show their renewed support for the green movement. A short music video related to the event will be attached.

--Maad: The gathering of families of political prisoners in Evin prison continued on night of Monday, 1st of March. 
--BBC News: The Iranian authorities disallowed the 43rd anniversary of Mohammad Mossadegh, due to the "possibility of conflict". This news was announced by Hossein Shah-Hosseini, national activists.

--BBC News: Ramin Jahanbegloo, Iranian scholar and philosopher, received the peace award of year 2009, on Tuesday evening, 2nd of March, in Barcelona, Spain. In the award document comes: " Ramin Jahanbegloo is a nonviolence philosopher, whose  effords have expanded peace and in the realm of ideas and comments and also political action." He said: "I'm here to be the voice of people who mutely protest in Iran." Mr. Jhanbgv called his award "belonging to the people of Iran who shape their peaceful protest in the form of civil movement", when he was receiving the United Nation's peace prize. 
--Radio Farda: Office of the Berlin International Film Festival and Europe People's Party, the largest party in the EU parliament, on Wednesday in two separate statements, protested against arrest of Jafar Panahi the Iranian film maker, and demanded his immediate release. 

--Radio Farda: Following tensions between Iran and Norway over the granting of asylum to former Iranian consoler in Oslo, and expelling of a Norwegian diplomat in Tehran, Foreign Ministry of Norway on Wednesday said that an Iranian diplomat was asked to leave Norway.

--JRS: Art students protested against the arrest of one of their classmates, on Tuseday 2nd of March.

--BBC News: Fatemeh Karroubi, wife of Mehdi Karroubi, while expressing regret about Iranian government's relationship with the public press, called the cancellation of magazine "Iran Daughter" illegal. She said in a statement on 2nd of March that this magazine, during the nine years of publication, has only received two warning notices. Ms. Karroubi also mentioned a gathering in front of their house and harassment of her and Mr. Karrubi. 
--BBC News: American Foreign Ministry spokesman on Tuesday said in his daily briefing, that the press censourship in Iran bans the people of Iran from their right to access information. Etemad newspaper and Iran Daughter(Irandokht) are the last few newspapers which have been recently banned. 

--BBC News: Alireza Avaee, head of Tehran Justice said: Death sentences is not required in moharebeh (war charge). He said the sentence might be downgraded to deportation, or in case of repentance, another path might be chosen. 

--Radio Farda: within hours of arrest of Jafar Panahi, Tehran's prosecutor said that his detention "is not because he is an artist and it is not political." Reports from Tehran indicate that security forces have arrested Mr. Panahi and all his family members and about 12 guests who have been in their house, at Monday 1st of March. Their current location is not known.

-- JRS: Ali Mazruee's speech at Tehran University was canceled. Only minutes before the speech the power was turned off, and after the cancellation of the speech the power went back up. Security forces were said to be around in the area.

--Radio Zamaneh: The Wall Street Journal gave news that the U.S. company Caterpillar has joined the boycotters of Iranian government. Caterpillar Company is one of the largest manufacturer of heavy industrial machinery and construction.

--JRS: Death penalty for a student of Damghan university, who was a member of Islamic Association of the university was confirmed. According to the Nedaye Sabz news agency, this 20 year old student was sentenced wth reference to Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi's statement that said enemies of God should be executed. This statement was regarded as religious fatwa (rule), and the sentence has been issued based on this and the execution can take place any moment now.

--Parlemannews: Morteza Kazemian, a journalist and national-religious activist was released after 9 weeks, with bail.

--JRS: On 11th Esfand security agents searched Mahboobeh Karami's house and arrested her.

--JRS: Hesam Firouzi, human rights activists, and the doctor of some of the political prisoners, was arrested on 11st of Esfand month and transferred to unknown place.
--JRS: Navid Khanjani, civil student activist was arrested on 11st of Esfand.

--SabzProxy is designed to help Iranians navigate the Internet through a proxy. If you are willing to help people of Iran, if you want to install this proxy on your server please send an empty email to sabzproxy@sabznameh.com

--Mohsen Sazgara mentioned the following in his videos: 
-Government's recent action (censorship and arrests) are similar to Soviet Union, and other dictatorships. 
-Khamenei's authority is questioned by wife of Mr. Hemmat, one of the important martyrs of the revolution. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday March 1st, 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 178 - Monday March 1st, 2010

--Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
--Allah o Akbar during the nights
--Writing slogans on the walls and bills
-- Visiting resting place of the green movement martyrs in Beheshte Zahra (the cemetery) on the last Thursday of the year-- Being out in the streets on Thursdays

--Radio Zamaneh: Mr. Khatami met with a group of youth and student members of the assembly and made the following statements. He said that the current regime is deviating away from the principles of the Islamic republic. and that if the people begin to feel that their vote is value-less, then it is the reformists duty to re-establish the right path since both Islam and the Republic are in danger.

--Path of Green Movement (Jrs): The president of the Commission on National Security and Foreign Policy has released a statement regarding the video released which depicts the plain-clothes and security forces attacking the university dorms in Tehran. While emphasizing that the video was released from BBC, he recommended that the post-election investigation committee should look more closely into the matter of the video. 
--Path of Green Movement (Jrs): Association of Iranian student unions released a statement condemning continued detention of many students in Tehran's prisons. They demanded the immediate release of students and teachers who are under arrest. They also condemned the attack on university dorms as depicted in the leaked video as "a military invasion where the attackers seem joyful as if they have conquered an enemy castle!".

--Path of Green Movement (Jrs): According to information received, individuals who have been released from prison since the elections are under pressure to comply and give pro- government interviews. They are said to be told that if they don't follow instructions, they will be back in prison by Norooz (Iranian new years coming up in March). 

--Path of Green Movement (Jrs): According to Iranian official law enforcement, the police force detained twenty thousand protesters on the day of the anniversary of the revolution (feb 11th). This number included individuals arrested anywhere between a few hours to a few days or ongoing. Based on this report, the number of Green protesters on the streets on that day can be estimated to have been very high. 

--Path of Green Movement (Jrs): The Director General of Tehran's "Protective" committee (generally in charge of maintaining the "values" of the Islamic Revolution) revealed in a private meeting that they had imported many people from surrounding cities on February 11th. He is quoted as saying :" since we knew that we had to outnumber the greens so as to discourage then on February 11th, we cancelled the rallies traditionally held in neighboring cities and brought everyone to Tehran instead. In this way, we gathered around 500 thousand pro-government supporters in Tehran. And with the discipline and organization of those in charge, we managed to disperse and discourage the "rioters"". 

--In response to criticism of the political executions, Sadeq Larijani has said that he is doing everything in his power to stop these executions. He has had a private meeting with Khamanei where the supreme leader told him that "he expected more". 

--BBC News: Mohammad Khatami has published a criticism of the regime on the website "Baran". He said that the government should act with intelligence regarding foreign policy and not be too adventurous in the face of the enemies. 

--Radio Farda: Mehdi Kalhor, media adviser to the Iranian President called the elections celebrations a mistake. He said that the Greens are experts and scholars of our society and they cannot be put aside. He also accused the conservatives of seeking "vengeance" from reformists.

--BBC: Abbas Jaafari Dowlatabadi (Tehran prosecutor) released warning statements for the upcoming new years celebrations. He said that there will be no more protests without permission and those who do will be dealt with. He also accused the reformist leaders of inciting unrest but said that their efforts are futile.

--Radio Zamaneh: Press Supervisory Board banned the daily Etemad and Iran Coverage Rate Weekly magazine is canceled. The two journal publications were some of a few remaining reformists publications. 
--BBC News: Shadi Sadr, activist and women's rights lawyer, won a special award given by the American government for outstanding human rights activities. She is amongst 10 women who received the 2010 "courageous women" award. She had won a similar award from Netherlands in 2009. 

--Path of Green Movement (Jrs): security agents raided the home of Jafar Panahi, a famous Iranian director. They arrested him, his wife and daughter, as well as 15 guests who were present at the time of the raid. 
--Path of Green Movement (Jrs): Behnam Ali-Zadeh, a member of the Islamic Association of Art University, was arrested Saturday night from University dormitories. This arrest was done by the request of University authorities. 

--Kalameh: doctor Mohammad Maleki, the oldest political prisoner after the coup election events was finally released after 191 days in detention. He is said to be in a non-favorable physical state. Several others including Mohamad reza Mogheisseh, Favad Sadeghi, Mahsa Jazini, Mehdi Motamedimehr and Morteza Kazemian were also released.

--BBC: A number of the arrested were released yesterday. These included politicians, journalists as well as Baha'i citizens. 

--Radio Farda: Omid Montazeri who was arrested after the events of the day of Ashura, is sentenced to 6 years in prison. Mehdi Clary from Sharif University who was arrested on November 16th was sentenced to 2 and half years in prison. , which held from 16 November to take over two and a half years of imprisonment story. 
Radio Farda: Mustafa Mir Ahmadizadeh, students of Ayatollah Montazeri and professor of public law with useful Qom Special Clerical Court was arrested in his house. On the other hand Ali Hekmat, member central council of defending the freedom of the press and banned the editor Following the occurrence of the Persian month Khordad day of Ashura was arrested after about two months, was released Saturday evening.

Sazegara's Sunday and Monday video summary: He showed his support for Mousavi's recent statements. He stated that it is important to maintain the streets pressure even if it is not as united. It is important to keep the streets noisy. 
Studies from several american universities have concluded that Iran and China are most active against the internet in terms of filtering and arresting bloggers. 
21 Arab countries have released a statement demanding that the iranian government cease the oppression of its people.
While it was initially said that 100-150 members of the parliament had complained against Mousavi, the government has now admitted that that number was a lie and in actual fact only 4 parliament members had complaints against him.Finally, March 8th is Women's day and it is important that we show our support for the women's movement and the female activists who are currently under arrest.

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