Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SIC's Exclusive: Protests in Univeristy of Tehran, December 8, 2009

SIC - Tuesday December 8, 2009: One day after the widespread protests of Student Day on December 7 (16 Azar), students in University of Tehran continue to chants slogans in front of the the university's mosque.

ماد- سه شنبه 17 آذر 88: بر اساس گزارش های رسیده به مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی، تظاهرات دانشجویان در روز ۱۷ آذر ادامه پیدا کرد. چندی پس از آغاز این تظاهرات چند اتوبوس از نیروهای بسیجی و سرکوب گر به دانشگاه آورده شده و همانند روز ۱۶ آذر با کارت های «غدیر» خود به محوطه ی دانشگاه وارد شده و با دانشجویان درگیر شدند. گزارش های شواهد عینی حاکیست که این نیروها چندین دانشجو را در داخل دانشگاه گرفته و با کشاندن آن ها به خارج از محوطه آن ها را بازداشت کردند. ماد فیلم هایی از این تظاهرات دریافت کرده که در زیر می توانید به آن ها دسترسی پیدا کنید

University of Tehran, Part 1
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr7u5k9O4g7C%2B5Xh7

University of Tehran, Part 2
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr9vLzOvHbXvY4GO6

University of Tehran, Part 3
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr8uo0%2B2%2FhsSvsWOY

University of Tehran, Part 4 
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr63pmsqtWLCvsnPC

University of Tehran, Part 5
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr7Snsd%2FIcbvR6HPC

University of Tehran, Part 6
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr67sx6u5VcXc3ZSM

University of Tehran, Part 7
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr9fuxeK0ZJrJvY6Y

University of Tehran, Part 8
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr93Zs6jIln6S0Y66

University of Tehran, Part 9
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr%2BG%2Bp8rLYra453OQ

University of Tehran, Part 10
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr7zLsOa2bK%2B9rpZ7

University of Tehran, Part 11
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr9OnpLzfWaLXqXp%2F

More Videos:
University of Tehran, Tear gas fired inside Technical Building (Engineering Faculty)
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr7unz8rEebu%2B7mik

December 8, 18:00 local time- Students are following basijis who had formerly attacked University of Tehran, and find they are heading towards the former US embassy, Taleghani St, central Tehran.
Download Link: http://keep-tube.com/green.php?enc_url=ib%2FZ1aqDpNncpZHo3JXJx66Fc9HS36jn1d3S1l%2FGr8Cmxs6ueHi9zWWk 

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