Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday February 15th, 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 172 - Monday February 15th, 2010

--Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
--Allah o Akbar during the nights
--Writing slogans on the walls and bills

--BBC News: following the first Iran Human Rights meeting at the UN, representatives of Great Britain, America and France called for an investigation of violence after the elections in Iran. have been. At the same time, the UN Human Rights High Commissioner has urged Iran to give experts permission to visit Iran. 

--Green Movement Path (Jrs): The Iranian council in Sweden met with members of Swedish foreign ministry and condemned the recent violence, arrest and execution of Iranian protesters by the Iranian regime. They asked the Swedish government to increase its political pressure on the Iranian regime. 

--Green Movement Path (Jrs): In response to recent news that Ali Karroubi, the son of opposiotion leader Mehdi Karroubi was arrested last week, Tehran's head prosecutor, Mr. Dolatabadi stated: "No order was made to arrest Mr. Karroubi, if he claims that he is arrested, he should reveal the reason for his detention and where he is being held". He added that neither the Revolutionary Guard, nor the Ministry of Information know of his detention. 

--Deutsche Welle: Latifeh Panahi, wife Ali Karroubi revealed more details about the arrest of her husband. She added that he was arrested last Thursday and thrown in the back of a van. During the time of his detention, he was submitted to torture, degradation and humiliation. 

--Radio Farda: The Assembly of Clergymen Fighters, which is the main reformist clerics association released a statement thanking the participation of people during last Thursday's protests. They also called for a more stern reaction to the violent actions of the regime. 

--Radio Farda: human rights documentary film festival focusing on human rights in Iran, will be held in the Czech republic in April. The documentary called "Green Days" by Hana Makhmalbaf will be premiered. The documentary deals with the post-elections unrest in Iran. 

--Radio Farda: In response to the UN meeting on Human Rights issues in Iran, Reporters without Borders has asked for the condemnation of the Iranian government especialy after the post-elections events where there was unpressedented repression of freedom of the press and repeated violations of human rights. 

--Radio Zamaneh: Hillary Clinton said that the government of Barack Obama believes that Iran is moving toward a military dictatorship. During her speech at the University of Qatar she added that the Revolutionary Guard are taking power to govern. 

--Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company as well as other union workers have released a letter to the UN human rights meeting where they complained about the pressure that the Iranian regime has put on unions of the country over the past few years. 

--Green movement path (Jrs): Saeed Asgar, Zarab (Advisor for Khatami's reform government), was recently appointed to a Basij family-related position in Tehran. He was once sentenced to 15 years in prison but was shortly released after. 
---Green movement path (Jrs): Chairman of Board of Electrical Industry Syndicate, said there are numerous problems in the electrical equipment manufacturing units which threaten the function of this sector. Currently, many manufacturers are either not working or working sub-optimally. 900000 jobs are either directly or indirectly threatened by instability in this sector. 

--Green Movement Path (Jrs): Another victim of Ashura day has been identified. Mehdi Farhadi-Rad was killed during the late December protests by plain-clothed police. He belonged to a prominent and religious family of Shahr-e-Rei. His family has been under pressure not to hold any mourning ceremonies for their son. 

--Radio Farda: Mohsen Amin Zadeh, Deputy Foreign Minister of Mohammad Khatami's government, was released from Evin prison with a 700 000Z$ bail. with the 700 million toman bail from Evin prison, is released. The Chief of staff of the reformist coalition, was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment last week. 

Mr. Sazegara highlighted the following in his videos: 
Regarding the events of February 11th, it was emphasized that despite the fact that many workers have not been payed for 6 months, the Iranian government still spent more than 300 million toomans (300000$) on organizing the sham demonstration on February 11th. It reported that they made it mandatory for all mosques to send bus loads of people to the protests, at any cost. They also used national transport systems such as planes, buses and trains to rally the people from other cities. Despite their efforts, Iranians and the outside world were not convinced and they know that they regime does not have the people's support.

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