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Wednesday January 13th Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 156- Wednesday January 13th, 2010                                                     

--Attending Dr. Masoud Alimohammadi's funeral, Thursday at 8:30, in front of his house in 3rd Mehr Street, Soheil Street, Shariayi (Before Pol Roumi)
--Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society
--Writing slogans on the walls and bills

--RadioFarda: Report from Iran say that more than 30 mothers of the victims and their supporters who had been arrested on Saturday afternoon in Laleh Park, by plain clothes police, were released on Tuesday. A person close to said mothers said that during the 72 hours in which they had been imprisoned in Evin and Vosara prison, they had been subject to insults from interrogators and the officials.

--Kalameh: After the assassination of doctor Alimohamadi, a group of physics students of Tehran University released a statement. The statement says: Political preferences of Dr. Alimohamadi is not unknown to anyone. Dr. Alimohamadi, in a speech on 15th of Dey month this year, was after statistical and scientific strategies to resolve the current crises of society, and the audio file of the speech is available from students of Department of Physics, University of Tehran. This speech was along with Dr. Alimohamadi's other activities in recent months. On 25th of Khordad, he encouraged students to participate in the silent march to protest to the election results. He was one of the few faculty members to protest against the attack of plain clothes to University dormitories, on morning of 25th of Khordad, which lead to killing of a number of students, by immediately protesting to the head of University of Tehran and asking for immediate investigation.

--Kalameh: Mohammad Khatami gave a condolence messages after Dr. Alimohammadi's death, and emphasized: the filthy hand that commited this crime, is with no doubt, the enemy of the nation and Iran, and wants to create and expand this crisis which is harmful for everyone.

--Radio Farda: university professors, intellectuals and political activists outside Iran released a letter to defend Mir Hossein Mousavi's seventeenth statement, and called it "a step toward the integration of the green movement" In this statement which was signed by 54 professors, intellectuals and political activists comes: "In this statement, Mousavi, while avoids abstract and general topics, and provides a minimal political platform, with specific demands of government". Yervand Abrahamian, Daroush Ashourian, Janet Afary, Touraj Atabaki, Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Ali BanoAzizi, Maziar Behrooz, Covenant Parsa, Hamid Dabashi, Ebrahim Soltani, Ali Myrspasy, Abbas Milani, and Hassan Yousefi Eshkevari are among the signers of this statement. In explaining their demands, the signers say that they "demand a democratic change, and the defence of the rights of all citizens with any faith, ideals, ideology, ethnicity, and gender, and especially the separation of religion and government."

--BBC: Following  Iran's Parliamentary committee's reading of the report on elections and the Kahrizak prison, some families of the victims have asked for cancellation of Saeed Mortazavi's  jurisdiction permission. Saleh Nikbakht, the lawyer of the family of Amir JavadiFar ( one of the Kahrizak detainees) said that his clients and the families of other myriads of Kahrizak prison want to file complaint against Saeed Mortazavi, the former Prosecutor of Tehran, and a number of other judges who seem to have been involved with the events.

--Radio Farda: Following the report of Special Committee of Islamic parliament of, reviewing the events after the elections in Iran, Ali Motahari, a parliament member published an open letter, asking Iran's head of judiciary system to cancel Saeed Mortazavi's judicial immunity, to make dealing with him easier.

--BBC: Mohammad Taghi Khalaji, clerics close to Ayatollah Montazeri and Ayatollah Sanei, was arrested at his house in Qom on Tuesday 22nd of Dey month. The reason for Mr. Khalaji's arrest is not known yet. Mehdi Khalaji, his son said: agents took father and his family's computer, CD, tape and some documents, and told the family that they are not allowed to leave Iran.

--BBC: Morteza Haji, the Director of Baran Foundation, and one of the ministers of Mohammad Khatami's cabinet, was released on Tuesday Jan 22nd, after two weeks in detention. He was arrested the day after Ashura in Baran Foundation's headquarters.

--Radio Farda: Islamic Republic of Iran's judiciary on Tuesday, announced the sentences of five protesters of the presidential election results as "propaganda" and "participating in illegal gatherings". Amir Aslani, with a charge of "disturbing public order through the system and fighting the regime with propaganda" was sentenced to five years of imprisonment. Mohamadreza Nourbakhsh was sentenced to three years of imprisonment, because he had launched the "Jomhouriyat" website. Ali Bhzadyan and Omid Lavasani were sentenced to six years imprisonment, and Hessam Thermesi was also convicted of one year imprisonment.

--Amir Kabir University: 2 years imprisonment sentence of Soroush Sabet, the stared student, aleft-wing student activists and computer science graduate of Sharif University, was confirmed in the appeal court, branch 36, Judged by Zargar.

--Green movement path (JRS): After 3 weeks of no news from Razi University students, yesterday morning, all students and 2 members of Mir Hossein Mousavi's campaign were released from the Intelligence Ministry. JRS reports that these students were detained for at least 2 to 3 weeks in solitary confinement and interrogated in long sessions, and were put under mental pressure, and each has been released with bails of at least 15 million Tomans. The court of these students will be formed soon.

--AUT: Kermanshah Razi University students, starting from Saturday, the first day of official exams across all universities of the country, agreed on a boycott date for the exams, and by sending short messages and distributing secret papers, and shouting slogans in dormitories, demanded the release of their imprisoned classmates. Before the agreed boycott date, (which was said to be Monday), all the detained students were freed.

Mohsen Sazgara said the following on Tuesday and Wednesday:
-Getting ready to boycott bill payments
-He said writing slogans on the bills have increased, against the warnings of the coup supporters
-He said 22nd of bahman preparation should start
-He said Fajr days should be called civil resistance and planning should be made for the expansion of the movement.
-He said non-violent movement of Iran is not too different from other non-violent fight, and it should be continued.
-He gave his condolences about death of Dr. AliMohammadi, and said evidences indicate he was not a nuclear expert and the assassination could have three reasons: 1)scaring university faculties and students,  2) scaring people, that if the green movement continues Iran will become like Iraq or Lebanon, and 3)creating excuses for arresting the opposition
-He invited everyone to attend Dr. Alimohammadi's funeral
-He said Razi students' release was the result of the resistance of their classmates.


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