Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday February 8th 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)
Newsletter Issue 169 - Monday February 8th, 2010
FUTURE PLANS--Preparation for 22nd of Bahman demonstration and the "ten-day civil residence".
--Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
--Allah o Akbar during the nights until 11th of February
--Writing slogans on the walls and bills
--Gathering in front of Evin prison every night at 8:00 pm to demand release of political prisoners
--Jaras/United4Iran: Iranians across the UK, US and other countries have planned solidarity events on the eve of 22Bahman (February 11). For a complete list of upcoming events visit

NEWS--Kalameh: Mr. Mousavi met with a group of students on the Anniversary of the 1979 Revolution. He once again encouraged the Green people to come out and show their solidarity. he critiqued the government's reaction to the people and said that the 11th of February (22 Bahman) is the day that all people should unite and show the authorities and the clergy their presence.
Mr. Mousavi added that the root of the recent problems are in the inability of the current regime to understand social and international changes. He added that the only solution is through dialogue and reason and not through arms and guns.

-Radio Farda: Mehdi Karroubi said in an interview with Der Spiegel that the only way out of the current situation is the "release of political prisoners, freedom of the press and correcting the elections laws". He added that the current government will not be able to sustain power and that Ahmadinejad's government is in power only through the use of security forces. He also invited the people to participate in the upcoming events. In response to Friday prayers delivered by Janati, he responded that he does not believe in Friday Prayer that expresses happiness at the death of the country's children.

--Green Movement Path (Jrs): Shirin Ebadi, wrote a letter the UN Human Rights High Commissioner, explaining the situation of Iranian protesters and prisoners as well as the lack of civil rights. She asked for an international investigation in this regard. She pointed to the recent execution of political prisoners. Ms. Ebadi, sent this report in relation to the upcoming UN meeting regarding the situation in Iran.

--Green Movement Path (Jrs): Mohammad Khatami criticized the selective broadcasting of Imam Khomeini's remarks by IRIB officials and stated that the IRIB officials are disrespecting their duty towards the Iranian people. He added that their actions undermine the principles of the Islamic revolution and show a deviation from the original path.

--Green Movement Path (Jrs): A group of Iranin-European students wrote an open letter to the Iranin regime expressing concern over the recent events inside Iran. They asked for the release of arrested students, as well as an end to religious discrimination and the removal of education bad for activist students.

--Green Movement Path (Jrs): In response of the Chinese government's support of the Iranian regime. Iranians residing in London protested in Front of the Chinese embassy. They expressed anger towards the support of dictatorships and demanded the support of democracy in Iran.

--Green Movement Path (Jrs): One hundred young leaders from over 27 world countries wrote an open letter to the Iranian supreme leader and expressed tehir anger at the current situation. They asked for an immediate cessation to all executions.

--Green Movement Path (Jrs): Saleh Noghrekar, legal staff of the prosecutors office and the niece of Rahnavard was summoned to Evin prison. She was also previously in charge of public relations in the same office but was dismissed due to her family ties to Mr. Mousavi.

--Kalameh: The National Trust Party released a statement that invited the people to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the revolution by coming to the streets. They also released an analysis of the current crisis and expressed that the best way to get out of this situation is to ask the people of Iran their opinion about very fundamental aspects of the regime.

--Radio Farda: Union of Europe and the U.S. released a joint statement expressing concern over the oppression of protesters during the upcoming rallies. They asked that the Iranian regime respect human rights issues. They also expressed concern over the likely violence and arrests that will happen on February 11th.

--Radio Farda: 57 members of Parliament wrote a letter to Mr. Larijani (head of the Judiciary), and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and asked that Mr. Mortazavi (head prosecutor in Tehran) be dismissed of his current position nad investigated for his responsibility for the Kahrizak detention center deaths and tortures.

ANALYSISAn article by Mr. Gangi was published in Radio Farda. The persian transcript is attached to this newsletter.

NEWS OF THE ARRESTED--Committee to Protect Journalists: "Iranian authorities are now holding at least 47 journalists in prison, more than any single country has imprisoned since 1996, according to a new survey by the Committee to Protect Journalists. While many of the detainees were arrested in the aftermath of the disputed June presidential election, CPJ’s survey found that authorities are continuing to wage an aggressive campaign to round up independent and opposition journalists. At least 26 journalists have been jailed in the last two months alone, CPJ found.". A complete list of those detained can be found at

--Green Movement Path (Jrs): Following pressure of interrogators on doctor Ebrahim Yazdi, including nightly and continuing group interrogation, Dr. Yazdi's health deteriorated and he was transferred to Atieh Hospital. According to the security forces, despite opposition of his doctors, he was transferred from CCU to an unknown location.

--Kalameh: Yaser Tehrani (pro-Mir Hossein Mousavi activist), who has been under arrest since last month, is under immense pressure to confess. He has been transferred to Evin prison but has not yet obliged the authorities with a confession.

--Green Movement Path (Jrs): Amir Sadeghi, photojournalist was arrested at his workplace yesterday because of his activities and reporting on the violent events of Ashura.

--Call of Green Freedom: the wife and children Mr. Nourizad, a journalist and documentary maker were summoned to Evin prison. Mr. Nourizan has been arrested for 2 months and has not yet had any contact with his family.

RECOMMENDATIONS AND WARNINGSSummary of Mr. Sazegara's Sunday talks:
1. The government plans to highjack the protests of 22 Bahman. They have spent millions employing a number of aircrafts and trains to carry people from the provinces to Tehran. So far 30000 people have been employed in this way and they hope to raise this number to 200000. They aim to fill out the main areas of the city with marchers that they have gathered. They have installed loud speakers to broadcast their own chants so as to suffocate Green chants. They have also made large tissue pamphlets which can be carried in the crowd to hide parts that are not as crowded. This way, they aim to put on a "show celebration" and give the impression that they have outnumbered the opposition. It is worth noting that all this is done by the people's money while many workers have not yet been paid their wages. Mr. Sazegara then goes on to explain strategic approaches to marching and circumventing their efforts (attached in persian newsletter).
2. Mr. Motahari has written a letter to Mr. Mousavi. In this letter he has asked Mr. Mousavi to back down and to let the parliament dispose of Mr. Ahmadinejad. This letter shows the fear of the regime and that they are discussing the removal of Ahmadinejad through parliamentary means.
3. A large gathering was held in front of Evin prison with the families of the arrested as well as the "mourning mothers". The heavy security presence also suggest the fear of the government and then effectiveness of these persistent gatherings.
4. More than three hundred thousand Muslims from American communities have written a letter to the supreme leader asking for the release of Mr. Yazdi.
5. Unrest continues in the region of Laar. It is reported that security forces had to be called in from Shiraz city but the unrest continues.
6. Mr. Khamenei has refused the pleatings of a fellow cleric to release Mr. Beheshti
7. Mr. Moghadam, police commander, has emphasized that he and his group did not play a role in a Kahrizak detention center fiasco.

Summary of Mr. Sazegara's Monday talks:
1. A kurdish channel has kindly agreed to broadcast Mr. Sazegara's speeches from 6:15 to 6:30 on their TV network.
2. Inside leaks from security forces reveal that the regime is concerned that by moving so many of their forces to Tehran, they are leaving the provinces more vulnerable to Green demonstrations. They are concerned that if the Green movement decides to show itself in the provinces, they will have no forces to combat them.
3. In an interview, Mr. Mosalahi revealed that in fact during the past demonstrations, parts of the security forces were siding with the people and not obeying commands.
4. For another concecutive night, the family of prisoners gathered at Evin. They emphasized that they need a large support from everyone on 22 Bahman to guarantee the release of prisoners.
5. Arak industry workers once again rallied and demanded the payment of their delayed wages. Mr. Sazegara emphasizes the importance of the presence of the workers for the green movement on 22 Bahman and their support.

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