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Coverage of Tasoua and Ashoura Protests in International Media

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SIC- Saturday December 26, 2009: Protests and clashes on Tasoua, eve of a Shiite day of mourning turned into violent clashes in central Tehran and a number of other cities as plaincloth forces fired tear gas and beated protesters with electric shockers and bricks. Later in the evening, mourning gatherings in Jamaran, former residence of Ayatollah Khomeini and his family, in which ex-president Mohammad Khatami was giving a speech witnessed violent crackdown of basiji and plainclothe forces. According to reports and released videos, thousands in Jamaran and Niavaran in north of Tehran demonstrated despite constant tear gas firings and chanted anti-government slogans. International news agencies and TV channels released several reports regarding these incidents, and this post aims to act as an archive of related material and will be updated accordingly.

Part 1: Coverage on International News Websites

Saturday, December 26 Articles:

Renewed clashes reported in Iran BBC News

Demonstranten und Anti-Aufruhr-Einheiten liefern sich brutale Gefechte Spiegel Online

Iran's Green movement prepared for street protest against hardline regime mullahs Telegraph

Clashes erupt in Tehran on Shi'ite holy day Times India

Sunday, December 27 Articles:

Iranian police clash with protesters across Tehran Los Angeles Times

Reporters attacked in crackdown by Iran militia TimesOnline UK

Iranians mark the Shiite holiday Ashura with mass unrest in Tehran Washington Post

Part 2: Coverage in International TV Channels

Saturday, December 26 Videos:

AlJazeera English

BBC World

BBC World


Monday, December 21, 2009

Coverage of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri's Passing in International Media

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SIC- Monday December 21, 2009: Country-wide mourning sessions and protests after Grand Ayatollah Montazeri's passing on Sunday, and his Monday funeral ceremony in Qom were widely reflected in International TV channels and News Websites. This post aims to act as an archive of related material and will be updated accordingly.

Part 1: Coverage on International News Websites

Sunday, December 20 Articles:

Iran's leading cleric has died EuroNews

Turmoil at the tomb of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri Financial Times Deutschland

Iran: Dissident Montazeri dies Focus

Top Iran Dissident Cleric Montazeri Dies At 87 New York Times

Grand Ayatollah Montazeri has passed away Spiegel

Thousands of dissidents flock to attend mourning ceremony for Grand Ayatollah Spiegel

Monday, December 21 Articles:

Clashes reported at funeral of Iranian dissident cleric BBC News

Iran: What the death of dissident cleric Montazeri means for opposition Christian Science Monitor

Intriguing people for December 21, 2009 CNN

Death of "Influential Green Movement Supporter" reflected in Germany media Deutsche Welle Farsi

Great loss for the opposition – a tribute to Grand Ayatollah Montazeri German Weekly “Die Zeit”

Iran braces for protests as 'up to 1m' attend funeral of reformist cleric Guardian

Iranian opposition attend funeral of Montazeri Guardian

Filling Montazeri's shoes in Iran Guardian

Iran’s opposition has lost a major supporter Handelsblatt

Des centaines de milliers d'Iraniens accompagnent la dépouille mortelle de Montazeri Le Monde

Iranian dissident cleric's funeral draws huge crowds Los Angeles Times

The Ayatollah’s Inspiration (Maziar Bahari) Newsweek

Cleric’s Funeral Becomes Protest of Iran Leaders New York Times

Car of Iran opposition's Mousavi attacked-website Reuters

In Death, Grand Ayatollah Could Unify Iran's Opposition Wall Street Journal

Cleric's Death, Torture Case Jolt Iran Wall Street Journal

Clashes Erupt at Reformist Cleric's Funeral Wall Street Journal

Tuesday, December 22 Articles:

Cleric's funeral breathes life into Iran's protest movement The Independent

Iranian Cleric’s Office Reportedly Attacked The Lede- New York Times Blog

Iran's Regime 'Has Every Reason to Be Worried' Spiegel Online

US Cites 'Fissure' in Iranian Society VOA News English

Wednesday, December 23 Articles:

Iran protesters ‘savagely attacked,’ reports say AFP/MSNBC

Iran police 'clash with Montazeri mourners' AFP/Yahoo News

Clashes at Montazeri ceremony, Iran opposition says BBC News

Fresh protests, clashes reported in Iran CNN World News

Iran forces clash with cleric's mourners - websites Reuters

Fierce unrests in Iran: Tear gas and batons in Esfahan German daily "Tageszeitung" (TAZ)

Isfahan beset by violence UPI

Iranian police threaten fierce crackdown on protesters Washington Post

Arrests and injuries after new clashes in Iran ZDF-Heute

Friday, December 25 Articles:

Tehran protesters clash with Iranian security forces Los Angeles Times

Part 2: Coverage in International TV Channels

Al Jazeera English, Sunday December 20

BBC World News, Sunday December 20

CNN, Sunday December 20

France 24, Sunday December 20

CNN, Monday December 21

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Video Coverage of Events after Ayatollah Montazeri's Passing

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SIC- Sunday December 20, 2009: Following Grand Ayatollah Montazeri's passing on Sunday morning, December 20 (29 Azar) his students and followers as well as several Ayatollahs and clerics attended early mourning session in his house in Qom. Meanwhile, people in his hometown of Najaf Abad, Isfahan, demonstrated to mourned his loss.

Students in Sharif, Tehran, Shahid Beheshti, Elm-va-San'at (IUST), Arak, Sahand and Shiraz University of Technology also held marches and mourning sessions and chanted slogans in support of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri and against the coup government. Later in the evening, an invitation to attend a vigil ceremony in Mohseni (Madar) Sq in Tehran was published on social networks. Released videos show people in Mirdamad Blvd and Mohseni Sq standing holding candles and chanting slogans.

According to the initial announcement made by Ayatollah Montazeri's office, his funeral will start from his house at 9:00 a.m. on Monday morning and he will be buried next to his martyred son inside Hazrat Masoumeh's Shrine in Qom. A commemorative ceremony is also scheduled for Monday evening at Masjed A'zam (Grand Mosque). Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, leaders of the Green Movement, in a joint statement asked everyone to attend the funeral.

A large number of Ayatollah Montazeri's followers and supporters from Tehran, Najaf Abad, Isfahan and other cities have traveled to Qom to attend the funeral. Reports indicate that Ahmad Qabel, a religious researcher and one of Ayatollah Montazeri's students was arrested in the city of Neyshabour while traveling from Fariman to Qom to attend the funeral ceremony. Moreover, a bus with families of political prisoners, human rights journalists and women rights advocates traveling to Qom to attend the ceremony was stopped by basij forces in Tehran's Enqelab Sq and some of its passengers have been arrested. In a similar incident, a group of political activists including members of Freedom Movement of Iran who were traveling from Tabriz to Qom were stopped by security forces upon leaving the city and made to return.

Important statements from political and clerical figures and organizations and news updates from Iranian and international media will be sent on IranSIC's twitter account. More videos and news about Monday's funeral session in Qom and demonstrations in other cities will be added to this website.

Update- Change of plans: According to Ayande News, Ayatollah Montazeri's funeral will start at 10:30 from Imam Hassan Mosque, en route Bazar and Eram St, and probably buried in Hazrat Masoumeh' Shrine around noon.

BBCPersian: Emaddedin Baghi's Interview with Ayat. Montazeri

Saeed Montazeri talks with VOA about cause of death, plans for funeral, and Ayatollah Montazeri's feelings towards post-election incidents

Collection (Qom, Najaf Abad, Tehran)


Najaf Abad:

Sharif University of Technology:

Iran University of Science and Technology:

Mirdamad Blvd - Mohseni Sq

Arak University

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Saturday December 19th 2009 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 145 - Satruday December 19th, 2009                                                                                                                                                              

The English translation of SIC newsletter will not be published from December 19th to January 10th. Starting Monday January 11th 2010 regular translation of the newsletter will resume. In the meantime you can follow the developments in Iran from

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Former Basij Member makes Confessions about Election Abuse

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SIC- Wednesday December 16, 2009:
In an interview with Lindsey Hilsum from UK Channel 4 News, a former member of Iranian Basij militia, called with the nickname Seyyed to maintain anonymity, recalls orders that Basij members had received months before June Presidential Elections regarding disputing the ballots, commands to apply violent attacks and oppression against protesters, and scenes he witnessed regarding sexual assault to young men arrested during post-election protests. The complete transcript of this interview along with two videos from the Channel 4 News excerpt and Seyyed's remarks can be viewed at

Farsi translation from RoozOnline:

German translation of Channel 4's interview:

You can also view remarks of this fomer basij member in Farsi and download them via the following direct links from Keep-tube.

Anonymous Basij member recalls Election Abuse (Farsi), Part 1
Download Link:

Anonymous Basij member recalls Election Abuse (Farsi), Part 2
Download Link:

Wednesday December 16th 2009

Student Information Center (SIC)
Newsletter Issue 144 - Wednesday December 16th, 2009                                                                                                                                                              

With regard to attending Friday's demonstration, we should wait for official statements from Mousavi, Karrubi, or Khatami.
Start organizing and preparing for demonstrations during the initial days of Moharram month.
Preparation for attending Tasoua and Ashoura marches


--Official Website of the Assembly of Clergymen Fighters: Clergymen Assembly Fighters, published a statement with regard to the approach of Muharram month and the country's situation. The statement says: Moharram and Ashura has come with this message, that if you can't break the unjust sword with sword, drawn the sword players in your blood and destroy them, and this is the victory of blood over sword. (Full text of the statement will be attached to the newsletter)

--Parlmannews: Majid Ansari, spokesman for Assembly of Clergymen Fighters, announced that a request on behalf of this assembly, for permission for a demonstration has been submitted to governor's office and the Interior Ministry.

--Radio Farda: Mohammad Taqi Karrubi, Karroubi's son, said that Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Karrubi have submitted a joint request to the office of Tehran Governor on Wednesday morning, and have demanded for a demonstration to protest against the "desecration" of Ayatollah Khomeini. If a permission arrives, the time, date and place of the demonstration will be announced.

--Parlmannews: Governor of Tehran with regard to the request of some groups and political parties about holding protest demonstrations said: Islamic Development Council has already invited all groups and political parties to Friday's march, so there is no need for separate demonstrations. Various groups who talk about respecting Imam should better participate in the march on Friday and declare their allegiance to Imam in that way.

 --the Green Path Movement (JRS): The Facebook Pages of supporters of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, and the Green Revolution group released a joint statement, urging people to gather in front of the main gates of  Tehran University on Friday. On the other hand, Majid Ansari, a member of the Assembly of Clergymen Fighters announced that he hope permission for an independent demonstration is received by this assembly.

--Radio Farda: Sadegh Larijani, the head of the Judiciary said the Judiciary system has "enough" proof against those whom he called "Heads of the Disruption". He added: Going easy and tolerance doesn't mean the officers do not know.

--Radio Farda: Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani's office, in a statement, criticized the distortion of Mr Hashemi's speech in Mashhad by some media, and reacted to the statements of Minister of Intelligence, saying: The Minister of Intelligence, by referring to a sentence that was not uttered by my Hashemi, intentionally or unintentionally has distributed false news.
--BBC: Following the severe attack of Mohammad Yazdi to Mehdi Karroubi, the reformist cleric said in a letter that Mr. Yazdi is better resign from his important governmental responsibilities. Mohammad Yazdi on Monday, has told a group of religious advertisers in Qom city had attacked the opposition, and had announced that " the system is not joking with anyone", and will not let anyone stand against it. Mr. Karroubi addressed Mr. Yazdi, that he speaks out of "ignorance", and that his sources are giving him misinformation, such that it has caused this "illusion" for him, that the the current political atmosphere in society and the past events have been humorous.
--Tabnak: Hashemi Rafsanjani replied to Mohammad Yazdi's offensive speech and said: It has been years that my answer to Mr. Yazdi has been that I will pray for his health, and I will send regards. Unfortunately, due to physical problems, he sometimes gets too anger and rushes into speaking. There are also people who wish to gain fame by insulting others, and the answer to these people is silence and prayer for their guidance.

--Parlmannews: Mohammad Khatami, the head of Baraan foundation, criticized the lack of tolerance in the country and said: Despite the fact that Baraan foundation operates within the law, it is facing peoblems and limitations. Including the fact that after 4 years, the Institute still has not received permission to start a research center. Khatami pointed to the history of foundations such as Baraan in the world, and said that: "These Institutes are either established by wealthy individuals, or the famous scientific, political, ... figures invite owners of companies for sponsorship and support.. "

--BBC News: Rasaayi, on of the pro-Ahmadinejad parliament representatives said that soon, the new bill for investigation of the Institute of collection and publication of Ayatollah Khomeini's works will be soon introduced. He has said that this institute has a budget of 10 billion Tomans each year, but "in critical times, has not been able to defend the ideas of Imam properly." The institute is run under the supervision of Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini. Thus it seems that government supporters attack to the institution and family of the founder of the Islamic Republic is moving from talking stage to action.
--Radio Zamaneh: Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, the Shiite Grand Ayatollah in Qom said: At the beginning of the after election events, people's demand was the cancellation of election results, but following the "violent and repressive" reaction of the regime, people have increased their demands and are now targeting the and institutions that were "performers, authorities and the supporters of the repression".

--BBC News: Saeed Mortazavi, the country's deputy prosecutor, was assigned as the head by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the president of the Headquarters for Combating Trafficking of Bills and Goods. He will keep his previous title as the deputy prosecutor.

--Radio Farda: Public and Revolutionary Court of Tehran, announced the managing directors of two news agencies of JahanNews, and Alef, guilty of insulting the president. Both of these websites are part of the conservative party, and in the past few months had been critical of the supporters of the green movement.

--Green Path Movement (JRS): Jomhouri Eslami newspaper, in its special news column, gave report of $17 billion being lost in the budget of year 1387(2008). The newspaper reports: News from the Supreme Audit Court says that the initial reports indicate about $17 billion difference in the amount received from selling gas and condensate gas, natural gas liquids and oil products, compared to the amount that was reported to be deposited to the Treasury. In other words, according to the report about 17 billion dollars of foreign exchange from export of the above is not paid to the treasury account. The difference in years 1385(2006) and 86(2007) has been reported respectively, to be 10 billion dollars, and 1 billion dollars.

--Deutsche Welle: According to the Governor of Tehran, in the days of Tasooa and Ashura the police presence will be stronger in the city. He said this move is to maintain the security and peace for the citizens. It is said that "Helpers of the Police" will start their work to protect the security.

--Shirin Ebadi, published a letter to accompany the wave of men who had dressed in female clothes in defense of Majid Tavakoli. The letter says: With your symbolic move, not only you defended your imprisoned friend, but you have also defended "women". By this symbolic move you showed that you are against discriminating laws."

University News 

--Radio Zamaneh: 8 days after the Student day in Iran, some universities still witness demonstrations on Tuesday, to protest against the disrespect showed towards the founder of the Islamic Republic. In Kemanshah Razi University,Basiji's who had been brought to the university from across Kermanshah city attacked the students. Qom University was another university that witnessed the protest rally. Gathering which was held by the pro-government in Qom University, remained unfinished due to the widespread protests of the supporters of the green movement.
--Norouz: The project of signature collection for the resignation of Farhad Rahbar, the government-assigned chair of Tehran University started today, at the School of Law and Political Sciences. The plan is to install a the petition at most departments in Tehran University, each for two days, and the students will leave their signatures on it. The cases raised in the petition of Farhad Rahbar are: examination of the charges against him and his incompetence during the 16th and  17th of Azar Tevents, and the immediate release of students who has been illegal detained. This plan has started from Tuesday morning(24th of Azar) and is anticipated to last for 10 days.
--Norouz: Students arrested in 16th of Azar and days after it and are still being detained are under pressure for false confessions about tearing Imam Khomeini's picture. Different sources say a number of students are detained in solitary confinement in Evin prison in 240th part, and are under pressure to confess.

News of the Detained, Missing and Martyrs 

Kalameh: Mostafa Tajzadh said that the reason for his lack of defense in court is to protest to the lack of court to deal with his claim against Ahmad Jannati. He said: If ten years ago, Mr Jannati's violation of the law was followed up, and the same court that's being held for me today was held for him then, we wouldn't see such serious problems in the country.

Recommendations and Warnings

Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the followings in his Tuesday speech:

- Referring to the confidential bulletin of the Cultural Department of Armed Forces, he said that their report talks about leaking of information from inside to outside, and also mentions the union of some of the intelligence heads with the green movement, and this is a good news and shows in all layers are accompanying the movement.

- He said after the tearing of Khamenei's image on 13th of Aban, now the coup government wants to use Khomeini's image as mean to divide the movement. He said we should remember, Khomeini is not our main concern right now and we should stand united against Khamenei and the coup government.

He said the axis of the Muharram activities are
- saying Allah Akbar on the roof every of night from the first night of Muharram until Ashura(10th of Muharram).
- Using Suitable slogans like: "Khamenei is Yazid - Yazid is done for" or "Ya Hussein - Mir-Hossein".
- Using the green flag at all events 
- Mr. Mousavi and Karrubi's travelings to different cities in Muharram
- A big united demonstration on days of Tasooa and Ashura. 
- Invitation of Revolutionary Guards and the Army to join people and the green movement 

Sazegara announced the following in his Wednesday speech:

- He mentioned the gatherings of students in universities, and said protest and police involvement still continues.

- About Friday's demonstration, he mentioned Mousavi and Karrubi's attempts to get permission for an independent ralley, and said that before those two individuals invite people, there's no need to attend the ralley, and instead we can get report of the government's actions when they try to get people to attend, giving them money or bringing buses for them.

- He said that in one of the meetings of Security Council of the country Ahmadinejad had said that the green movement is dead, and right away some members have protested that this is not the case, and that the distance between regime and people have increased, and the weak welcome Ahmadinejad is receiving in his travels to small cities is an evidence to that.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday December 14th, 2009

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 143 - Monday December 14th, 2009                                                                                                                                                              

Future events
Start organizing and preparing for demonstrations during the initial days of Moharram month.

--BBC: MirHossein Moosavi said that the demands of people from the government has augmented and the some 'redlines' that have been passed by some people are due to heavy and brutal crackdown of the opposition by the government. He said that people have the right to ask questions and this right should be fulfilled, and not be replied by violence. If today the demands have augmented, it is due to the initial mis-response. Also regarding the Dec. 7th demonstrations he said that "non-students are brought inside the university with batons and they name themselves students and then they say that students threw tear gas at each other. This nothing but a deception and mockery and nobody would believe students to have tear gas. It is better to be honest with people. If this militaristic atmosphere is not removed, the movements will go more underground and will become more radical.

--Rahe-Sabz: Mirhossein Moosavi and Mehdi Karoubi, opposition leaders are willing to ask for a permit to perform a rally in protest against dis-honor given to Khomeini - regarding his photo being torn on state TV.

--Rahe-Sabz: Mohammad Khatami, former president again asked for release of detained students and gave sympathy to the fact that this year's student day was held at a time that even more students are detained than before.

--RadioFarda: Iran's formal news agency has asked news groups to decrease cleric rank of Rafsanjani from "Ayatollah" to "Hojjatol-Eslam".

--Rooz Online: The Supreme Leader used the pretext of the destruction of Imam Khomeini's pictures to voice his attack against the Green movement and it's leaders Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Karoubi. 

--Radio Zamaneh: Mojtaba Zavalnoury, hardliner representatives of Khamenei for the revolutionary Guard made some explicit and volatile comments against the reformist movement. 

--Green Movement Path(Jrs): Mohammad Reza Zafarghandi, former head of Tehran University was invited to a ceremony held by the Islamic Association of Medical Sciences. Here, he criticized the state media's coverage of recent allegations of the destructions of pictures of Imam Khomeini and added that this was a pre-organized plan. He then stated :"It is a hideous act to tear up pictures of Imam, but what is even worse is to go against his words. Imam specifically demanded that the military forces should stay away from politics. Yet today, the Revolutionary Guard is heavily involved in both the political as well as the economical arena". Regarding the Green movement, he added :" If they claim that the Green movement only has a few followers, then why don't they give them permission for rallies so that this affair gets clarified".

--Advarnews: Ehsan Bodaghi, political activist was arrested on Saturday

University News
RadioFarda: Students of Tehran University gathered again in a demonstration against actions taken against students in the past events.

--Rooz Online: Students of University of Science and Technology in Tehran announced that until their detained classmates are released, and that military forces leave the campus grounds, they will continue to protest on the campus and boycott the classes. Starting yesterday, they will commence their protests everyday at 12:30. 

--Wave of Freedom: At Sahand University in the city of Tabriz, students armed with Green ribbons, scarves and wristbands interefered during a Basij ceremony where a hardliner cleric was giving a speech. They prevented him from uttering insulting comments against Ayatollah Montazeri, a renowned senior reformist cleric. They did so by shouting slogans such as:" Basij are Fascists, they get payed to stand there", "Death to liar", "You shout Hossein Hossein, but rape is your pride", "If the Basij was not there, Taraneh would be with us" [Taraneh was a young women who was raped and brutally murdered by the Basij after the elections unrest]. It is reported that this was followed by the Basij students retaliation. However, due to the fact that they were out-numbered by reformist students, they retracted. 

--Radio Zamaneh: Despite the passage of one week since Iranian Student Day (7th of December), student protest continued this week. Universities in Tehran, Semnan, Hamedan, Tabriz, Tusi and kashan were some of the sites of student protests. The Islamic Association of Tehran University Medical Sciences spokesman said that while Mr. Mousavi and Khatami were not given persmission to join our campus, we showed their video message to the students. However, several other reformist figures were present at the University. 

--Rooz Online: Several security documents regarding the Qods day protests were leaked out to some reformist media sources. These files highlight the reports that the security forces gave to their chiefs. Some interesting points are highlighted here. First, the report expressed concern over the presence of several government and security members and officials amongst the protesters. Presumably, he report expresses concern that there might be fractions from within. Secondly, they highlight the presence of women. They state that the presence of women and girls among protesters are not only indecent but also encourage the men to protest more. So the female presence has a negative effect. They also propose several methods to deal with the protesters. They recommend the method of intimidation and threatening on social and political fronts, to the point that the protesters have no choice but to retreat.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Video Coverage of Student Protests 22 Azar, December 13, 2009

SIC- Sunday December 13, 2009: According to Radio Farda and videos published on social networks, Balatarin and Youtube, students of Tehran University formed another rally today, 22 Azar (Dec 13). Protesters demanded Farhad Rahbar, chancellor of this university to explain and resign regarding the presence of non-student forces in this university on Student Day, 16 Azar (Dec 7). Students of University of Tehran also protested to arrests of a number of their fellow students during the past days and the footage broadcasted on IRIB showing the posters of Ayatollah Khomeni being thorn off. Meanwhile, students of Khaje Nasir, Al-Zahra, Ghazvin and Shahid Beheshti universities formed similar protests. Below you can find videos of these student protests with their download links.

University of Tehran, Part 1
Download Link:

University of Tehran, Part 2
Download Link:

Khaje Nasir University, Tehran, Part 1
Download Link:

Khaje Nasir University, Tehran, Part 2
Download Link:

Khaje Nasir University, Tehran, Part 3
Download Link:

Khaje Nasir University, Tehran, Part 4
Download Link:

Al-Zahra University, Tehran, Part 1
Download Link:

Al-Zahra University, Tehran, Part 2
Download Link:

Ghazvin University, Part 1
Download Link:

Ghazvin University, Part 2
Download Link:

Shahid Beheshti University
Download Link:

Student Rallies in Univevrsity of Tehran, December 12, 2009

SIC - Saturday December 12, 2009:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday December 12th, 2009 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 142 - Saturday December 12th, 2009                                                                                                                                                              

Summary of the News
-- Kalameh: Mir Hossein Mousavi called the act of tearing off Ayatollah Khomeini's posters in Azar 16 protests a suspicious act against the revolution and said
"I am sure student would never do anything like that".

-- Radio Farda: After the government arrested student leader Majid Tavakoli and published pictures of him in a chador, the all enveloping black wrap many women in Iran use to cover themselves, in a call for solidarity with Tavakoli, hundreds of Iranian men have posted pictures of themselves, wearing the veil, on Facebook.

-- Tagheer: In the past week, Islamic Associations of Students in Tehran University and Tehran Medical School, have published separate manifestos which could not be published in the main stream media due to censorship of the regime. Full texts of these manifestos are attached to this newsletter.

--AmirKabir Newsletter: University of Tehran students today once again protested to the military forces attack to students of this university on December 7 and 8, and demanded resign of the university chancellor Farhad Rahbar. Dr Habibi, the resigned president of Fine Arts department attended a discussion session with students in Shahid Avini Hall. After students gathering in front of Engineering and Fine Arts departments, they marched towards the main entrance of University of Tehran and continued their protest. A video from this gathering is attached to the newsletter.

-- Kalameh: The Defenders of Human Rights Center in Iran has selected Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri as the human rights activist of the year. On the International day of human rights, several DHRC members went to Qom to present the award to Montazeri. In this meeting, Narges Mohammadi read a statement praising the cleric's commitment to human rights.

-- Radio Zamaneh:
A number of Asians human rights organizations on Thursday called on the Iranian Judiciary to stop the "persecution" of members of the Iranian student alumni association, Advar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat. The human rights groups sent an appeal to Judiciary chief, Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani, expressing "deep concern" over the "systematic repression" of Advar members and urging the Judiciary to review the cases. The rights groups were from India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Mongolia.

-- Deutsche Welle: Heydar Moslehi, the intelligence minister of Iran, after criticizing Hashemi Rafsanjani heavily, mentioned that some actions are being done against Hashemi's children. Moslehi accused Rafsanjani of restating what the reformist leaders have written in their statements in his speeches.


-- BBC: A number of Iranian journalists have written a public letter to the General Secretary of the UN, Ban Ki Moon. In this letter they have expressed concern about the situation of their colleagues inside Iran. This letter was written on the 10th of December,  Global Day of Human Rights. In the letter, they have demanded that the situation of journalism should be under careful scrutiny, the freedom of press should be respected in Iran and the journalist detainees should be freed without any preconditions


 -- Kalemeh: The scheduled speech of Mohsen Armin, reformist politician and a former member of the parliament,  in Shiraz university on the student day was cancelled since he was not allowed in the city by the security forces.


-- Radio Farda: Amnesty International announced on Dec 10th that the situation of Human Rights in Iran has reached its worst position in the last 20 years. In this statement, the post-election tortures, rapes and murders have been alluded to. Furthermore, Ayatollah Khamenei has been addressed and asked to let the inspectors of this international organization visit Iran in order to do research about these happenings.

-- Deutsche Welle: NatureNews, the website associated with Nature scientific magazine, has claimed in an article on Thursday Dec 8th that it has uncovered even more cases of plagiarism committed by current Iranian ministers and officials. This article also mentions a similar discovery a few months ago, which attracted much attention in the media, and that this time it is Hamid Behbahani is the person who has copied scientific findings by others.  It also notes that scientists inside and outside Iran have demanded investigations in these matters.

-- Nowrooz: The Free Speech award was given to Zhila Bani Yaghoob, Iranian journalist and women right's activist, in a ceremony in Toronto without her presence.


Bahar Yekta has written an article "where is Islamic Republic going?" in which she has analyses the current situation of Iran. She alludes to Rafsanjani's recent speeches in Mashhad and writes: "it seems obvious that all actions and suggestions of Rafsanjani for the purpose of resolving the situation in Iran have been disregarded and inconclusive and now, the ball is in supreme leader's court to finish this debacle. These are all happening while even the "principalists'"  suggestions that have been sent to the Supreme Leader's office have been delayed for a long time and nothing has been done to soften the situation. The speeches of Hashemi are serious warnings to the regime.  Hashemi, during his first leading of the Friday sermons after the elections, sufficed to giving suggestions and hoped that the predicament would be solved; but after five months, the followers of Mesbah Yazdi are still bullying people and are trying to undermine the vastness of peoples' movement, which is happening amidst all the threats. This is why Hashemi is not giving suggestions anymore and, rather, he issues warnings. He even distances himself from the ruling body by demanding freedom and denouncing censorship. This is the first time that an official is protesting against the confrontation of the government and people, while the same horrible things continued to happen during the student day." She writes at the end: " Hashemi is an experienced politician. Accordning to his past, he does not speak untimely. He took his complaint to "God himself" after the last election. But today, he is appealing to the public conscience and with no fear separates his path from the others. He has a clear message: he sees the day that there will be neither a sign of the vine nor a sign of that who planted the vine."

News of the Detained, Missing and Martyrs
-- Advar News: A warrant has been issued for arresting Arash Bahmani, a journalist and activist. But he has not been apprehended yet.
-- Advar News: A group of members of the committee of human rights reporters, met with the family of Hassan Asadi.
-- BBC: Hadi Ghabel the cleric member of the Jebheh Mosharekat, who was sentences to 40 months in prison, was released. He spent more than half of that time in prison.
-- Advar News: Saeed NoorMohammadi, a young member of Jebheh Mosharekat, who was arrested 50 days ago in a religious ceremony, got permission to meet with his brother. When his brother asked him if he was being hurt and harmed in the prison, he (in the presence of two guards) answered: "yes, a lot!".

-- Advar News: Dr. Mohammad Maleki's trial will start this Saturday.
-- Jaras: The tribunals of Bahman Ahmadi-Amouei and Mohsen Safaei-Farahani were held today. The request for releasing Ahmadi-Amouei was rejected; Safaei-Farahani's last defenses were submitted and he is waiting for a ruling in his case.
-- Jaras: Reporters Without Borders (RWB) published some statistics of the extensive suppression of freedom of speech in Iran: 100 detained journalists, $3 million bail, and more than 65 years [of combined sentence] in prison.

Recommendations and Warnings

In his video broadcast on Thursday, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points:

- Students in University of Tehran protest [what happened on campus in the day of Dec. 7 when] 1200 members of Basiji militia entered UT Central Campus and beat and arrested students. They also want Dr. Kamarei- the Dean of College of Engineering- and Farhad Rahbar- the University of President- to resign.

- Yesterday [Wednesday] some students in Sharif University of Technology also held a big gathering in which they requested for the release of their friends [arrested on Dec. 7].

- Like other places, students of Kerman's Bahonar University chanted slogans against Saffar-Harandi- the Culture Minister in Ahmadinejad's first Administration- as he tried to give a speech there. 

- More than 1200 students in Khaje-Nasir University of Technology (KNUT) [located in Tehran] held a rally in solidarity with the students in University of Tehran and for the release of students arrested in other universities; this rally was mostly in defense of [violated] rights of students in other universities.

- Students in Esfahan University [in the Central city of Esfahan] held a huge gathering on campus; when their right for protest on campus was denied, they got out to streets where some ordinary people also joined their protests.

- Mr. Fazli, the former Commander of Revolutionary Guards in Tehran, who according to some people holds a cleaner record [compared to other current IRGC commanders and was the same person who had talked about revolutionary guards giving flowers to protesting students on Dec. 7] was replaced yesterday [Wednesday] and transferred to work under the supervision of Gen. Naqdi, the hard-liner Commander of Basiji militia.

- He also talked about the most recent editorial of Keyhan daily in which more violent crackdown of protestors has been requested; the main message in this editorial is that it is time to mercilessly beat, kill and arrest the protestors.

- The major initiatives during the first ten days of Muharram should be: 

-chanting Allah-u-akbar [God is the Greatest] during the first nine nights of Muharram,

-green flags of 'Ya-Hossein' should be an indespendable part of all religious gatherings.

-Centralized huge rallies should held in all cities during Tasu'a and Ashura [the 9th and 10th days of Muharram].


On his video broadcast on Friday, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points:

- Some senior Army Officers have issued a statement condemning the way the IRGC treated people [in post-election turmoils].

- President Obama mentioned Iranian people and their struggle for freedom in his Peace Noble Prize acceptance speech in Olso,

- During the Nobel Prize Ceremony, the University of Oslo also names 'The Worst Dictator of the Year'. This year, this title went to Ayatollah Khamenei [the Supreme Leader of Iran].

- Dec. 7 protests once again drew world's attention towards Iran.

- Heydar Moslehi, the Intelligence Minister in Ahmadinejad Administration, has fiercely attacked Mr. Hashemi-Rafsanjani [in his most recent speech in Qom]. The most thrilling part of Hashemi-Rafsanjani's speech [in Mashad], which has been the most difficult for them to swallow, is the phrase in which he asserts "If people do not like us, we shall go."

- Human Right Protectors Organization granted its 'Human Rights Struggler' to Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri. 

- Popular rallies of Tasu'a and Ashura will be a referendum against the regime.


In his video broadcast, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points:

- People should attract Army officers towards themselves [after their recent statement of some Army Officers in support of people].

- Regime's huge propaganda efforts after the alleged offense to Ayatollah Khomeini by tearing a  photo of him [in Dec. 7 protests] reveals that no red line exists for them; it is also more interesting to note that they already know that tearing the photos of Ayatollah Khamenei [the current Supreme Leader] will have no effect on people; however their efforts have not been successful so far and it does not seem that such efforts can ever save them from the major challenges they face right now.

- Regime's effort to humiliate Majid Tavakkoli- a renowned student activist- by publishing a photo of him in Islamic female garment has backfired and a 'Campaign of Men with Hijab' has already started in the world.

- The death of Mr. Soleymani [the CEO of E'temad-e-Mobin, an IRGC-affiliated firm which won the bid in the privatization of Iran's Telecommunication Company a few months ago] and his spouse is considered to be suspicious.

- As before, regime's threats have become louder [prior to anticipated rallies in Muharram which starts next week].

- Two articles about 'Nonviolent Struggles' which are attached to this newsletter.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday December 9th 2009 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 141 - Wednesday December 9th, 2009                                                                                                                                                              

Summary of the News
--Deutsche Welle, Radio-Zamaneh and the BBC: On Tuesday, 17th of Azar(8th of December), protests and unrest continues in Tehran Universities. Students are gathered to protest against 'actions of plain-clothes forces in the ECE department of Tehran University on 16th of Azar. Report also suggests protests in Shahid-Beheshti University on 17th of Azar, and that some faculty members have also joined the students in this protests.

--Advar News: On Tuesday morning, 17th of Azar, groups of Revolutionary Guards and Basij attacked students of Tehran and Shahid-Beheshti Universities. According to the AUT news, the entrance doors of Tehran University has been opened by the University's guards to allow Basij and Revolutionary Guard forces outside the university to enter the campus.

--BBC: On Tuesday, following conflicts in ECE department in Tehran University, between students against the government on the one hand, and the plain clothes forces and Basij students on the other, classes in the university has been cancelled.

--BBC: Azizollah Rajabzadeh, the commander of Tehran police said that 204 people were arrested during the 16th of Azar protests, of whom 165 are men, and 39 are women. Following this announcement, the Public and Revolutionary Prosecution Office of Tehran has announced that 86 of these arrested people have been released.

--Radio Zamaneh: According to Kalameh website, Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi faced a group of protesting plain-clothes forces on Tuesday, when going out of the Academy of Art building. The forces were trying to prevent him from exiting the building by giving slogans. This site reports that Mir Hossein Mousavi faced a group of 30-40 motorcyclers who were giving slogans against him, and addressed them saying: "You are given a mission. Do your mission. Kill me, beat me, threaten me." According to the website report, after these remarks the plain-clothes forces became "passive" and were scattered.

--Kalameh: A group of plain-clothes women on Tuesday morning rushed to the School of Fine Arts to attack Dr. Zahra Rahnavard. Reports suggest that while plain-clothes women were still in department area, Dr. Rahnavard Left the university in university's security car accompanied by three security guards of the university. The Women in plain-clothes had attacked Dr. Rahnavard by pepper spray the day before, on Monday, in Vesal street when she was in the university security's car.

--Kalameh: Although yesterday several announcements on different billboards in university said that the gathering at Tehran University on Wednesday is illegal, a groups of students disregarded the warnings and held gatherings which was later on dispersed after the interference of security guards on the university. According to the reports, at Wednesday noon, students gathered in Sheikh Ansari Law school. In this gathering, supporters of Mr. Mousavi came up to the Tribune, and in different speeches asked for the president to resign and be convicted. After this gathering, these students went from the Law school towards the Engineering department, and gathered there, but aftere the interference of the university security forces, were dispersed after a few minutes. However, small gatherings are seen in different locations on the University campus.

-- Kalameh: Today, Dec 9th, the students of Sharif University of Technology held a rally and demonstration. The arrest of seven students in this university was named as the cause of this rally.

--Deutsche Welle: Today, Wednesday Dec. 9th, there were ongoing demonstrations in Tehran University, Amir Kabir University and School of Foreign Languages (Azad University in Tehran).

-- Radio ZAmaneh: Mohammad Khatami, visiting the families of the political detainees, stated that university faculties and students are representing the iranians in their fight against despotism and coup d'etat.

-- SIC: Neda Agha Soltan was named among the top 10 heroes of the year 2009 by the Time magazine. Time, which is published in collaboration with CNN, named Neda as the second hero of this year after Sully Sullenberger, the pilot who skillfully landed a plane on the Hudson river and saved the lives of the passangers.

-- Radio Farda: Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, was named the "dictator of the year" by Oslo University.

-- SIC: SIC's website has been launched.

--BBC News: Two days after the Student Day (16th of Azar), new videos are distributed in the internet, which show that the protests in the universities have been more broad that initially reported. There is a video of students of Ghazvin University, who carry flags and give slogans. In another video, Sanandaj University students are shown to have held a speech and given slogans in defence of political prisonors and against dictatorship. There are videos from students in Tabriz University, Isfahan University, Kerman University, Mashhad (Azad) Univeristy, Saari University, the Bou-Ali University of Hamedan, which show gatherings of students. It seems that despite government's attempts to stop these videos to get distributed, the filtering has proven to be ineffective. (Two videos of students in Kerman University and Dezfouz Azad University are attached to the newsletter email today.)

--Deutsche Welle: Many analysts and political observers believe that the non-political body of students has joined the student movements this year. Mehdi Mohseni, a former student journalist and active says that current movement's demands are the demands of a large number of people, and so it has attracted a wide range of people and students, and that's why the student movement in body is getting larger.

--Radio farda: In Europe and America, on 16th of Azar, young Iranian protesters and non-Iranians held gatherings in support of the Iranians inside Iran. On come cities, gatherings were held on Sunday and Saturday. In Daft University in Netherlands, a 3-hour program was organized that included attendance by Iranian and non-Iranian scholars, philosophers, and artists. Students in more than 15 universities in United States, 9 universities in Canada, and universities in several European countries including Germany, Britain, Sweden, France and Czech Republic became reflections of the protests of students in Iran in Europe and North America. (A video of rally of Iranian and non-Iranian students in Frankfurt is attached to the newsletter).

News of the Detained, Missing and Martyrs
--BBC: All the 21 people who were arrested in the demonstration of the "mourning mothers" in Park-e-Laleh on Saturday Dec 6th, were released from prison.

--JARAS: Yesterday, Kamran Asa, the brother of the martyr Kyanoush Asa, was arrested in Tehran along with his friend Bijan Rezayi.

Recommendations and Warnings
--Mohsen Sazegara, in his daily video on Tuesday 17th of Azar (December 8th), called the 16th of Azar protests very successful, and said that the movement has reached all of the goals we have planned for this protest, and was able to cover all universities, such that none of the coup government officials dared to give a speech or visit any of the universities. Sazegara also said that the coup supporters had focused their forced in Tehran University, to use that for media coverage, but even there they have not been successful.
-He mentioned the arrest of some plain-cloth forces by the police in Valiasr square, and also the utterance of Green movement slogans by soldiers in one of Ghom city's garrisons, and thus called 16th of Azar the first stage of union of Police to people.
-Sazegara also said that regime's attempts to stop the news of this day from getting out has faced defeat, because the international attention over this day was even larget than that of 13th of Abaan.

--In his Wednesday daily talk, Sazegara considered the following issues:
- He said that the recruiting of thugs and giving them "Ghadir" cards to give them permission to enter universities and confronting the students has been Naghdi's idea, and it shows how low the regime has fallen to have no one else but thugs to ask.
- Sazegara pointed out to the large international reflection of 16th of Azar events, which has been even larger than the reflection about 13th of Aban, and said that some world media has called this day the countdown for the fall of the regime.
- He said first ten days of Muharram month(Islamic calendar) will be the green movement's next big act, because the days before Ashura and Tasua (9th and 10th of Muharram month), green flags of "ya-Hossain" and mourning for the martyrs of the movement, and then on the Ashura and Tasua days, by organizing special routs in different cities for these days' marches, the movement can be taken to the next step.

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