Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday March 20th, 2010 Newsletter

Saturday March 20th, 2010 Newsletter
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Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 186 - Saturday March 20th, 2010

-- Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
-- Allah o Akbar during the nights
-- Writing slogans on the walls and bills
-- Being out in the streets on Thursdays

-- Norouz: Mir Hossein Moussavi has released a video for the new year. The complete text of this clip is attached.

-- Norouz: Zahra Rahnavard, also released a video for the upcoming year. The complete text of this clip is also attached.

-- Radio Zamaneh: Mehdi Karoubi in his Norouz address criticized the Islamic Republic government and stated that he does not believe in a regime in which a small group of clergies and military officers hold the power.

-- Radio Farda: John Kerry, chief of international affairs committee has issued an statement congratulating the Iranians for Nowrouz.

-- JARAS: The human rights activists in Iran have counted the human rights violation of the Iranian regime to 59040 cases.

-- DW: Barack Obama has issued a video statement congratulating the Iranians. He has also pledged his support for free access of information for Iranians.


-- Rahana: After a week of imprisonment, Abdollah Yousefzadeh has not been permitted to contact his family and his release date is not clear.

-- Norouz: Mir Hossein Moussavi and Zahra Rahnavard visited Dr. Mohsen Mirdamadi who was released yesterday.

In his video broadcast on Thursday- which was shorter than usual-, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points:
1- Further insight onto the events of Chaharshanbeh soori reveals that such processions were carried out in most towns of Kurdistan, Zanjan, Hamedan, Arak, Qom, Khorram-Abad, Shahr-e-Kord, Kermanshah, Ahvaz and Tehran and heated slogans were chanted. However the most important aspect of this day is the geographic extension of the Green Movement. 
2- About 500 people, including some families of the arrested as well as some ordinary people, gathered in front of the Evin prison last night.
3- It is very important to go to cemeteries and salute the martyrs of the Green Movement on the last Thursday of the [Iranian] year.
4- Three important lessons can be learnt from the Chaharshanbeh-soori events; First of all, it becomes extremely difficult for the regime to crack down the protests when they are scattered at different neighborhoods. Secondly. it is much better to use 'national' holidays and festivities rather than the days endorsed by the Regime. Thirdly, the most effective form of civil disobedience against a regime which tries to make everybody depressed and disappointed is to emphasize on happiness, life and hope [like what was done in Chaharshanbeh soori]

On his video broadcast on Friday, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points:
1- There points deserve more attention in the New Year addresses of Mir-Hossein Mousavi and his spouse Zahra Rahnavard; First of all, the [importance of the] unity between domestic and out-of-country activists; secondly the need for geographic expansion of the green movement. Thirdly, as Ms. Rahnavard emphasized in her address, the importance of pluralism and the unity of all civil movements within Iran under the umbrella of the green movement.
2- Hossein Marashie, who used to be the chief of staff for Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani for several years, was arrested. His arrest clearly shows a severe struggle within the ranks of the regime between the coup wing and Mr. Rafsanjani.
3- A military atmosphere was established by security forces in Behesht-Zahra [Tehran's main cemetery] last Thursday. An indefinite need for establishing such an atmosphere will exhaust the coup government at the end.
4- A number of political activists out of Iran have pledged to go on hunger strike from Thursday March 18- Saturday March 20 to show their support for political prisoners in Iran.

After congratulating the [Iranian] New Year, Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the following points in his video broadcast on Saturday:
1- Today is the 59th anniversary of the nationalization of the oil industry. Dr. Mosaddeq is an excellent role modl for struggle and steadfastness.
2- It has been proposed to write slogans on the paper money we present to others as gifts [during new years visits etc].
3- Circulate and propagate information and news about the green movement when making trips during the new year holidays.
4- Issa Saharkhiz [a well-known political prisoner and journalist] who had started his hunger strike yesterday, has been accompanied by some more prisoners from Section 350 of the Evin prison. Some political activists outside Iran have also gone on hunger strike in solidarity with him and other political prisoners.
5- Foreign ministers of EU members have complained from Iran for sending noisy signals targeting satellite channels.
6- The upcoming holidays [in Iran] is a good opportunity to read more [about the Green Movement etc]. In coming days, we will discuss this issue in more details.

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