Monday, December 21, 2009

Coverage of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri's Passing in International Media

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SIC- Monday December 21, 2009: Country-wide mourning sessions and protests after Grand Ayatollah Montazeri's passing on Sunday, and his Monday funeral ceremony in Qom were widely reflected in International TV channels and News Websites. This post aims to act as an archive of related material and will be updated accordingly.

Part 1: Coverage on International News Websites

Sunday, December 20 Articles:

Iran's leading cleric has died EuroNews

Turmoil at the tomb of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri Financial Times Deutschland

Iran: Dissident Montazeri dies Focus

Top Iran Dissident Cleric Montazeri Dies At 87 New York Times

Grand Ayatollah Montazeri has passed away Spiegel

Thousands of dissidents flock to attend mourning ceremony for Grand Ayatollah Spiegel

Monday, December 21 Articles:

Clashes reported at funeral of Iranian dissident cleric BBC News

Iran: What the death of dissident cleric Montazeri means for opposition Christian Science Monitor

Intriguing people for December 21, 2009 CNN

Death of "Influential Green Movement Supporter" reflected in Germany media Deutsche Welle Farsi

Great loss for the opposition – a tribute to Grand Ayatollah Montazeri German Weekly “Die Zeit”

Iran braces for protests as 'up to 1m' attend funeral of reformist cleric Guardian

Iranian opposition attend funeral of Montazeri Guardian

Filling Montazeri's shoes in Iran Guardian

Iran’s opposition has lost a major supporter Handelsblatt

Des centaines de milliers d'Iraniens accompagnent la dépouille mortelle de Montazeri Le Monde

Iranian dissident cleric's funeral draws huge crowds Los Angeles Times

The Ayatollah’s Inspiration (Maziar Bahari) Newsweek

Cleric’s Funeral Becomes Protest of Iran Leaders New York Times

Car of Iran opposition's Mousavi attacked-website Reuters

In Death, Grand Ayatollah Could Unify Iran's Opposition Wall Street Journal

Cleric's Death, Torture Case Jolt Iran Wall Street Journal

Clashes Erupt at Reformist Cleric's Funeral Wall Street Journal

Tuesday, December 22 Articles:

Cleric's funeral breathes life into Iran's protest movement The Independent

Iranian Cleric’s Office Reportedly Attacked The Lede- New York Times Blog

Iran's Regime 'Has Every Reason to Be Worried' Spiegel Online

US Cites 'Fissure' in Iranian Society VOA News English

Wednesday, December 23 Articles:

Iran protesters ‘savagely attacked,’ reports say AFP/MSNBC

Iran police 'clash with Montazeri mourners' AFP/Yahoo News

Clashes at Montazeri ceremony, Iran opposition says BBC News

Fresh protests, clashes reported in Iran CNN World News

Iran forces clash with cleric's mourners - websites Reuters

Fierce unrests in Iran: Tear gas and batons in Esfahan German daily "Tageszeitung" (TAZ)

Isfahan beset by violence UPI

Iranian police threaten fierce crackdown on protesters Washington Post

Arrests and injuries after new clashes in Iran ZDF-Heute

Friday, December 25 Articles:

Tehran protesters clash with Iranian security forces Los Angeles Times

Part 2: Coverage in International TV Channels

Al Jazeera English, Sunday December 20

BBC World News, Sunday December 20

CNN, Sunday December 20

France 24, Sunday December 20

CNN, Monday December 21

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