Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday February 24nd, 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 176 - Wednesday February 24th, 2010

--Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
--Allah o Akbar during the nights
--Writing slogans on the walls and bills
-- Visiting resting place of the green movement martyrs in Beheshte Zahra (the cemetery) on the last Thursday of the year
-- Being out in the streets on Thursdays

--Iranian Labor News Agency: 36 lawyers were disqualified from candidacy for twenty sixth election of the executive committee for Association of Justice Lawyers. Among the disqualified are current President, Mohammad Jandoghi-Kermani-pour, and Goudarz Eftekhar Jahromi, the ex president, Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, Nemat Ahmadi, Ramezan Haji-Mashhadi, Nasser Zarafshan, Abdolfattah Soltani, Farideh Gheirat, and Samad Khorramshahi. 

--Radio Zamaneh: Sergei Lavrov, Russia's Foreign Minister said today in Moscow that based on its international obligations, Russia will never sell weapons to countries of the region, which increases tension and instability. Mr. Lavrov, in question in connection with the sale of missiles S-300 to Iran responded "to enforce the contract, there are questions and issues that must be resolved." 
--Radio Farda: Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, head of Assembly of Experts, On Tuesday, at the Seventh Meeting of Parliament referring to events after the presidential elections in Iran, once again, demanded propitiation of the victims of those events. 

--BBC News: the Assembly of Experts published a statement, warning the domestic leaders of intrigue and deception, and asking the police and security forces to firmly deal with any suspicious and crisis-raising movement. 

--Radio Farda: Association of Councils of Fars Province on Tuesday raised concerns about the situation of workers and industrial structures in the province. This concerns were expressed a few days after the gathering of a group of factory workers of the long distance communication company of Iran in front of the governors building. The workers had demanded the payment of their salaries unpaid in the last 14 months. 
--Maad: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faced cold reaction from Birjand city citizens. Video of people's reaction is attached.  (

--JRS: News media today published a two articles, revealing the "scientific theft and plagiarism" of Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi, Minister of Health of Ahmadinejad. Research has made clear that the Dastjerdi, published a paper in 2008, titled "potential indicators of ovarian age on the women of Tehran", of which more than 70% has been a direct copy of another Chinese paper, published in 2003.

--Radio Farda: With Tehran Prosecutor's permission,  Ebrahim Yazdi, Secretary of the Freedom Movement, was allowed 10 days out of prison, to undergo surgery. Ebrahim Yazdi, 80, is the oldest political prisoner in Iran, suffers from prostate cancer. 

--Radio Farda: Feiz-allah Arab-Sorkhi, a senior member of Islamic Revolution Mojahedin Organization was sentenced to 6 years of prison. He is charged with actions against national security and propaganda. 
--JRS: Leila Tavassoli and Mahmoud Naim-pour were released. Leila Tavassoli, daughter of Mr. Mohammad Tavassoli, has been imprisoned for 2 months.
--JRS: Judge of trial of Abdullah Momeni, the spokesman for the Islamic Tahkim (Advar e Vahdat), issued 800 thousand dollars of collateral. His wife has announced she can not such payment, because Mr Momeni has been a teacher, and has lost his job due to imprisonment.

--Kalameh: Dr. Hamidreza Jalaeepour, sociologist and professor, analysed the interactions of the green movement and the government with regard to each other. Here's segments of the discussion: With violence, civil street protests fade but never disappear. I predict that even if this wave is controlled by increasing pressure in the streets, next waves will be more unpredictable and much larger // A sign of calm condition is when the government gives permission to the protesters, and as long as it is scared of giving the permission, and it means that the fever remains in the society and their propaganda will only be useful to give confident to themselves. // if the 5 demands of Mr. Mousavi are followed, the movement's potential will be emptied, but that's unlikely due to ignorance of the government. // Some think the most important aspect of the movement is in the streets, however this movement has a very important mental and moral aspect.

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