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Monday January 18th 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 158 - Monday January 18th, 2010                                                                                                                                                              

--Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society
--Writing slogans on the walls and bills

--Network of the Green Movement Path (JRS): The head of western Azerbaijan province confirmed today that head prosecutor of this province Valiollah Hajgholizadeh was assassinated. While conforming this news through ISNA, it was stated that the individual or individuals responsible for this assassination have not yet been identified. 

--Network of the Green Movement Path (JRS): It is reported that the ceremonial speech of 12th Bahman (in February, marks the beginning of the ceremonies celebrating the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution) are being held in the Behesht Zahra cemetary and the main speech will not be delivered by Mr. Rafsanjani. This speech is traditionally reserved for Mr. Rafsanjani and held in the shrine of Imam Khomeini.

--Network of the Green Movement Path (JRS): Hearing sessions for two defendants who were arrested on Ashura began today with the full presence of reporters. Their crimes have been decribed as crimes against the state and the Islamic republic. (Student newsletter): The two individuals have no past criminal records but have family members that belonged to the Mujahedeen group. 

--Network of the Green Movement Path (JRS): Iranian Foreign Minister denied claims that several Iranian embassy officers outside of Iran had quit their posts and applied for refugee status outside the country. His claim that the Iranian workers are happily continuing with their jobs comes in contrast with recent television interviews given by Iranian embassador to Norway who confirmed that he has resigned from his position and has sought asylum in norway as a result of the recent unrest in Iran. 

--Kalameh: Father of martyred Mr. Mousavi met with Board of Directors of teachers Association and members of the Central Council of Teachers and said that according to witnesses the day of Ashura, the agent who shot Mr. Mousavi had previously coordinated his attempt with local police officers. 

--BBC: TV channel 'Euronews' announced on Monday its plans to broadcast news in Persian and Turkish in 2010. News broadcasted in Farsi language will start in late 2010.

--Radio Farda: A group of employees of "Pars Energy" (City of Shiraz), related to the Ministry of Energy, formed a rally in front of this company complaining about their pay. According to one employee, they had not been payed in 10 months. 

--Radio Farda: It is reported that several publications have received serious "warnings" from government agents for publishing inappropriate material which enticed people to riot or was insulting to the government. 

--Radio Farda: Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran's former prosecutor general who has been accused of crimes committed in Kahrizak detention centre denied these claims and said that the responsibility of the lives lost are with other people. Other pro-government head figures investigating the case stated that the documents and facts regarding Mr. Mortazavi's guilt are undeniable. 

-- JRS: The son of a previous member of Kashan's local parliament, and supporter of Moosavi was released anonymously around the city in very bad conditions with multiple bruises andbreakage of bones. 

On his Sunday video, Mr. Sazegara pointed out the following notes:

- 93% less foreign investment in Iran as well as an economic recession. Reduced governmental economic activities.
- Worker strike at Iran Khodro factory because of unpaid wages. He emphasized the importance of supporting labor movements. 
- Replacement of 50 Managers at the Oil Ministry.
- The arrest of Baha'i citizens despite their non-involvement in political affairs. 
- Ayatollah Khalaji has been arrested in Qom. There has also been unrest at Friday Prayers.
- On Ashura day, some revolutionary guard members had refused their commanders orders to shoot on people on streets. And now, their families are under pressure. 
- Those who fear that being present on the streets is too dangerous should use other ore creative ways of protesting such as writing on bils etc.

On his Monday videos, he pointed out:
-European Students Union has released a statement in support of Iranian protesters and prisoners. 
-If the regime would feel like the movement is calm and inactivated, it will go on with brutal actions against the political prisoners. Thus, it is important to have a strong presence in the next demonstrations. 

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