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Newsletter for Wednesday 25th November 2009

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 134 - Wednesday November 25th, 2009                                                                                                                                                              

Future Plans:
--Iranian-style protests, Thursday evening, go to parks and around in the city with family.
--Accompanying mothers of the green movement victims in Laleh Park – every Saturday afternoon.

--Spreading news about Dec 7 (Azar 16th) demonstrations on the anniversary of Student Day in private and public universities across the country; inviting people and students to attend these ceremonies in universities.

--BBC News: In the anniversary of the establishment of Basij, Mir Hossein Mousavi published a statement, warning about the transformation of Basij into the "repression machine" of the government. In his statement that was published today, Wednesday 25th of November, he said: "Basij was not established to become the worker of the government and to get per capita reward when arresting people". He added: "the new generation who are called 'Basij' today are in the darkest doubts and tests. Some want Basij to become the repression machines who beats, arrests, hurts, and murders humans under the mere crime of calling for justice."   
--BBC: Iranian Writers Association, in response to "police preventing them from holding the anniversary ceremony for the victims of the political murders known as murder chain" published a statement. In the statement, objection to "continuation of the repressions" has been announced, and it reads: "even though the ceremony in the previous years have been held under constraints, this year, with unusual lining of police and military forces, any sympathy with families of the victims was prevented."
--ParlemanNews: Mohammad Khatami met with members of Islamic Association of Medical Society and said: "Unfortunately we see today is theorized violence is becoming practical, and this violence is targeted towards many people who were friends of the Revolution and Imam." 
He added: "Of course in this country there are those who do not even accept this regime, but are willing to move within the legal system and we are proud to defend their rights; because as a citizen, they have rights just like others, unless as Imam said, they were after conspiracy and removal of the regime."
--Radio Farda: International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran issued a statement on Tuesday, reporting about the arrest of several students in the Islamic Republic of Iran by the security forces, in an effort to prevent further protests in 16th of Azar- the national student day. Hadi Ghaemi, spokesman of the human rights organization, said: "for silencing the student movement, they are suppressing the students completely, which not only is against the students' rights, but also hurts the education path and their families' lives."
--Green path movement (JRS): Ahmadinejad's government once again renewed its pressure on the IRIB(state TV) to stop broadcasting popular sports programs. Government supporters have suggested that even if the program is not stopped, either Adel Ferdosipour should be removed from the program, or the program should move to the hour 3 in the morning. These efforts have increased after recent days in Navad program, serious criticisms has been targeted towards Ahmadinejad government's officials and their policies.
--Green path movement (JRS):  After the Conference "Greens and religion" in the department of Social Sciences in  Tehran University which was held with support of the Islamic Association of this university, on Tuesday 3rd of Azar, the second panel discussion of the conference was held in the Medicine Department of Tehran University. 10 prominent Iranian sociologist were giving speeches in the past two weeks, in which they analyzed and theorized about various aspects of the green movement, including the religious, social, etc.
--Green Wave of Freedom: Following protests in recent days in Khajeh Nasir University about continuous illegal detention of "Ali Parviz" and "Soheil Mohammadi", Yesterday, ten students of this university were summoned to the disciplinary committee. These students are asked to report to the committee, to give explanations about the allegations such as attending the protesting gatherings, stimulating other students to participate in the gatherings, participation in the hunger strike, disrupting university's order, and having political activities in student associations.
--Norouz: HamidReza Amirkhani, Mehdi Khosravi and Amin Riahi, students of the Ferdosi University of Mashhad, were charged by the Revolutionary Court to distributing propaganda against regime and working with foreign groups who are against the regime, and they were sentenced to paying fine.
--Green wave of freedom: Close to 16th of Azar, the national student day, about 100 students of Ahvaz Azad University, and 50 students of Najaf Abad Azad University have been summoned to disciplinary committee.

--Green wave of freedom: Behzad Nabavi was sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment by the revolutionary court, and went to a 10 day leave under a bail of 800 million Tomans(800 thousand dollars). 
--Norouz: RamezanZadeh's wife said: Mr. RamezanZadeh has said in their last meeting that we have not commited any illegal actions, but do not believe that we will be freed, because if they were to do that, all their work so far will be in vein. She quoted RamezanZadeh: I am defending the Islamic Republic, but I oppose Ahmadinejad, and I will not step back from my opinion. 

Recommendations and Warnings:
--A new anti-filtering strategy: 1- Visit, 2- register an account (sign up for a free email), 3- download free software (AOL 9.5), 4- sign into your account in AOL 9.5, 5- enjoy surfing high speed internet without filtering.

--Mohsen Sazgara released his daily videos of Tuesday and Wednesday:
- He said the installation of the camera in the universities is a problem and we should either stop them from working, or use masks to cover our faces when attending political gatherings.
- He gave news about the gathering of Mazandaran Textile workers because of the non-payment of their wages.
- His mentioned the statement of a group of liberal activists, who had pointed out the importance of resistance of student movements against the pressures.
- He invited people to protest to the sentence given to Ahmad Zeidabadi.
- About paralyzing the government he gave examples of Italian strike (white strike), not completing the works and general strikes, boycotting goods produced by state government, especially those produced by the Revolutionary Guards or those who broadcast ads in state TV.
- The lack of investment, he said, is another way to cause paralysis. (In Tehran, housing market has fallen 60%)
- He said outside of Iran to the Iranians are pressuring to boycott companies that Iranian Revolutionary Guards have shares in.
- He said other pressures are under way to condemn the revolutionary guards in international courts for terrorist operations.
- He mentioned five gaps: sexual, generational, economical, scientific and ethnic in current Iranian society, and said that the green movement must fill these gaps to be able to reach its goals. 
- He said so far, the actions to paralyze the government has been effective, because even now the economy of the country has been affected and the government is not capable of running the country, and said that the end of this process will be when general and simultaneous strikes will overthrown the coup government. But he said this is dependent on the government being paralyzed, or divided such that some parts stand up against others and some parts join people.
- He reminded that every day we don't need million scale demonstrations, and that when the repression rises, other methods like writing slogans on walls and on the bills, scattered protests like that of 16th of Azar, and similar actions work better. 



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