Saturday, December 26, 2009

Coverage of Tasoua and Ashoura Protests in International Media

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SIC- Saturday December 26, 2009: Protests and clashes on Tasoua, eve of a Shiite day of mourning turned into violent clashes in central Tehran and a number of other cities as plaincloth forces fired tear gas and beated protesters with electric shockers and bricks. Later in the evening, mourning gatherings in Jamaran, former residence of Ayatollah Khomeini and his family, in which ex-president Mohammad Khatami was giving a speech witnessed violent crackdown of basiji and plainclothe forces. According to reports and released videos, thousands in Jamaran and Niavaran in north of Tehran demonstrated despite constant tear gas firings and chanted anti-government slogans. International news agencies and TV channels released several reports regarding these incidents, and this post aims to act as an archive of related material and will be updated accordingly.

Part 1: Coverage on International News Websites

Saturday, December 26 Articles:

Renewed clashes reported in Iran BBC News

Demonstranten und Anti-Aufruhr-Einheiten liefern sich brutale Gefechte Spiegel Online

Iran's Green movement prepared for street protest against hardline regime mullahs Telegraph

Clashes erupt in Tehran on Shi'ite holy day Times India

Sunday, December 27 Articles:

Iranian police clash with protesters across Tehran Los Angeles Times

Reporters attacked in crackdown by Iran militia TimesOnline UK

Iranians mark the Shiite holiday Ashura with mass unrest in Tehran Washington Post

Part 2: Coverage in International TV Channels

Saturday, December 26 Videos:

AlJazeera English

BBC World

BBC World



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