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Newsletter Issue 140 - Monday December 7th, 2009                                                                                                                                                              


--Radio Farda, Radio Zamaneh: According to reports, thousands of students and protesters gathered today, Student Day, to show their anger at recent presidential elections. Anti-riot forces were present at many Universities and closely monitored student traffic in and out of Universities. Student crowds were also present at universities where heavy use of tear-gas and beatings were reported. Police vans were also present at the sites and at least a few dozen students were reportedly arrested. Protests also took place in Central Tehran near Enghelaab square and other parts of the city where severe clashes with security forces were also reported. Examples of slogans heard today include "Death to dictator" and "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, we are all together". Violent clashes were also reported in other cities such as Kermanshah, Mashhad, Isfahan, Arak and Kerman where other slogans such as "Allah Akbar", "Where is the oil Money? It is spent on the Basij", and "Security forces, take Ahmadinejad away", were heard. There also multiple reports of student burning the pictures of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei. 

--Radio Farda: Today's student protests against riot troops were reflected by international media. The institute for "War and Peace " (American research institute) reported that today's protests went beyond the former ones and directly targeted the supreme leader, reflecting the courage of the people in the face of security forces. This institute also recounted certain instances of clashes. For example, a girl who was beaten, was offered a ride home by the police. But she refused the ride, stating that she was out to defend her rights and protest the current situation. Washington Post has also reported extensively on today's events, especially highlighting the role of citizen journalists and the quickness with which video footage and reports became available online. Finally, multiple reformist sites report that major protests are being planned for the days a Muhharam (Shiite time of mourning). 

--The Green Movement (Jrs) : Zahra Rahnavard, Tehran U. professor and wife of Mr. Mousavi was attacked by several women this morning who presented themselves as basij. According to an eye witness, Mrs. Rahnavard confronted the women who were following her and they claimed that they were following her for her protection. The women then proceeded to assault her. Mrs. Rahnavard was then then accompanied to inside the University by security forces. It is reported that she suffered injuries to her eyes and respiratory system. 

--Radio Farda: American and British governments Condemned the oppression of protestors in Iran. They stated that the carelessness of Iranian officials to the people's protests is a violations of the people's fundamental rights and is unconstitutional. They also demanded an end to the current oppressive climate. The American Foreign Ministry spokesperson also addressed the Iranian people and said: "They should know that their voice will be heard".

--Rooz Online: Shirin Ebadi was presented with the British Institute of International Service Human Rights Award for international support to human rights. Ms. Ebadi then dedicated to the "committee of mourning mothers" applauding their courage. She dedicated this to the young Iranians who lost their lives in their courageous fight for democracy in Iran. 

--BBC: The daily reformist newspaper "Hayat-e-no" has been shut down. The "Press Supervisory Board" justified its decision based on claims that the newspaper published news "outside the approved work areas". 

--Radio Farda: During a closed meeting of Israeli parliament's defense commission, Benjamin Netanyahu said the Iranian government has lost its popular support and legitimacy in the eyes of the Iranian people and this is favorable for Israel. He pointed out the popular protests in Iran after the election results and added: "Many people in Iran are unhappy with the regime in this country." 

University News for December 7th
Reported from Mowjcamp, Roozonline, RadioZamaneh as well as videos spread on Youtube.

--Tehran University: Students rallied in front of the University where they chanted slogans against Ahmadinejad and the government. Examples include: "Death to dictator", "Death to Khamenei", "Khamenei Qatlh - Vlaytsh waste", "detention by Iran - has Evin University", "We are Neda, We are Sohrab, we are all together", "shame to Basij" and "where is the oil money? Spent on Basij". Plain-clothes forces then clashed with students by using tear gas and electric batons. Around 2:00 pm, students who were inside the campus tried to break out into the streets but they were prevented by the security forces. 

--Sharif University: "Antiriot police, Wash and clean Ahmadi" as well "Death to dictator" were the slogans by the students. Students also aired green balloons. Other slogans were"Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein", "Death to Khmanei" "Support Karroubi" , "Student dies but does not accept humiliation" and Allah-o-Akbar. While keeping up picture of the martyrs and the detained journalists and activists they sang national songs.

--University of Arts, AmirKabir University (Tehran): Gatherings began around 10:30 am at the Arts campus and they were soon joined by polytechnic students. Together students from both institutions chanted slogans against heads of the coup government where images of Ahmadinejad were set on fire. This was followed by brutal attacks by security forces and Basij students, which lead to the arrest and injury of several student protesters.

--Shahid Beheshti University: After years of silence in the university under severe control of intelligence forces, a forceful glorious gathering was held today. The first gathering was held in the Faculty of Literature where students chanted slogans like "Allah Akbar", "Death to dictator", "political prisoners must be freed", "Long live Mousavi and Karroubi ", " Coup government, resign, resign". The students then moved to the lateral hill overlooking Evin Prison and they chanted slogans demanding the freedom of arrested activists
--Shahroud University: Students at this University started their rallies at sunset. They held photos of those who died during recent protests. Students sang solidarity songs and shouted anti-government slogans such as "Death to dictator". There have not yet been any reports on whether there were clashes at this University. 

--Ferdowsi and Azad University of Mashhad: Despite widespread control, the protests took place with several thousand participants. Widespread presence of security forces and special units around Azadi Square Park, Ferdowsi University lead to closure of Azadi Square, and Vakilabad Blvd. Similar anti-government slogans could be heard here as well. 

--Arak University: Arak University students held their protest rally with slogans in support of the Green movement. They waved green cloths and were met with security forces. Clashes were reported at this campus. 

--Bouali University of Hamadan: The most brutal attacks were seen at the Hamedan University where it is reported that Basij and security forces attacked students on campus. It is reported that two students, one of them female, were pushed out of second floor stories by the forces. Eye-witnesses report that these two individuals were severely injured. This was followed by more security forces rushing the campus buildings and severely beating the students. 

--Azad University of Najaf Abad: Gathering of student protest were met with violence. Security forces entered the campus with teh help of campus security where they used batons, pepper spray, chains and electric batons to beat students who were protesting. It is also reported that several students were arrested by the police when boarding transportation outside of the university. 

A number of videos regarding these protests are attached to the newsletter.

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