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Wednesday December 9th 2009 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 141 - Wednesday December 9th, 2009                                                                                                                                                              

Summary of the News
--Deutsche Welle, Radio-Zamaneh and the BBC: On Tuesday, 17th of Azar(8th of December), protests and unrest continues in Tehran Universities. Students are gathered to protest against 'actions of plain-clothes forces in the ECE department of Tehran University on 16th of Azar. Report also suggests protests in Shahid-Beheshti University on 17th of Azar, and that some faculty members have also joined the students in this protests.

--Advar News: On Tuesday morning, 17th of Azar, groups of Revolutionary Guards and Basij attacked students of Tehran and Shahid-Beheshti Universities. According to the AUT news, the entrance doors of Tehran University has been opened by the University's guards to allow Basij and Revolutionary Guard forces outside the university to enter the campus.

--BBC: On Tuesday, following conflicts in ECE department in Tehran University, between students against the government on the one hand, and the plain clothes forces and Basij students on the other, classes in the university has been cancelled.

--BBC: Azizollah Rajabzadeh, the commander of Tehran police said that 204 people were arrested during the 16th of Azar protests, of whom 165 are men, and 39 are women. Following this announcement, the Public and Revolutionary Prosecution Office of Tehran has announced that 86 of these arrested people have been released.

--Radio Zamaneh: According to Kalameh website, Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi faced a group of protesting plain-clothes forces on Tuesday, when going out of the Academy of Art building. The forces were trying to prevent him from exiting the building by giving slogans. This site reports that Mir Hossein Mousavi faced a group of 30-40 motorcyclers who were giving slogans against him, and addressed them saying: "You are given a mission. Do your mission. Kill me, beat me, threaten me." According to the website report, after these remarks the plain-clothes forces became "passive" and were scattered.

--Kalameh: A group of plain-clothes women on Tuesday morning rushed to the School of Fine Arts to attack Dr. Zahra Rahnavard. Reports suggest that while plain-clothes women were still in department area, Dr. Rahnavard Left the university in university's security car accompanied by three security guards of the university. The Women in plain-clothes had attacked Dr. Rahnavard by pepper spray the day before, on Monday, in Vesal street when she was in the university security's car.

--Kalameh: Although yesterday several announcements on different billboards in university said that the gathering at Tehran University on Wednesday is illegal, a groups of students disregarded the warnings and held gatherings which was later on dispersed after the interference of security guards on the university. According to the reports, at Wednesday noon, students gathered in Sheikh Ansari Law school. In this gathering, supporters of Mr. Mousavi came up to the Tribune, and in different speeches asked for the president to resign and be convicted. After this gathering, these students went from the Law school towards the Engineering department, and gathered there, but aftere the interference of the university security forces, were dispersed after a few minutes. However, small gatherings are seen in different locations on the University campus.

-- Kalameh: Today, Dec 9th, the students of Sharif University of Technology held a rally and demonstration. The arrest of seven students in this university was named as the cause of this rally.

--Deutsche Welle: Today, Wednesday Dec. 9th, there were ongoing demonstrations in Tehran University, Amir Kabir University and School of Foreign Languages (Azad University in Tehran).

-- Radio ZAmaneh: Mohammad Khatami, visiting the families of the political detainees, stated that university faculties and students are representing the iranians in their fight against despotism and coup d'etat.

-- SIC: Neda Agha Soltan was named among the top 10 heroes of the year 2009 by the Time magazine. Time, which is published in collaboration with CNN, named Neda as the second hero of this year after Sully Sullenberger, the pilot who skillfully landed a plane on the Hudson river and saved the lives of the passangers.

-- Radio Farda: Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, was named the "dictator of the year" by Oslo University.

-- SIC: SIC's website has been launched.

--BBC News: Two days after the Student Day (16th of Azar), new videos are distributed in the internet, which show that the protests in the universities have been more broad that initially reported. There is a video of students of Ghazvin University, who carry flags and give slogans. In another video, Sanandaj University students are shown to have held a speech and given slogans in defence of political prisonors and against dictatorship. There are videos from students in Tabriz University, Isfahan University, Kerman University, Mashhad (Azad) Univeristy, Saari University, the Bou-Ali University of Hamedan, which show gatherings of students. It seems that despite government's attempts to stop these videos to get distributed, the filtering has proven to be ineffective. (Two videos of students in Kerman University and Dezfouz Azad University are attached to the newsletter email today.)

--Deutsche Welle: Many analysts and political observers believe that the non-political body of students has joined the student movements this year. Mehdi Mohseni, a former student journalist and active says that current movement's demands are the demands of a large number of people, and so it has attracted a wide range of people and students, and that's why the student movement in body is getting larger.

--Radio farda: In Europe and America, on 16th of Azar, young Iranian protesters and non-Iranians held gatherings in support of the Iranians inside Iran. On come cities, gatherings were held on Sunday and Saturday. In Daft University in Netherlands, a 3-hour program was organized that included attendance by Iranian and non-Iranian scholars, philosophers, and artists. Students in more than 15 universities in United States, 9 universities in Canada, and universities in several European countries including Germany, Britain, Sweden, France and Czech Republic became reflections of the protests of students in Iran in Europe and North America. (A video of rally of Iranian and non-Iranian students in Frankfurt is attached to the newsletter).

News of the Detained, Missing and Martyrs
--BBC: All the 21 people who were arrested in the demonstration of the "mourning mothers" in Park-e-Laleh on Saturday Dec 6th, were released from prison.

--JARAS: Yesterday, Kamran Asa, the brother of the martyr Kyanoush Asa, was arrested in Tehran along with his friend Bijan Rezayi.

Recommendations and Warnings
--Mohsen Sazegara, in his daily video on Tuesday 17th of Azar (December 8th), called the 16th of Azar protests very successful, and said that the movement has reached all of the goals we have planned for this protest, and was able to cover all universities, such that none of the coup government officials dared to give a speech or visit any of the universities. Sazegara also said that the coup supporters had focused their forced in Tehran University, to use that for media coverage, but even there they have not been successful.
-He mentioned the arrest of some plain-cloth forces by the police in Valiasr square, and also the utterance of Green movement slogans by soldiers in one of Ghom city's garrisons, and thus called 16th of Azar the first stage of union of Police to people.
-Sazegara also said that regime's attempts to stop the news of this day from getting out has faced defeat, because the international attention over this day was even larget than that of 13th of Abaan.

--In his Wednesday daily talk, Sazegara considered the following issues:
- He said that the recruiting of thugs and giving them "Ghadir" cards to give them permission to enter universities and confronting the students has been Naghdi's idea, and it shows how low the regime has fallen to have no one else but thugs to ask.
- Sazegara pointed out to the large international reflection of 16th of Azar events, which has been even larger than the reflection about 13th of Aban, and said that some world media has called this day the countdown for the fall of the regime.
- He said first ten days of Muharram month(Islamic calendar) will be the green movement's next big act, because the days before Ashura and Tasua (9th and 10th of Muharram month), green flags of "ya-Hossain" and mourning for the martyrs of the movement, and then on the Ashura and Tasua days, by organizing special routs in different cities for these days' marches, the movement can be taken to the next step.


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