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Monday January 25th, 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 161 - Monday January 25th, 2010                                                                                                                                                              

--Preparation for 22nd of Bahman demonstration and the "ten-day civil residence".
--Holding the 40th day anniversary of the martyrs of Ashoura day, on 16th of Bahman, at the same time az Arba'een day.
--Holding the 40th anniversary of Ayatollah Montazeri on14th of Bahman.
--Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
--Writing slogans on the walls and bills

--SIC: French translation of the Newsletter of Student Information Center will be found at the following URL: 

--Green movement path (Jrs): Zahra Rahnavard (wife of Mr. Mousavi) announced that she does not recognize the government of Ahmadinejad and that they are in an honest pursuit of people's rights. She also added that they live and breathe with the green movement and that despite constant oppression by conservative forces, she has personally always spoken her mind. 

--BBC: In an interview with Fars News Agency in response to the question "Do recognize the Iranian president as legal?" Mr. Mehdi Karrubi said: "There are still problems with it but yes I recognize him as the legal president". His son later explained that mr. Karrubi said so because since the current president is chosen by the supreme leader, then he is the legal president. However he still believes that there were problems with the elections. He added that this announcement was made in the interest of exiting the current crisis. He added that he demands the same things as the people and asks "where are our votes".

-Green movement path (Jrs): The former Iranian representative to Japan has announced that he is disgusted by the recent violence against the people of Iran and this is why he is resigning. He also invited all other foreign ministry workers to follow him and resign from their positions. 

--Call of Green Freedom: Announcements have been made regarding the 40th day anniversary of Ayatollah Montazeri's death. This ceremony will be held in his supporters office in Qom. 

--Radio Farda: An official newspaper in China has accused the United States of interfering and inciting unrest during the post-elections events in Iran by using internet-based channels such as twitter and YouTube. China is a leading country in internet filtering. 

--Jrs: Headquarters officials and chiefs of staff committee of Mir Hossein Mousavi, and members of popular reformist coalition in the city of Lorestan were summoned to information headquarters. They are asked to declare in writing that are sorry that they were supporters of Mr. Mousavi.

--Call of Green Freedom: It appears that the facial-recognition system adopted by the government has not been successful in recognizing covered faces of protesters. Because of this, the authorities have resorted to publishing ads in metro stations and other public spaces to ask for people to identify protesters. 

--Aftab News: Mohsen Rezae central council meeting of Gilan University said: "We have been used to only seeing democracy (people vote) but did not see the protests. In protest, the government should be institutionalized. In other countries the police protect the people instead of confronting them". 

--Green movement path (Jrs): A group of journalists, writers, scholars and activists interested in political issues in Lebanon and Palestine, an open letter addressed to the Hell of Israel positions and his discourses on the green movement strongly criticized the Iranian people. The letter that according to security considerations has not been mentioned their names: "We protest while you are within Mshfqanh that their fate to the fate of this node Jmat selling religion and your account Do not separate them make. Sure great nation of Iran the way vegetables are chosen on for faith help people In this country the rule of God will revive. 

--Green movement path (Jrs): A day before the assassination of Professor Alimohamadi, agents of the ministry, went to his house and confiscated all the documents and pamphlets that he had recorded. He had resigned from the nuclear facilities two weeks earlier. His family had also been threatened regarding the documents that he had.

--Green movement path (Jrs): Human Rights Watch, referring to protests to protest Iranian elections in June declared: "The government response to the crisis is now in the field of human rights violations in that country." One of the senior officials of the organization said: "The systematic and brutal targeting of the critics of the government by security agents serve to silence dissidents and opposition and this is not usual." 

--Green movement path (Jrs): The brother of Majid Tavakoli (student activist) said: Ministry of Information has threatened his in the family. Their mother had been trheatended by agents not to speak with outside media sources. 

--Kalameh: Kouhyar Goudarzi who was in solitary confinement for the last month has been moved to a three-person cell in Evin prison. his charges include acting against the regime and participating in illegal demonstrations. 

--Norooz: Bahareh Hedayat, member of the Office to Foster Unity, was arersted early January. charges against her include participation in Qods day rallies and doing activities for Tahkimeh Vahdat (Foster Unity organization). 

--Green movement path (Jrs): Iranian mothers living in Hamburg Germany gathered this passed Saturday in solidarity with arrested Mourning mothers in Iran. The mothers lit candles in solidarity with their Iranian counterparts. 

Mr. Sazegara released his Sunday video: 
The fact that people pulled their money out of the Iranian National Bank made this bank close down some branches as well as closing down of parts of bazaar of carpet sellers. 

Kurd speaking activists have written a letter where they have expressed the concerns of their people. In addition to non-green related issues, they demand equal rights, rights to their native language, federalism as a way appropriate governance and constitution changes.

A 4th victim was identified that was killed in Kahrizak detention centre. 

A list of companies that showed ads in TV were released to the people. It was asked that people call these companies and ask them to pull their product ads from television otherwise people would refrain from buying their products. 

A survey of people in the four provinces of the Islamic Republic is out. The results of this survey are joined to this newsletter. The survey shows that majority of people agree that the constitution should be changed however they are less clear about which content they want changed. Details are published on Mr. Sazegara's website.

Mr. Sazegara released his Monday video: 

The government had earlier issues a deadline by which all slogan-containing currency should be returned to the bank. However this deadline was post-poned indefinitely. This shows that when people do not obey the authorities orders, the authorities have no choice but to back down and compromise. It is estimated that 80 million copies of currency have been graffitied.   

Many Iranian film artists refused to participate in the annual Iranian film festival. Foreign members also invited also refused this invitation in solidarity with their Iranian counterparts

The events prepared for the 22 Bahman revolution anniversary should be a strong demonstration that people all across Iran are against the current regime and want change. We have to keep the momentum up until then. This issue will be furtehr discussed in upcomign days. 

Textile workers in Kermanstaged a strike and road blockage after the company decided to move to another province. 

Many academics in the medical schools handed in their resignation. This was following the refusal of many artists to participate in the annual film festival.


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