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Wednesday January 20th 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 159 - Wednesday January 20th, 2010                                                                                                                                                              

--Preparation for 22nd of Bahman demonstration and the "ten-day civil residence".
--Holding the 40th day anniversary of the martyrs of Ashoura day, on 16th of Bahman, at the same time az Arba'een day.
--Holding the 40th anniversary of Ayatollah Montazeri on14th of Bahman.
--Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
--Writing slogans on the walls and bills

--RadioFarda: On Tuesday, Mohammad Khatami, referring to the report of the Special Committee of Parliament about the post-election events, called the event an "shameful document  ... of a catastrophe", and said that in this report "many facts are not mentioned. In his speech that was held in front of 50 ex-detainees and political prisoners of the after election events,  Khatami said: " Maybe there has been some considerations that has caused many facts not to be mentioned, but that is enough so that the scare everyone".

--AUT: Majid Tavakoli, a member of Islamic Association of Amirkabir University of Technology, was sentenced  by Branch 15 of Revolutionary Court to eight years and six months of imprisonment, 5 years deprivation of political activity and the 5 year ban from leaving the country.

--AUT: Ali Parviz, a computer engineering student of the University of Khajeh Nasir, was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Ali Parviz's charges included preparation and distribution of movies and photos of student protests, especially students rally to protest to the presence of Saffar Harandi in Khajeh Nasir University, on 10th of Abaan. The other charges listed were working against national security, and planning for 13th of Aban demonstration.. 

--AUT: Mohammad Yousef Rashidi, imprisoned Polytechnic(Amirkabir University) student, is on hunger strike again starting from one week ago. He is protesting against extensions to his temporary arrest, and the uncertainty of his the strike. He informed his family in his latest visit, and said that his strike will continue until his situation is resolved.

--AUT: Disciplinary Committeeof  Imam Khomeini International University of Qazvin, in an unprecedented act, summoned more than 70 students in the university's to the disciplinary committee. Among the students, 10 have been notified of the decision of the committee, and Farzam Moini, Hamed Honarkhah, Seyyed Ruhollah Torabi and Farshid AzarNoush are expelled from the University. Many other are suspended from the university for several terms. 
In Nature magazine piece titled "Iranian academics and Byyshtr fear of terror" to review terror doctor Alimohamadi paid. Referring to this review many contradictions raised by the government raised the risk that his assassination is the Extremist government to show that the assassination of opposition figures Abayy also have outstanding staff. 

--BBC: A group of Iranian women's rights activists released a statement, giving their solutions to the "crisis" of the country. In this statement, signed by Shadi Sadr, Mahboubeh AbbasgholyZadeh, Fariba Davoudi Mohajer and a group of other women's rights activists, 5 solutions are provided. "Cancellation of compulsory hijab, and all discriminatory laws against women", "Elimination of violence against women in all areas", "separation of religion and government, and trial of all officials responsible for the crimes of the last three decades,"  are among the solutions provided. Signatories of this statement believe that: "In the statements that political figures have released after the election, little attention has been given to women, whereas most of the current crisis is related to women's issues." 
--RadioFarda: Mohammad Reza Heidari, former consoler of Iran in Norway, who had resigned following the repression of opposition in Iran,said that he has asked Norway for asylum.
--RadioFarda: "Human Rights Watch", on Wednesday, in its annual report about human rights situation in the world in 2009, announced that the events after the election of 22th of Khordad has been the most widespread government repression in recent decades.
--BBC: Ahmadi Moghaddam, the police commander said: "Olympiad, conferences, and scientific communities, are fishing nets to hunt scientific treasures from developing countries." Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has also pointed out in the past, that education of many humanities disciplines in universities leads to the disbelief is divine and Islamic teachings. 
--BBC: A member of the "campaign to defend the civil and political prisoners", told BBC Persian that the prison sentences for two young men, named Mohammad-Amin Abdollahi and Khadem Mohammad Zadeh, residents of the city of Myrabad Boukan (North West Iran ), who had been charged with cooperating with Kurd opposition parties Iran, has been changed to death by the Urumiyeh court.
--BBC News: Iranian Ministry of Culture banned the movie "reward", by Kamal Tabrizi, due to "non-observance of standards and criteria of value". Hosseini, Minister of Culture said: "When a film and does not meet the criteria of value, it is definitely banned." 
--BBC News: Iran police says that after the publication of general public's appeal to identify some of the protestors of Ashura day in Tehran, 40 of protesters have been identified and arrested. 

--RadioFarda: More than 160 employees of "Peivand Amvaj Darya", are on job strike, starting from Monday. Workers strike in protest to the company's failure to pay two months of their salaries.
--Green Road Movement (JRS): Ehsan Houshmand, Kurdish researcher and sociologist, and a political-social, national-religious activists, was arrested. Security police took him after spending 2 hours in his house for investigation.
--Green Road Movement (JRS): From Monday morning, in some stations in Tehran Metro, Pictures of participants of Ashoura has been distributed, and people have been asked to identify the protesters and call number given in the booklets to give the information to intelligence and police agencies.
--BBC News: Maryam Zandi, famous Iranian photographer, said she has problem getting permission to publish her pictures of 1987 Revolution. She referred to the picture book collection of the revolutionary period, which has been sent to the Culture ministry seven month ago, and said: "This office asked me for a photo censor the photos of the revolution, and I completely disagree with this process."

--Nature magazine published a piece titled "Iranian academics fear more killing", reviewed the assassination of doctor AliMohamadi. Referring to many contradictions raised by the government, the article brings the possibility that the extremist government is behind the assassination, to show that it is not scared of assassinating scientific figures.

--Green Road movement (JRS): A new wave of dismissal of Allameh University professors by mandatory retirement has started. An informed source confirmed this process in Allameh Tabatabaei University, in the economy department. This official whose name was not announced, told ILNA news agency, that the retirement of 12 prominent economics professors of Tabatabai University has been issued.

On his Tuesday and Wednesday videos, Mr. Sazegara pointed out the following:
- He called the court of Ashoura detainees so ridiculous, that even with advertisement and propaganda it wouldn't get any credit.
- He gave news of the gathering of families of political prisoners in front of the office of Tehran Prosecutor.
- He said the cancellation of hosting the Tournament of Islamic Countries in Iran is out of government's fear from people.
- He was concerned about Mr. Yazdi's health in prison, given that he is 79 years old.
- He quoted from the Kuwaiti newspaper "Alsyas·h", that intelligence officials and representatives of parliament are obtaining asylum in several countries, and that 4 Iranian intelligence officers have been refugees to Italy. Sazegara predicted that this trend will accelerate in 22nd of Bahman.

- He announced the results of a survey in 4 provinces in Iran, that showed 76% of the participants are against the Islamic Republic. 8% agree with the system, and 13% agreed with the system but disagreed with Ahmadinejad.
- He refered to confusing speech of Khamenei, and said that confused speech comes from confused mind, and that Khamenei is angry with Hashemi who did not back him.
- He pointed to the heavy sentences announced for students of Qazvin International University, and said students should be united and protest strongly until their friends are free
- He said newsletter for 22nd of Bahman should be distributed.
- He said that Iran's nuclear case has reached where the probability of serious sanctions are high, and this will cause serious problems for the coup government.


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