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Monday March 8th, 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 181 - Monday March 8th, 2010

SIC celebrates International Women's day.  

-- Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
-- Allah o Akbar during the nights
-- Writing slogans on the walls and bills
-- Visiting resting place of the green movement martyrs in Beheshte Zahra (the cemetery) on the last Thursday of the year
-- Being out in the streets on Thursdays

--Radio Zamaneh: On the occasion of International Women's Day, a meeting entitled " Green Gathering of Women in Iran" was held yesterday where members announced their support for the green movement despite the ongoing oppression. They added that the women's rights movement will continue to fight along teh people for their common causes but it also continues to pursue the goals of its own movement.

--Radio Zamaneh: Mehdi Karroubi has asked the Islamic judicial authorities to cancel the death penalty for Mohamad Amin Valyan, a student activist of the University of Damghan. He added that this sentence was an international embarrassment for Iran. 

--Deutsche Welle: Guard Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei, as well as a leading figure for the Revolutionary Guards stated that Iranian Universities were practically void of supporters of the supreme leader. He admitted that it was time to face reality adn reconcile with people who think differently than himself. 

--Deutsche Welle: German Interior Ministry spokesman expressed concerns regarding human rights violations in Iran. He added that as an act of solidarity, Germany would be granting asylum to those Iranians with legitimate reasons.

--Radio Zamaneh: Morteza Tamadon, Governor of Tehran, claimed that police forces never entered University dorms in Tehran last summer. This is despite BBC footage of security guards beating students at night time. additionally, parliament members stated last summer that the police invasion of the dorms had a permit. 

--Reuters: General David Petraeus, Commander of American forces in the Middle East and Central Asia, said the Islamic Republic government is turning into a warlord government by oppressing its own people. Regarding the nuclear issue he added that: "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been the best recruiter for us." 

--Deutsche Welle: Simin Behbahani, a renowned Iranian poet, was barred from leaving the country as she was boarding a plane to France. She was invited to Paris to give a speech on the current status of women's rights in Iran. 

--Jrs: A group of students from Tehran's Azad University released a statement condemning the tense and high security atmosphere of the school. they also expressed their defiance of the current situation and called on the people to defy the oppressors. They urged all to use the New Years traditions as an opportunity to express their solidarity with each other and deliver a blow to the dictatorship. 

-- Jrs: Students from Babol university gathered at a rally to bid farewell to two students who were sentenced to imprisonment after the recent unrest. They sang songs and chanted "student prisoners must be freed" in solidarity with their fellow students.

--BBC News: America Treasury Department who supports sanctions against Iran, Cuba and Sudan stated that Internet transmission technologies were essential for supporting the Iranian freedom movement and as shown in Iran, these networks are a powerful tool. 

Keyword: On the sixty-seventh anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Student Association held at Tehran University, their representative stated: "The green movement looks to be recognized and not humiltated. The movement wants to be involved in its own destiny as granted by the constitution. They added that Islam was being used as tool and an excuse for lies, deception and hypocrisy. 

--Jrs: Amad Bahavar, a political activist and member of the Youth Freedom Movement was arrested for the 3rd time since the elections. He was released after a few days. He spent two months in prison immediately after the elections. 

--Kalameh: Majid Tavakoli, The student activist who was arrested a few months ago still remains in prison. He has been in solitary confinement for the past 5 weeks. He is the student who's arrest sparked the head-scarf support movement.
--Kalameh: Mohamad Saleh Noghrehkaar, the nephew of Zahra Rahnavard was released last night on 200 million toomans (200000$) bail after 26 days in jail. 

--Jrs: eyewitnesses and news media, report that nightly rallies in front of Evin prison are gathering strength. The numbers of family members who present themselves there are increasing and several prisoners have been released to date. 

--Kalameh: Mohamad Olayifar, a lawyer who previously represented those arrested in post-election unrest was himself arrested. He had previously complained against the arrest of otehr activists.

Mr. Sazegara highlights the following in his Sunday and Monday video:
-Many women remain imprisoned in Iran on this International Women's day. 
-Zahra Rahnavard has released a statement reagrding International Women's day. Here she highlighted the important role of women in the past 120 years in Iran.
-Iran's Judicial representative reported a large embezzlement claim which might also involve Ahmadinejad's top adviser, Mr. Mashai. 
-It has now been 24 months that some workers have not received their wages. 
-It appears that the people will use the new years as an opportunity to express their anger and fight the oppressors using the traditions of Norooz.

An analytical article has been published by Amad Bahavar in Rooz Online. In this article, he discusses that the source of tension in recent Iranian politics stems from the problem of Supreme Leadership. In order to guarantee the selection of the son of Khamenei, Mojtaba, certain moves had to be made. The election of Ahmadinejad has been instrumental in this regard, during his first term, he curbed civil rights developments. His second election was well-planned and it was intended to eliminate other politicians such as supporters of Mr. Hashemi. The regime did not predict such a long and exhausting fight put up by the people. They predicted some unrest and thought that it would die down shortly after. However, the Green movement is not limited to the streets and hence cannot be oppressed that easily. In fact, according to the author, it has already done its damage and has achieved many of its goals.


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