Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Former Basij Member makes Confessions about Election Abuse

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SIC- Wednesday December 16, 2009:
In an interview with Lindsey Hilsum from UK Channel 4 News, a former member of Iranian Basij militia, called with the nickname Seyyed to maintain anonymity, recalls orders that Basij members had received months before June Presidential Elections regarding disputing the ballots, commands to apply violent attacks and oppression against protesters, and scenes he witnessed regarding sexual assault to young men arrested during post-election protests. The complete transcript of this interview along with two videos from the Channel 4 News excerpt and Seyyed's remarks can be viewed at

Farsi translation from RoozOnline:

German translation of Channel 4's interview:

You can also view remarks of this fomer basij member in Farsi and download them via the following direct links from Keep-tube.

Anonymous Basij member recalls Election Abuse (Farsi), Part 1
Download Link:

Anonymous Basij member recalls Election Abuse (Farsi), Part 2
Download Link:


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