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Wednesday December 16th 2009

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Newsletter Issue 144 - Wednesday December 16th, 2009                                                                                                                                                              

With regard to attending Friday's demonstration, we should wait for official statements from Mousavi, Karrubi, or Khatami.
Start organizing and preparing for demonstrations during the initial days of Moharram month.
Preparation for attending Tasoua and Ashoura marches


--Official Website of the Assembly of Clergymen Fighters: Clergymen Assembly Fighters, published a statement with regard to the approach of Muharram month and the country's situation. The statement says: Moharram and Ashura has come with this message, that if you can't break the unjust sword with sword, drawn the sword players in your blood and destroy them, and this is the victory of blood over sword. (Full text of the statement will be attached to the newsletter)

--Parlmannews: Majid Ansari, spokesman for Assembly of Clergymen Fighters, announced that a request on behalf of this assembly, for permission for a demonstration has been submitted to governor's office and the Interior Ministry.

--Radio Farda: Mohammad Taqi Karrubi, Karroubi's son, said that Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Karrubi have submitted a joint request to the office of Tehran Governor on Wednesday morning, and have demanded for a demonstration to protest against the "desecration" of Ayatollah Khomeini. If a permission arrives, the time, date and place of the demonstration will be announced.

--Parlmannews: Governor of Tehran with regard to the request of some groups and political parties about holding protest demonstrations said: Islamic Development Council has already invited all groups and political parties to Friday's march, so there is no need for separate demonstrations. Various groups who talk about respecting Imam should better participate in the march on Friday and declare their allegiance to Imam in that way.

 --the Green Path Movement (JRS): The Facebook Pages of supporters of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, and the Green Revolution group released a joint statement, urging people to gather in front of the main gates of  Tehran University on Friday. On the other hand, Majid Ansari, a member of the Assembly of Clergymen Fighters announced that he hope permission for an independent demonstration is received by this assembly.

--Radio Farda: Sadegh Larijani, the head of the Judiciary said the Judiciary system has "enough" proof against those whom he called "Heads of the Disruption". He added: Going easy and tolerance doesn't mean the officers do not know.

--Radio Farda: Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani's office, in a statement, criticized the distortion of Mr Hashemi's speech in Mashhad by some media, and reacted to the statements of Minister of Intelligence, saying: The Minister of Intelligence, by referring to a sentence that was not uttered by my Hashemi, intentionally or unintentionally has distributed false news.
--BBC: Following the severe attack of Mohammad Yazdi to Mehdi Karroubi, the reformist cleric said in a letter that Mr. Yazdi is better resign from his important governmental responsibilities. Mohammad Yazdi on Monday, has told a group of religious advertisers in Qom city had attacked the opposition, and had announced that " the system is not joking with anyone", and will not let anyone stand against it. Mr. Karroubi addressed Mr. Yazdi, that he speaks out of "ignorance", and that his sources are giving him misinformation, such that it has caused this "illusion" for him, that the the current political atmosphere in society and the past events have been humorous.
--Tabnak: Hashemi Rafsanjani replied to Mohammad Yazdi's offensive speech and said: It has been years that my answer to Mr. Yazdi has been that I will pray for his health, and I will send regards. Unfortunately, due to physical problems, he sometimes gets too anger and rushes into speaking. There are also people who wish to gain fame by insulting others, and the answer to these people is silence and prayer for their guidance.

--Parlmannews: Mohammad Khatami, the head of Baraan foundation, criticized the lack of tolerance in the country and said: Despite the fact that Baraan foundation operates within the law, it is facing peoblems and limitations. Including the fact that after 4 years, the Institute still has not received permission to start a research center. Khatami pointed to the history of foundations such as Baraan in the world, and said that: "These Institutes are either established by wealthy individuals, or the famous scientific, political, ... figures invite owners of companies for sponsorship and support.. "

--BBC News: Rasaayi, on of the pro-Ahmadinejad parliament representatives said that soon, the new bill for investigation of the Institute of collection and publication of Ayatollah Khomeini's works will be soon introduced. He has said that this institute has a budget of 10 billion Tomans each year, but "in critical times, has not been able to defend the ideas of Imam properly." The institute is run under the supervision of Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini. Thus it seems that government supporters attack to the institution and family of the founder of the Islamic Republic is moving from talking stage to action.
--Radio Zamaneh: Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, the Shiite Grand Ayatollah in Qom said: At the beginning of the after election events, people's demand was the cancellation of election results, but following the "violent and repressive" reaction of the regime, people have increased their demands and are now targeting the and institutions that were "performers, authorities and the supporters of the repression".

--BBC News: Saeed Mortazavi, the country's deputy prosecutor, was assigned as the head by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the president of the Headquarters for Combating Trafficking of Bills and Goods. He will keep his previous title as the deputy prosecutor.

--Radio Farda: Public and Revolutionary Court of Tehran, announced the managing directors of two news agencies of JahanNews, and Alef, guilty of insulting the president. Both of these websites are part of the conservative party, and in the past few months had been critical of the supporters of the green movement.

--Green Path Movement (JRS): Jomhouri Eslami newspaper, in its special news column, gave report of $17 billion being lost in the budget of year 1387(2008). The newspaper reports: News from the Supreme Audit Court says that the initial reports indicate about $17 billion difference in the amount received from selling gas and condensate gas, natural gas liquids and oil products, compared to the amount that was reported to be deposited to the Treasury. In other words, according to the report about 17 billion dollars of foreign exchange from export of the above is not paid to the treasury account. The difference in years 1385(2006) and 86(2007) has been reported respectively, to be 10 billion dollars, and 1 billion dollars.

--Deutsche Welle: According to the Governor of Tehran, in the days of Tasooa and Ashura the police presence will be stronger in the city. He said this move is to maintain the security and peace for the citizens. It is said that "Helpers of the Police" will start their work to protect the security.

--Shirin Ebadi, published a letter to accompany the wave of men who had dressed in female clothes in defense of Majid Tavakoli. The letter says: With your symbolic move, not only you defended your imprisoned friend, but you have also defended "women". By this symbolic move you showed that you are against discriminating laws."

University News 

--Radio Zamaneh: 8 days after the Student day in Iran, some universities still witness demonstrations on Tuesday, to protest against the disrespect showed towards the founder of the Islamic Republic. In Kemanshah Razi University,Basiji's who had been brought to the university from across Kermanshah city attacked the students. Qom University was another university that witnessed the protest rally. Gathering which was held by the pro-government in Qom University, remained unfinished due to the widespread protests of the supporters of the green movement.
--Norouz: The project of signature collection for the resignation of Farhad Rahbar, the government-assigned chair of Tehran University started today, at the School of Law and Political Sciences. The plan is to install a the petition at most departments in Tehran University, each for two days, and the students will leave their signatures on it. The cases raised in the petition of Farhad Rahbar are: examination of the charges against him and his incompetence during the 16th and  17th of Azar Tevents, and the immediate release of students who has been illegal detained. This plan has started from Tuesday morning(24th of Azar) and is anticipated to last for 10 days.
--Norouz: Students arrested in 16th of Azar and days after it and are still being detained are under pressure for false confessions about tearing Imam Khomeini's picture. Different sources say a number of students are detained in solitary confinement in Evin prison in 240th part, and are under pressure to confess.

News of the Detained, Missing and Martyrs 

Kalameh: Mostafa Tajzadh said that the reason for his lack of defense in court is to protest to the lack of court to deal with his claim against Ahmad Jannati. He said: If ten years ago, Mr Jannati's violation of the law was followed up, and the same court that's being held for me today was held for him then, we wouldn't see such serious problems in the country.

Recommendations and Warnings

Mohsen Sazegara mentioned the followings in his Tuesday speech:

- Referring to the confidential bulletin of the Cultural Department of Armed Forces, he said that their report talks about leaking of information from inside to outside, and also mentions the union of some of the intelligence heads with the green movement, and this is a good news and shows in all layers are accompanying the movement.

- He said after the tearing of Khamenei's image on 13th of Aban, now the coup government wants to use Khomeini's image as mean to divide the movement. He said we should remember, Khomeini is not our main concern right now and we should stand united against Khamenei and the coup government.

He said the axis of the Muharram activities are
- saying Allah Akbar on the roof every of night from the first night of Muharram until Ashura(10th of Muharram).
- Using Suitable slogans like: "Khamenei is Yazid - Yazid is done for" or "Ya Hussein - Mir-Hossein".
- Using the green flag at all events 
- Mr. Mousavi and Karrubi's travelings to different cities in Muharram
- A big united demonstration on days of Tasooa and Ashura. 
- Invitation of Revolutionary Guards and the Army to join people and the green movement 

Sazegara announced the following in his Wednesday speech:

- He mentioned the gatherings of students in universities, and said protest and police involvement still continues.

- About Friday's demonstration, he mentioned Mousavi and Karrubi's attempts to get permission for an independent ralley, and said that before those two individuals invite people, there's no need to attend the ralley, and instead we can get report of the government's actions when they try to get people to attend, giving them money or bringing buses for them.

- He said that in one of the meetings of Security Council of the country Ahmadinejad had said that the green movement is dead, and right away some members have protested that this is not the case, and that the distance between regime and people have increased, and the weak welcome Ahmadinejad is receiving in his travels to small cities is an evidence to that.


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