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Monday February 1st 2010 Newsletter

Student Information Center (SIC)

Newsletter Issue 164 - Monday February 1st, 2010                                                                                                                                                              

--Preparation for 22nd of Bahman demonstration and the "ten-day civil residence". 
--Holding the 40th day anniversary of the martyrs of Ashoura day, on 16th of Bahman, at the same time az Arba'een day. 
--Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
--Allah o Akbar during the nights until 11th of February
--Writing slogans on the walls and bills

--BBC: On Sunday 11th of Bahman (January 31st) Mohammad Khatami (one of the green leaders) met with members of the Central Council and warned them that the supreme leader is showing signs of bias towards a certain political group and that it is important the leader should still act within the boundaries of the constitution since he is the leader of all Iranians. Regarding rumors that Khatami had written a letter to the supreme leader. He added:" these are rumors propagated to discourage the people and make them think that their leaders have turned their back on them".

--Radio Farda: On Sunday, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran issued a statement pointing to the last announcement made by the court which stated that it had sentenced 16 of those detained after the Ashura unrest. The human rights watch group said that these 16 individuals were selected from different political groups to send warning to those groups to seize their activities. 

--BBC: Tehran Prosecutor's Office released a statement announcing the charges against Arash Rahmani and Mohammad Ali who were executed were not related to their participation in recent protests. This is in contrast to recent announcements by the same office who stated these the two individuals mentioned along with 11 other individuals have been sentenced to death because of participation in protests (such as Ashura day). 

--Kalameh: Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Hassan Khomeini (Son of late Imam Khomeini) was present at his fathers shrine among other supporters however, when Ahmadinejad came to give his speech, he left the vicinities immediately and went to visit the family of Dr. Beheshti (renounced supporter of reformists). Furthermore, Mr. Khomeini was not present at the ceremonies commemorating his fatehr's return to Iran. 

--Radio Farda: It has been reported that a of middle managers in the industry were arrested in the days following Ashura. they were accused of espionage. Previously consultants of Mr. Mousavi were also detained based on the similar charges. 

--Call of Green Freedom: Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Chairman of Human Rights Defenders, addressed an open letter to the Iranian people and asked them to stand united against violence and injustice. In a separate section she also addressed the regime leaders as well as Sepah members (revolutionary guard). She asked them to obey the will of the people who are their defenseless brothers and sisters. 

--"Where is my vote" website: On Sunday, a group of Iranian-French protesters went to the Iranian embassy in Neauphle le Chateau where Iranian authorities were gathered. They shouted slogans protesting the recent violence in Iran. The embassy workers and guests got angry and threw stones at the green protesters as well as physically threatening them. The Iranian ambassador himself who attempted to be physically violent was controlled by the French police. 

--BBC: The Iranian police released a statement announcing that the Iranian forces are ready to their full capacity to be alert during 22nd of Bahman ceremonies and that they will not let the ceremonies get disturbed by "trouble makers".

--Path of Green Movement (Jrs): The state news agency IRNA has changed its logo which used to be the Iranian flag to a new logo which has excluded the color green. Recent ceremonies also showed pictures of the flag where the color green was changed to blue. 

--Deutche Welle: 82 intellectuals living abroad, released a statement condemning violence. The statement asked the people to show their solidarity and show that Execution cannot stop them from coming to the streets in defense of democracy. 

--SIC: a video of centennial celebrations in the city of Yazd shows that the celebrations were filled with Green supporters who sang counter-government songs. A short video is attached to this newsletter.

--Call of Green Freedom: Mr. Khalaji was released on bail along with other political prisoners last night. No information is yet available on his charges or his court hearing date. 

--Path of Green Movement (Jrs): Morteza Samiary member of Tahkim Vahdat Central Council who is under arrest was under immense pressure to confess. In court, in defense of the green movement he stated that thoughts and opinions should not be prosecuted in the court. He also added that his interrogator and other security forces are putting pressure on him. For example, they have instructed him to speak in the court in a manner that would leave an impression on listeners at home. 

Path of Green Movement (Jrs): Mohammad Ali Rafiee a political secretary of the Islamic Association of Law and Political Sciences at Tehran University was arrested Monday night by security forces. At the same time some families of arrested students report that they are udner severe pressure to confess on the televised news broadcast. 

JRS website published an interview with Ebrahim Nabavi called "Trojan horses at Azadi Square". This article makes a few recommendations for the 22 Bahman protests:
- "... I suggest we assume a model such as Trojan War. We all go to a specific location and a specific time without showing our true intentions at first. Once we arrive, we all take out our green scarves and bands and this way we can identify ourselves. This helps the greens find each other quickly and direct the slogans that they want to shout ...." 
-"... An insurgency is not necessary. The presence of vast and green crowds is enough to confuse the speaker and take over the streets. Remember that you do not intend to take over the media or the city, you just want to show your large presence to each other and the authorities. So even though you feel like moving toward revolution, stay calmed and don't get too excited ...." 
-"... Our strategy is a psychological warfare, not a street war. We can prove our majority and that our votes were stolen (by showing our presence). After the protests sent photos and writings to other independent media sources"
He finished by saying: " We have entered a great war for freedom. The people look to us, we are the people. The Basij wear plain clothes and have a thousand faces so we must hide our faces from them. We must come gently like a fog, or a breeze and then take them like a storm, a green storm".

Mr. Sazegara referred to the following in his Sunday video: 
2000 family members of those detained in Evin prison gathered there last night until late into the night until some prisoners were released. Mourning motehr also gather in different parks and this has exhausted the regime. 
There are also indications that the regime fears that millions will come out on 22 Bahman. In which case they might try to appease the people by removing Ahmadinejad. In summary the presence people on 22 Bahman is critical for showing the regime that their violence has been futile. 

Mr. Sazegara referred to the following in his Monday video: 
1 - Hunger strikes and protests continue at Steel Alborz Tire company. These are the first strikes seen at Ministry of Oil. 
2 - In an Interview, A. Islami, the resigned consulate in Japan, confessed that most individuals working for the Iranian embassy in Japan were Green sympathizers. 
3 - ABD company as well as other swedish companies cut their business ties with Iran. This is similar to Siemens company. 
4 - 40 arrested individuals were released after incessant nightly protests. More protests of this kind must be organized so that the other 4000 arrested activists be released. 
6 - He also commented on the distribution of nightly newsletters inviting all to join 22 Bahman protests
7 - If you live in the provinces and it is mroe dangerous to come and protest on 22 Bahman, you should come to Tehran. 
8- Khamenei and his family are about to be moved from their usual dueling to a more secure and secret location.


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