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Wednesday February 3rd 2010 Newsletter

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Newsletter Issue 165 - Wednesday February 3rd, 2010                                                                                                                                                              

--Preparation for 22nd of Bahman demonstration and the "ten-day civil residence". 
--Holding the 40th day anniversary of the martyrs of Ashoura day, on 16th of Bahman, at the same time az Arba'een day. 
--Efforts focused at increasing non-violent civil disobedience in the society.
--Allah o Akbar during the nights until 11th of February
--Writing slogans on the walls and bills


--BBC News: Mir Hossein Mousavi in an interviews with Kalameh website, criticized the judicial authorities and warned against the rise of tyranny and said: "the first years after the revolution, the Iranian people, including himself, were convinced that all of the factors that can lead to tyranny and dictatorship had gone away, but he added that currently, he does not believe so." He explained his view that the "closed press and media space and filling of prisons and the cruel killing of people in the streets, people who had peacefully asked for the respect to their rights, indicates the presence of remaining roots of tyranny and dictatorship remaining after the Imperial regime of Shah." He accused the judicial system of lawlessness and adherence to political goals, and said that people have noticed that the "arrests and executions are political and in conflict with the constitution and common law", and added that "with trivial trades, and without observing the law, a number of people will be sentenced to the death, only so that a cruel Friday Imam who has always defended discrimination and violence, says bravo to the judiciary." Full text of the interview with Mr. Mousavi is attached to the newsletter.

--Radio Farda: Mehdi Karrubi opposition leaders in Iran issued a new statement to express guidelines to move out of political crisis, and said: "People know well, and officials should also know that the solution to the problem after the election is neither erasing the issue, nor killing and torture." In this statement which was published on Wednesday, he said that the Iranian people whom he considers the "owners of the revolution" are in the difficult conditions these days, and added: "repression, detention and mass imprisonment of journalists and political activists and students, artificial courts, executions, and heavy penalties and applying heavy security conditions are not solutions for the current crisis." He called the only solution to the crisis to be "accepting nation's words, and recognizing their rights". This statement is published in the newsletter as an attachment.

--BBC News: Joe Biden, vice president of America while defending the government's actions against Iran, said "the Islamic Republic is planting its own destruction by suppress protestors". He emphasized that the behavior of Iranian officials have put their moral validity under question.
--BBC News: Reform Front Coordination Council published an statement, announcing that they will attend the 22nd of Bahman rallies with green symbol, to show that "the green movement, has the political awareness and ability, and rejects violence, respects the national and religious values, and along with all these, demands the implementation of the constitution." 

--JRS: From the beginning of this week, in an unprecedented case, the Security forces put the city under security control. According to observations in Tehran, from Saturday, special unit are moved in large streets and crowded squares in Tehran. 
--Radio Farda: Report received from the city of Laar indicate that a group of people had ggatherd in front of the governor office to protest against the change of status of the village of "Gerash" into town, and the police attace attacked the protesters. They had been saying slogans against Ahmadinejad's government, and in support of Mir Hossein Mousavi.
--BBC News: Iranian Revolutionary Guards has called 22nd of Bahman to be the deadline for the leaders of the opposition movement to give up. In the morning issue of Sadegh newspaper, a previously unknown bulletin declared: "It seems the deadline of the nation and the Islamic republic for the leaders of opposition has come, to separate their path from anti-revolution groups". 
--BBC News: National Trust Party announced that Bahman 14 (February 3), they are ready for a televised debate. Rahmatollah Bigdeli, a central committee member of the National Trust Party said in an interview with this party's news site, SahamNews, that after a meeting with Mahdi Karroubi, the Secretary of the party, the party has decided to participate in the televised debates.

--JRS: A week after the execution of two people, convicted in unrest after the election, Ebrahim Raisi, Vice Judiciary, said that "the other 9 people will be executed soon." According to him, these people "attended the protests with motivation of overthrowing the system." About case of "children of Hashemi Rafsanjani", he also said that the case has been referred to the Tehran Prosecutor's Office, and will be processed in its own time. 
--Radio farda: On wednesday, a student was sentenced with "Moharebe"(war declaration) after being arrested in "Ashura" day. Fourteen arrestees were tried by judge Abolghasem Salavati in that session. The student of Damghan university, 20 years old, was charged with "delaration of war", "corrupting the society","colluding against national security", "propaganda against the Islamic Republic",and "insulting regime officials". 

--JRS: Head of Forensic Medicine said: The cause of the death of the Kahrizak doctor was drug toxicity, but whether he murdered or has committed suicide, is not known. Ramin PourAndarjany, the Kahrizak doctor had been killed in a room in the hospital of the Tehran police. Authorities responsible, said at first that heart attack was the cause of his death at first, but the story changed to him commiting suiside later on.

--Kalameh: Few days before, 22nd of Bahman, Internet service is cut off in some cities, and is very slow in other cities. On Monday, eastern provences and Mashhad did not have internet. Kermanshah in the west, Tehan, and several cities in the north also report disturbence in the Internet service since Monday.
--JRS: Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, a prominent Iranian director, gave her award won in the "World Heritage Cinema" Film Festival to the mothers of the victims of the after election events.
--Radio Farda: A group of journalists in Zanjan, released a statement demanding the release of Ali Ashraf Fathi. Ali Ashraf Fathi,is a students in Qom religious school, and the and author of Touraj weblog. He was arrested while attending the fortieth-day anniversary of Ayatollah Montazeri in Qom city.

--AUT: Mohammad-Ali Rafiee, a member of Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in Tehran University, Hamid Yahavi, MSc student of political science at Tehran University, and Ismail Yazdi-Khah were were arrested Tuesday. Vahid Abedini, a member of the founding members of Tehran University Staff was also arrested. 

--AUT: Mohammad-Ali Rafiee, a member of Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in Tehran University, Hamid Yahavi, MSc student of political science at Tehran University, and Ismail Yazdi-Khah were were arrested Tuesday. Vahid Abedini, a member of the founding members of Tehran University Staff was also arrested. 
--Parleman News: Niloofar Lari poor, poet and journalist for magazine "chandelier" was summoned to the intelligence ministry.

--Human rights activists: Nazanin Farzan-Jou of human rights activists in Karaj, and Mohammad-Ali Islam-Pour, Chief Editor of "Navaye Vaght" were arrested in Kermanshah. "Navaye vaght" magazine supported Mir Hossein Mousavi before the election. 

--BBC News: Keyvan Samimi, manager of monthly paper "Nameh", a member of central council to defend press freedom, and of political figures close to the national-religious forces, who was arrested one day after the election sentenced to six years of imprisonment and permanent deprivation of political activity right.
--JRS: Javad MaherZadeh the writer and journalist was sentenced to four years of imprisonment. He was arrested in early November. 
--BBC News: Ali Reza Saghafi, a member of the Writers and the defendent of rights of workers was arrested after being summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence. Reza Khandan, another member of the Writers Association, was also arrested a few days ago. 
--JRS: ANA chief of staff reading free citizen Mehdi Karroubi in Kohgilouyeh and Boyer, Nazanin Hasan Ghasemi Sahar race of this, female students at Tehran University and Kaveh Kermanshahi Ghasemi, human rights activists were arrested Wednesday in Kermanshah. 
--Nowruz: The lawyer of Ahmad Zeidabadi and Masoud Bastani, objected to the transfering of his clients from Evin prison to a prison in Karaj.
--Parleman News: Daughter of Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti said that she is "deeply concerned about his brother, Ali Beheshti's health status."
Mr. Sazegara mentioned the followings in his Tuseday and Wednesday videos.
-He said 22nd of Bahman is a show off battle between Mousavi and Karrubi on one side and KHamenei on the other.
-He said 200 foreign journalists are invited to be located on the northen side of Azadi square, so there won't be too many violence.
-He said the roads to Azadi will probably be closed, and everyone should go through the assigned roads but he said people should bring their green symbols.
-He said a suggestion is to walk from Azadi to Evin prison to show support and protest to the arrests and sentences.
- He suggested people from small cities who can be identified in their own cities to come to Tehran for 22nd of Bahman.
-Again he asked for non-violence.
-He praised Mousavi's latest interview, and said Mousavi's sentence that says that the green movement's leaders are people is very important.
-He reminded that the family's gathering in front of Evin is important, and the release of the prisoners are important demands of the movement.


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