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Friday Agust 14th, 2009

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Friday August 14th, 2009

-- Tomorrow, the greens human chain of bloggers and on Monday, the demonstration of green supporters of E'temad-e-melli will be held.


--BBC: In an unprecedented move, Friday prayer imams in several big Iranian cities called for Mehdi Karroubi's trial following his request to pursue the rape claims in Iranian jails.  The imams in Tehran, Qom, and Mashhad called Karroubi's letter to Hashemi a series of "false allegations" and "lies" in their August 14 sermons, and asked that he be punished.

--Saham News: Referring to a declaration distributed (reportedly by Ansar-e Hezbollah) in today's Friday prayer and in some news websites which asks Etemad-e Melli [the newspaper of Karroubi's party] critiques to gather in front of the said daily's headquarters on Saturday, Karroubi said they looked forward to this gathering and asked his supporters to do the same thing on Monday.  Etemad-e Melli [National Trust] party's secretary-general added they would hear out any suggestions and criticisms.  He asked the newspaper's supporters not to go to the headquarters on Saturday so that they can listen to the opposite views in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.  Karroubi said he, along with his supportes, would go to the daily's headquarters at 4pm, Monday, as a sign of support and gratitude towards its employees as well as to communicate comments and suggestions to them.  He warned the propagandists and warmongers in the end that they should follow the path of positive interaction, and lest they think pressure, threats, or defamation may prevent him from defending people's rights.  "I will not take a single step back," he said.

--BBC: Yadollah Javani, head of Sepah [IRGC: Islamic Revolution Guards Corps] Political Bureau, said in a meeting with the clergies from Defense Ministry's Beliefs and Political Organization (Aqidati-siasi) that Mir Hossein Mousavi has to be tried in a court of law.

--Radio Farda: The "Nowrooz" website, associated with the Jebheye Mosharekat ,  reports that the National Security Council of Iran discussed a plan to arrest Mir Hossein Mussavi and 10 other reformist leaders. This plan is proposed and backed by AhmadiNejad and is sent to the  National Security Council of Iran. Based on this report,  the plan suggests that Mousavi and 10 other leaders of reforms in Iran should be arrested or  the protests won't end. According to "Nowrooz" website, the list includes Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karrubi, Mohsen Alviri, Mohammad Reza  Khatami , one of Hashemi Rafsanjani's  sons or daughters and a number of others. "Nowrooz" also adds that some members of the National Security Council disagreed with the plan because of the consequences of such  arrests and Ayatollah Khamenei has said that this plan will make the regime fall.

--BBC: The inauguration ceremony of the new head of judicial system of Iran that was scheduled to happen tomorrow (Saturday, August 15), was postponed. Sadegh Larijani, was supposed to succeed, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi who was officially appointed by Ayatollah Khamenei as the head of the judicial system for a period of 10 years till August 14, 2009. 
"Nowrooz news" website quoted an informed source in Tehran: "Mr Larijani had asked for an investigation into the issue of the political prisoners arrested in the protests after the election. This has not been done so far and so the inauguration is delayed until the release of the official report." Based on latest news by Radio Farda, this ceremony has been postponed to Monday because the religious leaders are traveling and could not attend the ceremony on Saturday. 

--Radio Farda: France's ambassador to Iran on Friday visited a young French academic in the Tehran prison where she is being held on spying charges, the foreign ministry said here. "He explained to her that the French authorities are doing all they can to obtain her release as soon as possible," a spokesman said. The visit was ambassador Bernard Poletti's second trip to Evin prison to see Clotide Reiss, who was among at least 110 defendants tried last week on charges related to huge post-election protests across Iran.


-- Mohammad Hashemi, the brother of Akbar Hashemi, in an interview with ILNA, in addition to pointing out the deep rift in the society after election also mentioned that the 9th administration failed to garner the acceptability of Messrs. Moussavi, Hashemi and Khatami. He also pointed out the efforts to marginalize the chairman of the Expediency Council in an effort to abolish the "republican" side of the government and reach an ideal regime for the coup members. He also highlighted the public's lack of trust and the fact that imprisonment, violence and show trials cannot alleviate the problem. He also talked about the inauguration ceremony and how the regime transformed the capital to an army garrison for this event. He believed that if they continue in this path, they'll have to pay a high price. This member of the Expediency Council also talked about the prisoners and how no information is available about their physical and mental conditions. For example, he said, "Mr. Attrianfar emphasized on the conditions of his imprisonment in realizing the fallacy of the rumor that the election was rigged. But the question is how did he come to this conclusion in the prison? For this you need access to documents.


-- Mohsen Sazegara published his August 14th video. Regarding the activists in small towns, who are afraid of being identified by the agents, he said that they can engage in certain activities such as demonstrations at night or graffiti. He also talked about the potential dangers of using "Iran Cell" cell phones for political activities for the fear of being traced (a possible sign is repeated problems in connections). In these cases, he said, instead of removing the battery, give your cell phone to an inactive member of your family for a while.


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