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Newsletter for Monday July 20th 2009

Student Information Center

Monday July 19th, 2009

--A widely published request has been broadcasted in many social networks that support the green movement calling on people to plug their electrical appliances on Tuesday, July 21st at 21:00 sharp as a peaceful protest against the regime. 
--Twenty six of Iranian intellectuals are planning a three-day hunger strike, starting July 22, in front of the UN building in New York city.
--The "mourning mothers committee", invited all the women in the world to wear black and gather in a park in their cities at 7-8pm on Saturdays.

--BBC: Mohammad Kamrani, an 18 year old youngster who was arrested on July 8th demonstrations, has died on July 15th due to multiple lacerations and injuries. It is not known whether the wounds were inflicted during the demonstrations or later on in prison. One of his relatives has told BBC that Mohammad was arrested on July 8th somewhere in the vicinity of Valiasr sq.

--Ghalam: Mir Hossein Moussavi, while visiting the families of the detainees, said, "a nation is reborn has come out to defend its achievements. One cannot end this through mass arrests and file cooking". With respect to the ruling administration, he said: "a government that is formed in an atmosphere of distrust will be a weak administration and because it lacks public backing and legitimacy, it will repeatedly give privillleges to foreign governments and this will not benefit the country". Regarding the role of Radio/Television Agency, he said: "what we observed from the agency after the election is unbelievable, they have detained the stones and released the dogs. Some analysts are invited to make stories based on lies; whereas, 13 million people according to them and the majority according to us lack the right to stand up for themselves". The complete text of this statement is attached.
--BBC: Ayatollah Khamenei, in a speech given today condemned any attempt that calls for a continuation of the protests and said, "anyone, regardless of his rank, who wants to destablize the society is hated by the people". He also added, "the elite should be aware, because they are now facing a great test and being unsuccessful in this test does not only result in a simple failure but would rather end in their demise". He continued, "everyone should be careful with his/her words and action, even refraining from stating certain things. Because not saying those things that should be stated is failing to do ones responsibility and saying things that shouldn't be stated is aginst ones responsilibity".
--Salam News: Mehdi Karoubi in a direct criticism of the atmosphere installed after the elections said, "as part of this government, I am utterly ashmed by these lies". He added, "those who fired at unarmed civilians now claim that other are responsible for the killings".
--Salam News: Hassan Khomeni, the grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini, who was pressured to take part in the presidential inauguration has travelled to one of the neighboring countries. During the past weeks, he has been significantly pressured to attend the inauguration and this is why he has moved to another country for the time being.
--Mowj-e-sabz: On saturday, plain clothes forces arrested Dr. Hassan Sheikh Aghaie, the renowned journalist/cartoonist, in Mahabad. He used to work in Moussavi's campaign site in Mahabad.
--Mowj-e-sabz: Mohammad Tavassoli, a key member of "freedom movement", who was arrested 33 days ago has visited his family for the first time. He has been detained in solitary confinement for the past 33 days in the Evin prison and as his family has been told that his arrest has been renewed for another month.
--Radio Farda: Shirin Ebadi, the Iranian lawyer and activist, has said that the Iranian government has charged Ali Dadkhah with carrying illegal fire arms and drugs. Mrs. Ebadi called this accusation absurd and said, "these claims remind us of similar attempts against Naser Zarafshan, the advocate of "chained-killings" victims". She added, "everyone who knows Mr. Dadkhah can certify that he does not even smoke a cigarette".
--Mowj-e-sabz: The "fighting muslim movement", a party close to religous/national forces, in a statement has given recommendation for alleviating the current crisis. These recommendations include: the immendiate release of prisoners, acknowledging the right for demonstrations, the freedom of speech, putting an objective committee in charge of reviewing the election process and in the end, refraining from inaugurating Ahmadinejad until this committee reaches a conclusion.
--Mowj-e-sabz: Monirou Ravanipour, an iranian writer, and Robert Redford, the renowned american actor and direct, in a message to Akbar Ganji joined the ranks of those striking in NYC starting on Wednesday.

--Mohsen Sazegara has released the Monday issue of his discussion series. With respect to security cameras across the city, he suggested that they can be nutrilized through paintballs or lasers. He grouped effective attempts into three categories: those that increase unity and resistance (e.g. demonstrations or nightly Allah-akbars). Those that erode the power of the government; e.g. rapid demonstrations, grafitti and civil disobediences. And the last group includes the attempts that paralyzes the government; e.g. affecting electricity boards or communication services, italian strikes and mass strikes. He asked everyone to send their recommendations with respect to any class. Upon consideration, these recommendations will be published.
He highlighted the "green movement" as a full-fledged movement with is new-born and requires recruiting soldiers. He suggested that short memos including goals and requests should be prepared and handed out to those who are sympathetic towards the movement so that they'll become more active. The local committees should be in charge of finding these new members. He also said that the movement should be expanded towards smaller cities. One solution is to hold demonstrations in different places. He also said that programs like that of "Kanoon-e-madaraane-mafghoodshodegan" to be most effective. Also, simultaneuous demonstrations would be most influential because the government would not have enough forces to contain all of them.


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