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Friday August 28th, 2009

Student Information Center (SIC)

Friday August 28th, 2009

Iranian style protest is organized for protesters to be present in parks around the city to mourn at the side of the grieving mothers. Also, on Thursday, protesters should come out on the streets after Eftar (breaking of fast during Ramadan).


-- BBC: Former President Seyyed Muhammad Khatami stressed that reformist groups should continue their activities. 'Despite all pressures aimed at ousting reformists and unprejudiced wise elements out of the political sphere.' said President Khatami in a statement released on the reformist website Baran on Friday August 28, 2009.'Reformist should maintain their strong presence in the political sphere and keep up with their activities.'

-- BBC: In the 21st anniversary of the mass execution of political dissidents of Islamic Regime in 1988, The Iranian Center of Human Rights Records released a report claiming that 1988 mass executions had been planned yet in advance of Ayatollah Khomeini's Fatwa [religious verdict] asking for their execution. This report entitled 'Mass Murder of Iranian Prisoners in 1988' points to documents obtained through interviewing the survivors and families of victims, which are suggestive of the fact that a plan for getting rid of Khomeini's opponents was under way before the MEK-launached military operation in summer 1988.

-- Radiofarda: [Noble Prize Winner Iranian Attorney,] Shirin Ebadi[,] condemned the trials of reformist leaders, journalists and other individuals detained in post-election events. She called those tribunals a 'show trial and stated that any confession made in these 'theater-like' trials is of no legal value.

-- Radiofarda: 'In my opinion, Ayatollah Khamenei's speech is a step on his side to back off his [heated provacative] speech at Friday prayers right after the election, which was the biggest misstep in his political career' said Dr. Abbas Milani, author and Director of Iranian Studies at Stanford University about Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's recent speech 'but it is too little too late.'

-- Green Movement Network [Jaras]: The members of the Jury of the 33rd World Film Festival of Montreal, which is headed by an Iranian Director Jafar Panahi, all went green to express their support for the Green Movement of Iranian people. According to this report, the members of the Jury showed up with green scarves in the Opening Ceremony yesterday, August 27, 2009.

Gooya quoting DW: "Tehran Emrouz" newspaper in its Wednesday issue, Aug 26, reported that the revolutionary guards would most likely be a major buyer of the "Iranian Communication Company" when the stocks of this company go public shortly. The Mehr Financial Institute and Mehr-e-eghtesad-e-Iran would also be among the shortlist of the buyers; however, the revolutionary guards would own 51% of the company's stock.

-- Green Movement Network [Jaras]: Fakhr-Sadat Mohtashami Pour, reported that Mostafa TajZadeh's parents met with him, and said: "His spirit was excellent, but unfortunately his neck disk is bothering him."
She also denied the false news of Iran newspaper on Tajzadeh's call for arrest and trial of Mehdi Hashemi and said: "If these news were true, they would have allowed my husband to have a press conference after the trial and say these words himself."

-- Green Movement Network [Jaras]: New details on Mohammad Javad Parandakh, the martyred student who was buried on Thursday in Gilan Gharb: He was summoned and interrogated a few times and the last time he disappeared after being summoned to Isfahan's office of information and then his dead body was returned to his family. The legal medicine office in Isfahan has announced the cause of his death to be "hitting a hard object on hist skull." Security officials are forcing the family of this Kurdish student to announce that their son died in a "car accident".

Mohsen Sazgara published his Friday video. He admired that distributing CDs of movement in Isfahan and Mashhad would help communicating and informing people. He also suggested writing the movement's demands on the walls of the universities and schools, which can lead to a new movement in the begining of the academic year. He also announced that the labours in "Pars Vagon" factori have gone to hunger strike, demanding an increase in their salary, and stated that it is the Green movement's task to conduct its goals to them.He even considered writing in support of the workers as another positive attempt. He invited people to disturb the TV broadcasting system, in order to show the Green movement demands, even for a few moments, from the public broadcast service. He finally stated that Mr Khatami may have speech in ghadr nights, in which the attendance of the Green members will be crucial.


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