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Wednesday August 26th, 2009

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Wednesday August 26th, 2009

--Invitation by the Green Movement to join the Green supporters in the annual demonstration of Day of Quds (the last Friday of Ramadan). More details on this plan will be released accordingly.

-- BBC: Deputy Chariman of Joint Chief of Staff implicitly expressed his concern about the re-emergence of the post-election crisis and asked for a more urgent and severe crackdown of protestors. Talking on Monday he warned his colleagues of 'false optimism' about that all 'threats and crises' have ended.

-- BBC: Mostafa Kavakebian, a member of Iranian Parliament, has issued a Constitutional Warning regarding recent trials of detainees of the post-election turmoils in courts without juries. This is an appropriate proposition.' said Ali Larijani, the Speaker of the Parliament 'Our courts are now defective since a jury is to attend every trial.'

-- BBC: Iranian Authors Association has issued a statement about the recent exposure of political detainees being raped in prison. 'Those young men and women who have been victims of rape should not consider speaking out loud about what has happened to them as degrading their personality and self-esteem; they should rather consider it as a clear example of freedom of speech.'

-- BBC: In a letter to Sadegh Larijani, the Head of Iran's Judiciary System, Mohammad Hossein Shamloo Ahmadi, Inspector General of Tehran on Murder cases has made new suggestions. Among them are mandatory inspection of all detainees by trusted physicians within the first hour of their arrest, a ban on arrest, detention and investigation of a individuals by those not affiliated to official law enforcement agencies, a ban on detention of arrestees in facilities not affiliated to the General Authority on Prisons and ban on the entrance of Armed Forces to student dormitories.

-- BBC: Mahdi Hashemi and Mohammad Khatami have denied allegations made by two of the confessors in the recent trial. In the fourth trial of post-election protestors held on Tuesday, Kian Tajbakhsh alleged Khatami of having clandestine relations with the US-based Soros Foundation.

-- Radio Farda: Office of Akbar Hashemi Rafsnjani, reacted to recent comments by Esfandiar Rahim Mashai. The announcement calls for Mashai and AhmadiNejad's trial in a neutral and independent court.
Esfandiar Rahim Mashai had said: "Mr. Hashemi would like to use the support of the people to put pressure on the supreme leader."
The announcement also adds: "Parts of  Mashai's comments were repetition of AhmadiNejad's comments in the infamous debate that the supreme leader  condemned it after the election. Also the claim that Hashemi contacted a foreign official in the first 6 months after AhmadiNejad became president should be taken to an independent and just court and those who said it should be held accountable for that".

-- Radio Rafda: Mohammad Ali Abtahi, VP of the ex-president of Iran, who has been under arrest since 70 days ago, posted a new post on his blog from the prison and said that he is still being interrogated.

-- Mowj: An important figure in the fraction of fundamentalists in the Iranian Parliament castigated the work of the truth finding committee, led by Ala-eddin Boroujerdi, and called this committee a part of the coup team. At the same time, a source from the parliament in an interview with the "Mowj Sabz Azadi", reported that the parliament representatives distrust the truth finding committee.

-- Mowj: Following the widespread publication of the so-called confessions of one of the accused yesterday, the office of ex-president Khatami, in a published memorandum, repudiated these comments and stressed that these confessions are drawn in a "specific" environment and lacks validity.

Mohsen Sazegara in the recent issue of his daily talks that was published on Wednesday, talked about the show trial of Iranian reformists.
He said: "The government wants to show that all protesters have been arrested, people are intimidated and no more protests are taking place. This claim is challenged by people's movements very often."
Sazegara also discussed the velvet revolutions in the Eastern European countries and by comparing them with the green movement of Iran, he concluded: "Although Russians are behind the coup in Iran, the velvet revolutions are basically different from the green movement of Iranian people today. Only Poland shares some similarities with the current situation in Iran and hence studying it could be useful."
To that end, he recommended reading chapter 3 of the book "A Force More Powerful" by Peter Ackerman and
Jack DuVall called "Poland: Power from Solidarity" (Persian translation of this chapter is attached).
He also pointed at Jazayeri's (VP of Sepah) reaction towards the news regarding organization of the people's movements and the change in the stand of the IRIB regarding broadcasting Shajarian's "Rabbana", and said that the coup agents are afraid of people's movements and because of that fear, they change their stands.
In the end, Sazegara emphasized on the importance of actions on smaller scales such as writing slogans on the walls and chantings from the rooftops until the large demonstration of the Day of Quds.
The audio file of his talk is attached.


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