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Wednesday August 19th, 2009

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Wednesday August 19th, 2009


-- The "Green Movement" activists have suggested a complete boycott of bureaucratic institutions on Saturdays of every week.


-- RadioFarda: Mehdi Karroubi, in a letter to Iran's Speaker of the Parliament, has requested for a  meeting to be organized between the heads of the government's three branches (Judicial, Legislative and Executive) and also the head of the Expediency Council (Mr. Rafsanjani), in order to put forth the evidence that points to sexual harrasment of the detainees of recent protests. Three weeks ago, Mr. Karroubi had asked for investigation of such accusations, in an initially unpublished letter to Mr. Rafsanjani. That letter was, however, left unanswered and was subsequently published. Attached you may find today's letter.


-- RadiFarda: Ayatollah Asadollah Bayat Zanjani, one of Shiite Supreme Ayatollahs, has announced his support for Mehdi Karroubi's call to preserve the rights of the detainees arrested in the aftermath of the presidential elections. He has warned the Islamic Republic's officials that the Islamic Republic will not endure with such "injustice".


-- RadioFarda: Morteza Tamaddon, Tehran's governor, has asked Officials in the Judiciary branch to persecute Karroubi, if his allegations of sexual harassment are not proven to be right.


-- RadioFarda: While Iranian News Agencies have published a list containing the names of 18 new cabinet members of the Executive branch, the Parliament's Head Committee has announced that they have not received any official nomination yet, as of Wednesday afternoon. Mohammad Reza Bahonar, the Provost Speaker of the Parliament, has said: "no official announcement of the nominations has been received by the parliament as of Wednesday and if the President (Mr. Ahmadinejad) does not send the list of the nominees by the end of Wednesday, this will be the first legal violation of the 10th president.


-- BBC: Bashar Asad, the President of Syria, one of the closest allies of Iran, met with Mr. Ahmadinejad, during his one-day trip to Tehran. Four years ago also, he was the first foreign official to travel to Iran, only five days after Mr. Ahmadinejad took power. In this meeting, Mr. Asad congratulated Mr. Ahmadinejad on his win in the recent controversial election. "What occurred in Iran was a very important event and gave a magnificent lesson to foreigners, who are, therefore, extremely annoyed', he said.

--BBC:  Shimon Perez, Israeli President, says Russia will not sell S-300 air-defense system to Iran. Perez said so after meeting Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. There has been no reaction from the Russian side yet.


--Radio Farda:  Amidst reports of Syrian mediation for the release of the Frenchwoman accused of espionage, Clotilde Reiss, Syrian President Bashar Asad entered Tehran on Wednesday, and was received by his Iranian counterpart.  Asad went to the presidential palace, and immediately started a private meeting with Ahmadinejad, say Iranian media.

--BBC:  Saeed Hajarian's family says he is not in good conditions.  Hajjarian needs special medical care since his assassination in 2000.  The prosecutor general's office has previously said Hajjarian had been taken to a house with a swimming pool.  Hajjarian's daughter, Zaynab, says a few motorcyclists appeared in front of their house and disturbed the family.  Regarding her father's detention place, she says, it is like a road police station, and it is located inside a military facility.  Feyzollah ArabSorkhi, a member of the Central Council of Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution Organization, is another detainee whose wife, Maryam Qods, has received no news about her husband's conditions.


-- Radio Farda: General Yadollah Javani, head of Political Bureau of IRGC (Islamic Republic Guards Corp), says "the recent events have taken the country into a major trouble."  He reiterated his demands for Mir Hossein Mousavi's trial.  Fars News Agency reports, Javani pointed to the incidents before and after the election, and added, some people were trying to overthrow the regime following the example of a velvet revolution.  "The flames of the fire have gone out, however, the situation is like fire under the ashes, and the fire should be put out completely," he said, "those who caused this trouble should be eliminated so as to prevent similar problems in the future."  In an interview with Radio Farda, Mahdi Fattahpour, a member of Iranian Republicans Association in Germany, said there is only one element of reality in the General's statement: "Fire is under the ashes, and the protests may become more serious at any time."


-- In the beginning of his talk, Mohsen Sazgara thanked people regarding the reports he got  about the recent events which happened close to the "Etemad Melli" newspaper office. He stated overthrowing the  Coup government of Mr Ahmadi-Nejad and recognizing Mr Mousavi as the legal president as the main goal of the Green movement.
He added that the other requests are respectable as well but the above goal should be recognized as our main target. Mr Sazgara then described the importance of forming unions. He mentioned the Google Mail Service as a secure and convenient method for distributing the informaiton. He the introduced the small-word networks and the use for more effective protests. The audio file of his speech is included in the appendix.


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