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Friday August 7th

Student Information Center (SIC)

Thursday August 6th, 2009

-- Tomorrow
morning, on Saturday, we meet in front of the black trial. Location: Khayam st., north of Galoubandak cross, Davar st. For further information see:

--Radio Farda: Amnesty International reported on Friday, August 7: "In just over 50 days, we recorded no less that 115 executions. That is an average of more than two each day," said Irene Khan, secretary-general of the human rights watchdog.

--Radio Farda: In the eve of August 8, the Iranian Day of Correspondents, "Reporters Without Borders" and "International Federation of Journalists" condemned Tehran's actions against media and journalists.  While at least 33 journalists were arrested during the post-election unrest, Reporters Without Borders on Thursday condemned the arrests of three journalists in Iran over the past two days.

--BBC: The Council of National-Religious Activists issued a statement and objected to the arrest of Haleh Sahabi, a political activist, who is the daughter of Ezzatollah Sahabi [a prominent Iranian secular activist].  The statement introduces her as a Quranic researcher, and a social and political women's rights activist who was arrested on Wednesday, August 5, close to the Iranian Parliament [where Ahmadinejad was taking the presidential oath]. An eye-witness told BBC that she was beaten up by plainclothes agents and taken to an unknown location.

--BBC: The 40-day anniversary of Kianoosh Asa's death, a victim of the post-election unrest, turned into violence, with at least ten people arrested.  The ceremony started at 5:30 PM, Thursday, in Kermanshah's Abbasi Hall, however, the security agents resorted to force to disperse the attendees when they went to Mr. Asa's tomb.  After the ceremony, several guests accompanied Asa's famiy home.  This move was first opposed by the police before Asa's family talked the police into allowing it.  After some time, the crowd of hundreds decided spontaneously to march towards Asa's tomb, reported Kah Kermanshahi, a human rights activist.  They did not chant any slogans, but only had Kianoosh's photographs as well as flowers in their hands.  Some others held signs that read "do not live for death, rather die for life," or "our silence is full of unspoken words."  The police tried to prevent them from going to Asa's tomb, nevertheless, Kermanshahi says, several people could make their way to the burial place.  Other people who had gone to the tomb independently for paying their respects joined the crowd.  They chanted "Allahu Akbar" and sang "Yare Dabestani," the activist added.  This was accompanied by a small Tanbur performance, since the Asas are among the "Ahl-e Haq" Kurds.


--BBC: Zeinab Hajjarian, the daughter of Mr. Hajjarian, in an interview with BBC Persian announced the deterioration of his father's respiratory conditions. According to Ms. Hajjarian, her mother has noticed a grave increase in his respiratory ailment. Based ion this account, Vajihe Marsousi, Mr. Hajjarian's wife, in her last visit had noticed yellow skin and grave respiratory conditions in her husband. Now, after 12 days, the matters have actually become worse. According to Zeinab Hajjarian, his father's doctor believes this disease to be the result of pneumonia or possible mold infections in prison.


-- BBC: Sadegh Zibakalam, professor of political sciences in Iran, has published an article in "Etemad" newspaper in Tehran. In this article, he states that the "velvel revolution" accusation against the opposition equals acknowledging a widespread discontent among the public. He also underlined the strategies aimed at promoting the "republic" portion of the regime and wrote, "Nowadays, reformists are accused of promoting velvet and color revolutions. It should be noted that these revolutions are only possible in the face of a highly discontent and alienated public... these events have also happened in the past. For example, in 1952, the replacement of Mosaddagh with Ahmad Ghavam triggered a widespread demonstrations which resulted in a clear retreat by Shah and the reinstalment of Mosaddegh's cabinet. Therefor, if people are for the government and not aganist it, the accusation of velvet revolution is meaningless".


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