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Friday July 31st

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Friday July 31st, 2009

--BBC:  Mehr News Agency quoted Tehran's Police Chief saying: "Number of arrested people in 30 June from 2 major demonstrations in Tehran is 50."

--BBC: Mohammad Khatami visited the houses of several post-election unrest victims on Thursday, and sympathized with their families. He met the families of Sohrab A'rabi, Mas'ood Hashemzadeh, Kianoosh Asa, and Ashkan Sohrabi. He emphasized that the Iranian nation are mature and will not back down from their demands.

--Radio Farda: Iran's Freedom Movement (Nehzat-e Azadi-e Iran), in a letter sent on Thursday, demanded Iran's Judiciary Chief to prevent the Intelligence Ministry from applying "illegal, unreasonable pressures and measures" on this party. The Council of National-Religious Activists, some of whose members such as Mohammad Tavassoli---a 71-year old high-ranking member---have been arrested and sent to jail in the recent clashes, has previously objected in a statement to the "detention and other illegal actions of the regime towards those who object to the presidential election results".

--BBC: Hossein Ta'eb, the commander of the Basij Forces, warned about the possibility of "clashes" erupting, as the academic year nears.  He pointed out that the opposition insist on pursuing their "green movement", and said "we have to fulfil our obligations after reopining of universities and not get distracted."

--BBC: The assistant director of Iranian National Radio announced their decision to stop broadcasting the works of Mohammad Reza Shajarian.  The decision comes after Shajarian filed a lawsuit against IRIB's illegal use of his works.  In an interview with BBC-Persian he had said "my voice has no place in IRIB; my voice is that of 'the "dust"'; it is for them and will remain theirs forever."

--BBC: Ahmad Jannati attacked Hashemi Rafsanjani in the Friday prayer sermon because of what he called "his efforts towards taking revenge". "These conspiracies started 4 years ago, when [Rafsanjani] lost the presidential election to AhmadiNejad." Jannati said and added "They [were jealous and] could not tolerate a young president like Mr. AhmadiNejad with 7 million votes more. They started planning the revenge to make sure that this won't happen again".

--Radio Zamaneh: The association of researchers and teachers in the seminary of Qom, issued a statement and asked the protesters to continue their protests. The statement reads:
"The grand Ayatollahs are worried and disappointed by the recent developments and what the Friday prayer leaders say in the Friday sermon does not reflect thoughts and beliefs of the grand Ayatollahs and the professors and teachers in the seminaries and the Hawzahs"

--Radio Zamaneh: The news regarding the deaths of two other detainees, Ramin AghaZadeh Ghahremani & Hossein Akbari, was confirmed. Hossein Akbari died in jail due to "head and brain injuries caused by baton hits". Ramin Ghahremani died two days after he was released from the prison. The cause of his death was "torture in prison".

--Radio Farda: Mohammad Ali Abtahi's wife says she met with her husband after 43 days. The meeting has been in front of the surveillance and at the presence of two security personnel.
According to her, they were only allowed to talk about family matters.
"He has lost 10 Kg and they are keeping him in a cell. They only allow him to walk twice a day with eye covers."

--Mowj-e Sabz: Hojjat ol Eslaam Dr. Soleymani, member of the association of researchers and teachers of the seminary in Qom, who with Ayatollah Moosavi Tabrizi was attending the memorial of the martyrs of the protests to the election fraud , was arrested by the security forces in Behesht Zahra.

Mohsen Sazegara issued his Friday message. He considered the Thursday movement effective and acceptable and appreciated the turnout of the people. He stressed that again Iran's movement has become the top news in the world media. He admired the demonstrators for widespread rallies which decreased the chance of violence and considered it as a fundamental basis for non-violent protests. He also considered the simultaneous break out of protests in different cities as another success. He stated that we should try to continue the protests at any stage possible, even if restricted to car honks as a way to show disobedience. He finally considered the security and safety of the forces as an important role in the the survival of the movement. (An audio file containing the full speech is attached).


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